Gustakh Dil 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 13th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts of with Nikhil apologizing to Ishaana as he had to cancel their Goa trip to go to the resort with Laajo. Ishaana is very sad and starts crying when her mom comes in and asks the reason. When Ishaana tells her everything her mom is surprised as to why Ishaana has become like that and tells her that she has not been behaving nicely with Laajo also. Aditi also says that she feels she is losing her daughter and wishes for her old Ishaana to be back.

In the evening Gunjan and Chayya are helping Laajo with her packing. Laajo asks Gunjan what is a resort and what all happens there. Gunjan tells her that this resort is very nice, its peaceful with lots of restaurants and dance also happens there. Laajo on hearing the word dance requests Gunja to teach her about the western style of dancing. After a lot of hesitation she finally agrees and they both, Nikhil sees them dancing and laughs. Both Gunja and Laajo feel embarrassed and stop, he teases Laajo that she cannot learn dancing so quickly. Laajo retaliates and says that she can and asks him to leave, Gunjan gets an idea that Nikhil should teach Laajo to dance. Nikhil after a lot of convincing agrees they both dance and feel awkard.

The next moring, Veer and Trisha are waiting Nikhil sees Laajo coming down the stairs with her suitcase he offers to take it but she refuses by saying that she can carry this much weight. Veer makes fun of his wife’s suitcases and remarks that every suitcase contains designer shoes, bags, clothes etc. Veer also tells Nikhil that he is so lucky that his wife has only one suitcase. All of them laugh at Veer’s joke and they leave.

They arrive at the resort and they are greeted with warm towels, Laajo is surprised at this and takes one slowly and rubs her face, while doing so her bindi is shifted. Nikhil feels embarrassed and after two trials shifts her bindi back to its proper place. The bellboys come to collect their luggage however, Laajo refuses saying that they can carry their own luggage. Veer and Trisha are smiling and Laajo tells them these coolies are there in Sonbarsa also and at first they carry the luggage and then they ask for more money. Veer explains that they are not like that they carry the luggage and do not take money also.

Ishaana is angry and throws her phone but Kunal comes and catches it and asks the reason for this anger (This Kunal literally lives in her house). Ishaana recounts the whole story and Kunal reminds her of an old college trip, they both laugh and have a good time recalling old stories. Aditi comes in and is happy to see her daughter laughing, she invites Kunal and his father to dinner tomorrow.

In their room, Laajo is looking at everything with interest Nikhil comes and explains her about the different remotes and electric kettle. He tells her that he does not want to be humiliated so if she finds anything odd in the resort she should tell him instead of saying anything. he tells to get ready as they have to go for dinner. Laajo is not able to open her suitcase Nikhil offers to help but she refuses. After he leaves Laajo takes a sweater from Nikhil’s suitcase and finds Ishaana’s photo.

Precap- They all are playing tennis 0r badminton , Laajo falls down and she is in a dilemma as her saree has opened.

Update Credit to: Desigirl_21

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