Gurbani 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Gurbani 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Gurbani 20th March 2013 Written Update

-People are cheering at the fair for bull race. Soham is first and everyone is cheering for him but then he spots bani and begins to slow down , he sees people pulling ahead and starts to pick up speed. Everyone is worried by seeing him behind. Then he picks up speed and wins the race. He’s happy to see bani clapping for him.

-Soham and his friend are walking and talking about winning when all of a sudden he spots bani buying bangles and starts staring at her. Bani’s mom is talking to some lady and telling her to find a NRI and rich guy for her daughter who gives her all the happiness that she couldn’t afford to give bani. On the other hand , Soham is talking about how even though he’s not rich and a simple guy, but will give her everything and make her happy (pretty much the opposite of whatever bani’s mom wants)

-Ban’s mom is looking at kurthas for her husband, but she notices the price and is not happy. She sees other ladies buying expensive clothes and takes a look in to her purse and gets sad. She bargains with the shopkeeper for a cheap kurta and buys it.

-Scene shifts at home bani cooking something, and her mom giving the new kurta to her dad. He says there was no need since he has so many kurtha already and she says you bring me stuff too and they have a cute fight, finally he accepts when bani says arguing against her mom is no point. They both laugh. Bani’s dad is eating, bani’s mom says she talkied to somebody about getting bani married to a NRI and the dad says whats the hurry at least let her studies get over first. Bani’s mom says it’s going to take time to get the marriage fixed and everything and until then her studies will be over just then two ladies come. One of them is sukhi’s mom (I guess), they invite bani and her family to their place in the evening as sukhi came from Canada. They would like to them especially bani. Bani’s grandmother and rajji are listening too in their house, they get excited. Sukhi’s mom invites them too and leaves while the other lady stays back.

-Bani tell her mom that she’s going to give food to her dad, then she’ll go the gurudwara and go to sukhi’s house from there. Rajji hears it, tells her mom that she’s going to the gurudwara to do some seva. Her mom tries to stop her but she makes excuses and leaves. The other lady at bani’s house starts talking bad about sukhi while bani’s mom and rajji’s mom try to defend her.

-Bani and Rajji are sitting with their friends and afraid of getting caught. All of them are excited to meet sukhi after 2 years; they are wondering if she changed and how her husband looks. Rajji tells it’s stupid to get married without knowing the person, love marriage is better. They start teasing rajji if she likes somebody but she denies saying no one yet. Bani tell them to hurry up to go to sukhi’s house.

-Scene shifts to Sohan and his friend on the tractor while his friend is singing (pretty much shouting and yelling) Soham tells him stop as its annoying. They are both arguing with each other. On the other side, bani are rajji are coming. Rajji tell her that Soham really likes her but bani deny it saying he never talk to her and shows attitude to her. Soham tells his friend to stop singing otherwise he’s going to throw him down from the tractor while bani is telling rajji to hurry up. Both are not looking on the road. By the time they come in front on each other, it’s too late. Soham’s tractor and bani’s cycle hit into each other and bani falls on the ground. Soham comes down and ask her if she’s okay. Rajji comes and starts shouting at him. They notice her cycle is broken. Soham’s friend advises him to drop bani at home, rajji agrees. They both insist bani and soham. Bani is agrees. Soham sits on the tractor and bani is about get on it, soham puts his hand forward but later places it on the steering. Bani is disappointed and stares at him. Episode end on her face’

PRECAP: Everybody is at sukhi’s house. Sukhi comes all happy and says hi. They are shocked to see her like that. Bani’s mom looks really sad , somebody spills something on the floor bani says she’ll clean it. On seeing her cleaning it, her mom starts weeping loudly while everybody is shocked.

Update Credit to: mehak

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