Gustakh Dil 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 10th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo cleaning Nikhil’s room. She sees the things Nikhil kept of Ishaana’s memories and throws them thinking its waste. Shaila is happy to see this. Nikhil is with Ishaana at a restaurant and asks her why is she lost in thoughts. He jokes with her and she smiles. He asks did you get another boyfriend behind my back. Ishaana says if anyone was there in my place, she would definitely had a boyfriend, seeing you. She says you forgot me after going to the village. He says I was joking, I told you about the network problem, I was not ignoring you, why would I do that.

Ishaana says its ok. He asks are you ok. Ishaana says I m fine, I was thinking about my kitten. He jokes and she says her name is Meow. He says you remind me of Lajjo, even she says like this.

He says she says don’t call it a cow, call it Parvati. He says I gave a bath to Parvati. Ishaana is annoyed to hear about Lajjo by him. He says lets go for a movie. Ishaana says I have to go home. Nikhil says come on. Ishaana says I promised my mum. Nikhil says what about tomorrow, shall we go tomorrow. Ishaana says I will confirm it by talking to my mum.

Lajjo comes to Samrat. She makes a dish for him and he likes it. Samrat says you reminded me of my old days, give me more. Lajjo says its made by ghee, I can’t give you more. Samrat insists and she gives him. Samrat laughs. Inder comes and sees the dish. He is happy to see it. Samrat says Lajjo made it, taste it. Inder tastes it and likes it a lot. He says great Lajjo, did you make it. Lajjo says yes. Inder recollects his childhood and asks for more. Lajjo says sure. She goes to bring more of it. Inder and Samrat share the dish and have a laugh. They think of their childhood.

Barkha comes and sees the oily dish. Samrat says I could not stop myself from eating this. Barkha says this is unhealthy, he says this is really tasty. Barkha says thanks, I m happy with my sandwiches. Barkha comes to Nani and brings pain killers for her. Shaila comes to them and also Lajjo. Nani asks Lajjo what do you want, Lajjo gives her oil which her mum gave her. Shaila scolds Lajjo and says what would your oil do, its nonsense, we don’t want this. Nani asks what is it. Barkha says we can’t trust anything like this, apply balm. Nani says that balm is useless. Barkha says you think this oil will work. Lajjo says yes, it work change my name it does not work.

Lajjo asks Nani to try it. Nani says she has a point, it won’t harm me anyway, so why not to try it. She asks Lajjo to massage her. Lajjo agrees happily. Nikhil comes to him room and sees everything cleaned and arranged. He is happy but he is shocked to see that Ishaana’s souvenirs are gone. He calls Shaila and asks where is the envelope. Shaila says Lajjo cleaned your room, maybe she kept it somewhere. Nikhil says send her fast. Lajjo comes to him. He asks where is the things kept in the envelope. Lajjo says I have thrown it. He says are you made to throw it without asking me. He says it was my memories with Ishaana. Lajjo is shocked. Nikhil scolds her.

Lajjo says I thought its waste. He says how dare you throw it without asking me. Lajjo brings the dustbin. Nikhil says its empty, where are they. Lajjo says I have put in this, Nikhil says then where did it go. Lajjo says why are you so angry. Nikhil says shut up, get lost, go away from my sight and don’t come in my room again. He asks her to go out of his room. Lajjo says sorry. Lajjo is hurt and goes out of his room. The sad version of Gustakh Dil………….. plays……………..

Lajjo comes to her room and cries thinking how Nikhil scolded her. Shaila comes to her and asks why are your eyes so red, did anyone tell you anything. Lajjo says you know everything, you asked me to clean his room, you asked me to throw those things. Shaila says what did I say wrong, I asked you to clean your husband’s room. Lajjo says I know everything, I m sorry that you have hurt Nikhil to hurt me. She says did you not care about him. I know you don’t like me, but you know how much those things are valuable to him, then why did you ask me to throw it. Shaila says its nothing like that, you are his wife, you should know whats important to him.

Lajjo argues with her. Shaila taunts her saying you don’t understand how much Ishaana is valuable to him, where do you stand, he does not need you, Lajjo says I don’t want to know this, tell me where are those things, how can it disappear. Shaila says it went outside the house, now you won’t get it back. Lajjo is tensed.

Nikhil comes to his room and sees Lajjo. He says what are you doing here, I asked you not to come in this room. Lajjo is silent.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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