Gustakh Dil 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 12th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil asking Lajjo from where did you did this back. Lajjo says I got it back, I will clean all this. Nikhil says answer me. Lajjo says I got it back from garbage. She says I did the mistake and had to rectify it. Nikhil is shocked. She says I have thrown it as I did not know how much valuable it is to you. Nikhil says I don’t know what to say. Lajjo says no need to say anything, I already heard a lot, barkha and Nani have scolded me because of the oil. Nikhil says I can’t believe you brought it back from garbage bin. Lajjo thinks that she can do anything for him.

Nikhil apologizes to her for getting angry on her. She says yes, I know, I hope you are not angry now. Nikhil says come here. Lajjo says why and gets tensed. He says come here and hugs her.

Lajjo is shocked and holds him. Nikhil says sorry Lajjo, thank you very much. He says this was very special for me, sorry I scolded you. Lajjo starts crying. Nikhil asks why are you crying, now everything is fine, you should be happy, come on cheer up.

Bawra, Mann bawra……. Plays……….. Nikhil looks at Lajjo and she wipes her tears and says I have spoiled your shirt. Nikhil says yes, but I deserve it, I scolded you so this punishment has to be there. Lajjo says now everything is fine right. Nikhil says yes, you are an unique piece. Lajwanti, smile now. Lajjo smiles. Nikhil gets a call and he gets busy. Lajjo looks at him and smiles. Jabse tere sapno ne mere naino ko chua hai……………. Plays…………… Lajjo thinks of her and Nikhil’s moments and smiles.

The next morning, Barkha comes to Ravi’s house and wishes Meera happy anniversary. Everyone wish her and brings bouquets for her. Meera says Ravi forgot it. Nani says come on, don’t speak against him. Barkha says she is not wrong, Ravi should not have gone to office today. Nani says what about you and Nikhil, he is not in your control. Barkha says we will celebrate this. Ayesha says we will. Meera says you all sit, I will bring coffee. Ayesha and Gunjan says we will cook today and you will rest.

Barkha asks Nani how is the pain now. Nani says it’s a miracle, Lajjo’s oil massage had magic. God bless her. She says that oil was really good. Nani asks where is Nikhil. Meera says Nikhil called in the morning and wished me. Barkha says Nikhil is with Ishaana. Nani is happy. Nikhil is with Ishaana at her house. Ishaana is cooking. Ishaana says I m cooking this for the first time. He says don’t worry, it will be good. Nikhil gives her water. Ishaana says thanks, how did you know what I need and when.

He says I have that Antaryaami feel. She says really, make guesses what will I have instead lunch. He says you like icecreams. She says yes. Its lightining and Lajjo is afraid. Ishaana tells Nikhil that some people are afraid of lightning and thundering. Nikhil thinks about Lajjo’s mum about Lajjo’s fear. Ishaana asks what happened. Nikhil says how much time more for the dish to be cooked. Ishaana says wait for some time. Chaya talks to Lajjo about her son. Lajjo says you should go home.

Chaya says I can’t leave you like this, even you are afraid, no one is at home, don;’t know when they will be back. Lajjo says go to your son, Rishi might be coming, don’t worry, I m fine. Chaya says are you sure. Lajjo says you go. Chaya thanks her and asks her to take care and not to get afraid. Chaya leaves. Lajjo closes her ears. Nikhil is worried about Lajjo. Ishaana asks why are you upset, you like this weather right, do you remember our first date.

Nikhil calls his house’s landline and says no one is taking this call. Ishaana tries to make uo his mood by hot coffee. Nikhil calls Ayesha and talks to her. He asks where are you. She says at Nani’s house. She says Lajjo is alone at home. Nikhil says fine, bye. Nikhil tells Ishaana that he has some important work and have to go. Ishaana asks him to stay for some time. He says sorry, I love you but I will come back later, promise. He leaves. Ishaana gets upset.

Nikhil is trying to call Lajjo and Kunal hears him taking Lajjo’s name. He says he is a caring husband and goes to meet Ishaana. Ishaana asks Kunal did Nikhil tell you anything why he left. Kunal says yes I saw him, he was in hurry, he did not see me. Ishaana says maybe he has some important work. Kunal says he went to his home to his wife. Ishaana is shocked. Kunal says he has to go when his wife is afraid of this weather.

Nikhil comes home and looks for Lajjo. He sees her sitting somewhere hiding.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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