Gustakh Dil 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo missing to see the papers. Barkha says many people are messaging about the party. Gunjan thanks her and says I enjoyed it. Barkha says I love it. Rishi teases her and she runs after him to beat him. Anjali comes to meet them. Rishi and Gunjan are surprised seeing her. Gunjan hugs her. Barkha smiles seeing her. Anjali wishes Gunjan happy birthday and gives her a gift. Barkha hugs Anjali and says missed you at the party. Anjali says I m sorry, I was happy seeing you in Trishna’s performance, but why did you leave.

Gunjan asks her to show her Trishna’s pic. Barkha gets tensed. Anjali says she is very nice, she convinced me to meet you. Gunjan says thanks for coming. Anjali says I will show the pic and takes out her phone. Barkha gets tensed and thinks if Gunjan sees, then everyone will know she is Lajjo. Barkha stops them and says offer your mum a cake. She sends them. Barkha asks Anjali to come with her in her room and takes her. Lajjo sees the paper and is shocked to see Nikhil and Ratri’s intimate pic.

Lajjo sees the other pics and reads the article Hottest Couple. She says how can this be true, he is Nikhil, no this is impossible, this can’t be true. She cries and thinks about Nikhil’s words. She thinks of her mum’s words. She says did I make any mistake, I should have not been away from him. Rancho comes and sees her crying. She asks what happened and gets worried. Lajjo shows her the pics in the paper. Rancho is shocked too.

Lajjo says I did a mistake Rancho. Rancho says no, don’t say this, Nikhil can’t do this. Barkha smiles saying I know Lajjo saw these pics, Nikhil’s love was her pride and it might have broken now. Nani comes and sees Barkha happy and talking about Lajjo. She sees the pics and is annoyed. She says so this was the reason for the party, I knew something is there. Barkha says whats wrong in this. Nani supports Lajjo and says its too late now, it does not matter if you forgive Nikhil or not. Barkha says yes, can’t you see he has moved on, don’t give me lecture. Nani says fine, but I feel bad seeing my daughter falling so low, why are you doing this, to break Nikhil, he will understand you did this drama.

Barkha says you don’t like what I do, you have transformed all of a sudden and went in Lajjo’s side. Barkha says Lajjo will not come back, you like her so go and be with her, I will be alone. Nani says you will be alone now. Nani leaves. Barkha does not care. Lajjo says even I can’t believe this, he can’t do this, this can’t be true, but see the pics, how he is seeing in Ratri’s eyes. Lajjo says call him. Rancho says fine. I will call him and ask. I know Ratri is not his friend, you just wait, let me call him.

Rancho can’t connect to Nikhil. Lajjo gets more worried. Rancho says don’t think anything, there has to be some reason for this. Lajjo says what. Rancho says we will ask Nikhil. Lajjo says what will he say, pic can’t be wrong. Lajjo cries and Rancho consoles her. Ayesha talks to a lawyer and says Adhiraj is innocent, don’t tell anyone that I m helping him. The lawyer says it’s a tough case, where is the witness. Ayesha says where is the proof against him.

He says the court will see he is innocent or guilty. I will try to get him bailed out, but give me Rs. 50000 fees now. Ayesha says but my friend says it will take 10 lakhs. He says yes, first give this much then we will see. Ayesha thinks how will she get so much money. Sagar spends some time with Mili. Anjali tells Sagar to have a look at Lajjo’s pics and says I can’t believe she has changed so much. Mili sees the pics and smiles. Mili tells Anjali about Lajjo’s story about a caterpillar and a fairy. Anjali says your dad is the magician after her.

Sagar thinks about Lajjo and smiles. He thinks how Lajjo took care of Mili. She sees the glass painting which Lajjo made and likes it. Lajjo cries thinking about her and Nikhil. Gustakh Dil…………..plays…………..Rancho says I will take a leave today and we will spend some time together. We will do shopping and enjoy. Lajjo gets her mum’s call who asks her is she fine. Her mum says I read what is written in the paper and everyone are gossiping about it here. Lajjo is shocked.

Barkha comes to meet Lajjo and asks her to go back to Nikhil. She says see this truth that Nikhil does not love you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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