Gustakh Dil 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 13th August 2013 Written Update

Nikil’s friends were worried about his absence since morning. They tried to call him but realized he left his phone in the room. Their last resort was to inform dadaji about his absence.
Laajo’s mom and dad was worrying over the dowry which was asked by her prospective inlaws. Their conversation went upto selling the gold the house posed and their house. The broken marriage was the last thing they wanted for Laajo. Finally failing to find any other way Laajo’s mother asked her husband to mortgage their house. Laajo’s dad emotionally agreed on the plan for their child’s happiness. All they want was a good and a secured place for her after such a miserable childhood where money was a clich. They embraced each other feeling sad.

Laajo was working when amma came and told the doctor that she was not taking medicine. Being called upon and asked, laajo agreed that she forgot to inform amma about the medicine time. There were other patients in the doctor’s doorstep. He found they also neglated to take medicines. The doctor told them that laajo was about to get married and soon she will be some so better they start taking care of themselves.

Anuradha came and asked about Nikhil when the doctor told he did not have any clue about it. She requested the doctor to inform immediately if he could tress Nikhil. Anuradha met Laajo and asked why she was still working as her marriage has been fixed. The doctor became emotional about the fact the laajo will leave his dispensary soon and he was worried about his patients. He was also not happy that she only completed her high school. He wished she continued her studies and one day she would have become a doctor.

The old man had taken the whole house on his head not able to find Nikhil. He informed his stuffs to fetch him in the entire village.
He caught nikhil’s friend eavesdropping and asked them about him.

Nikhil’s girlfriend was missing him terribly and was caressing his clothes and smelling his perfume on them.
Nikhil’s sister caught eshana in nikhil’s room and asked her why Nikhil went in the village all of a sudden.
Caught of the guard Eshana said she was her to drop Nikhil’s Ipad. She also enquired about Nikhil’s mother.
Laajo was remembering about the dowry and was being anxious about it when her mother found her on the washing clothes in the dhoobi ghat.

Laajo’s mother asked her to do puja of lord shiva and wished that laajo keep 16 Monday vrat so that the god get impressed and bless her with good in-laws and husband.
Laajo told her mother that she will do puja but she will not get married. She also said she will not get married in the house which asks for dowry. Laajo finally said that she wants to study more. She said that she doesnot want to be a burden on her parents and that she will take care of her siblings as well. But her mother discounted her idea telling that after marriage studies are not going to help as she will be into house-hold things and in the village education is not important.

Laajo started becoming emotional thinking that after her marriage she have to leave her household and her parents.

Maasa was still worried about Nikhil’s absence when laajo’s father came running to him. He said if he doesnot give 80,00- bucks to the grooms side then laajo’s in-laws have threatened him that they will break all ties with them. Masa was shocked to hear about the dowry. Laajo’s dad held maasa’s legs for help. Masa was really upset not able to help laajo just when Nikhil arrived. He had a cut mark below his eyes. Asking of which he said some kids were playing and by mistake the ball hit him.

He also said that he went to the nearest ATM to take out cash for laajo. He handed over the money to Laajo’s dad who refused to take the money.

Update Credit to: appy_indy

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