Gustakh Dil 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 10th September 2013 Written Update

Nikhil was feeling sad because of his mother’s behaviour when his uncle came and made few things clear. His higer studies, Ishana etc. Nikhil hoped everything will be fine. He also admitted that he still loves Ishana.
Gunja enters Lajjo and Nikhl’s bedroom to make Laajo understand that whatever is happening to her is not good. But laajo feeling sad confessed that no body wants to keep her in the house even Nikhil. Nikhil’s sister told laajo that the house, Nikhil belings to her only. But laajo dismissed her saying she cannot force anybody. Nikhil’s sister further asked how will she say say why she went back to her village and how she will lead her life. Laajo said she will not commit suicide like someone in her village did. She said her mother will be upset initially but later she will love her back like she used to. Laajo said she will never forget Gunja and that she loves her. Gunja insisted her to talk to Nikhil for once. But Laajo disagreed.
Ishana was happy to her about Laajo’s moving out and was discussing that with Nikhil’s sister. Ishana disclosed to all her friends that Ayesha said that Nikhil is taking Laajo back to the village. But some of her friends were upset. Everyone started enjoying feeling happy for ishana. Ishana confessed that she was really scared of losing Nikhil.
All elders came to make Laajo understand that the marriage was a wrong thing to do and if they knew before they would have stopped him. They also said everything was wrong and it would be better if she leaves from the house as well as from Nikhil’s life. They tried to give her ornaments and costly things and a cheque for her father. Laajo’s father in law told that he will make his father understand and convince him for her second marriage and all costs would be bourn by them. Lastly they said to pack soon. Gunja gave few books as a present which was written by her dad.
Laajo’s mother had a bad dream of Laajo coming at their doorway.
Next day laajo was packing her suitcase when Nikhil saw fighting with it to lock it. He helped her.
Laajo realized she did not put the vermillion in between her partition. And just when she put it Nikhil saw her reflection through the mirror.
Finally packing all her stuffs, Nikhil asks her to come along with him so that he can drop her in the village.
Laajo hugged gunja and bid her good bye.
Laajo refused to hold Nikhil’s hand while climbing up inside his jeep.
Nikhil asked whether she wants to eat. Laajo refused. He also said he will take care of everything in her house and that he will make them understand that that Laajo was not at any fault. He further said not to stop stop studying and that he will ask help from his father to get her admitted in a god collage.
Laajo suspected that he might have married her for his grand-father. That’s when nikhil’s mind goes to the flashback of Nikhil unable to save his brother. His hand slips and he falls down. He was so reeled in his thoughts that he fail to control the car and the car went wobbly. Laajo held Nikhil’s hand to gain control and then he made the car steady. They looked at their tangled hands.

Preacp: Nikhil-Laajo reaches Laajo’s village.

Update Credit to: appy_indy

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