Gustakh Dil 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Inder asking Nikhil why did he not tell him, when he asked him so many times about his high paying job. He says he was worried for him. Nikhil says sorry, till I realized, it was too late. He says its true no one gives so much salary without ay reason. Inder asks who are these people. Nikhil says I can’t give you any name, CBI gave me strict instructions that I can’t disclose identity till they are arrested. He says Lajjo did not do any mistake. Nkihil says she has helped me a lot, she goes as a cook to their house to get some proof for me, she is here and hearing the blames only for me. Nikhil says you all should be thankful to her, she is taking so much risk for me. Inder and Nani apologize to Lajjo.

Ayesha hugs her. Nani asks Barkha to apologize to Lajjo. Barkha says come on mum, what apologize, you all are mad, can’t you see Nikhil is caught in smuggling, if Lajjo knew this, why did she not tell us, we are Nikhil’s parents, not enemies, she should have told us, she is responsible for all this. Nikhil asks why do you always blame her, you are wrong, I m sorry to tell you, you always misunderstood us, only I m responsible, she did not ask me anything and always supported me like a true life partner. He defends Lajjo. Barkha says if she did not ask anything, so we changed our life, you were helpless to do this job and got in this problem because of your love.

Nikhil says its useless to explain you, as you don’t want to see Lajjo’s goodness. He asks why are you so blind. Jasmine is angry thinking about Nikhil’s words. Shalini comes to her and asks what happened. Jasmine says he said no to me, he rejected to take gift from me. Shalini asks who, I don’t understand, who said no to you. Jasmine says Nikhil. Shalini is shocked. Jasmine says he said no to me, he said he is married, so what, I don’t care. Shalini says calm down, tell me everything. Jasmine says I wat him, what if he is married, I want him. She shows the shit she got for him by going 10-12 shops and how she has cut it.

Shalini says can you control yourself, who is he to you. Jasmine says what if he is married, can’t he love me, I love him. Shalini says don’t, I m warning you, don’t do this. She says you have hurt yourself a lot, we know what happened at Karan’s time. She asks her to think about her family. Jasmine says I don’t care if he is married, I don’t care about his wife. He will love me mum, I want him. Shalini is angry. Jasmine says she will die if she does not get Nikhil. Shalini asks are you not taking you medicines. Jasmine says no. Shalini says I will take appointment with doctor. Jasmine says no, I promise.

She hugs her. Shalini cries and consoles Jasmine. Nikhil and Lajjo have a talk. He says he felt bad that everyone blamed her and mum does not understand you. She says calm down. He says I know you are hurt. She says she felt bad and now its fine. She says the one who love her has the right to ask her. He replies well and says if my mum was there, then he would have done the same, her anger is justified, she is elder, if they scold us, then who. He smiles and says I think and see from my angle, but understand from other’s angle, you are very good, I m very lucky to get a wife like you. She says she is also very lucky. They have an eyelock.

Inder tells Barkha that Nikhil is lucky to get a wife like Lajjo, she forgot her career for Nikhil ad took a big risk, who does this in today’s times, she went to that smuggler’s house to work for Nikhil’s sake. He says he is happy for Nikhil as Lajjo has proved her love and look at us, we insulted her. He says trust is the main thing. Barkha thinks even she trusted him, and he is lying, he broke his trust, its time to visit the detective. Lajjo comes to Nikhil to wake him up. She hugs him and gives him tea. She gets the newspaper and asks him to read. He thanks her. They are shocked seeing Lajjo’s full story and pics. She says even Ranawat gets this paper, what will we do, they will know everything. Nikhil is shocked.

Lajjo says she is going to Ranawat’s house and will stop them from reading this paper. He says they would have read it till now. She says I know, they read papers soon, I will stop all of them. She leaves her phone and runs. Nikhil thinks how will Lajjo stop them.

Harry sees the pic and says he saw her somewhere. He looks at Lajjo. She gets tensed being in kitchen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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