Gurbani 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Gurbani 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Gurbani 18th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with rano waiting for train, as soon as it reaches the platform she searches for her NRI husband who left her 20 years back. She runs after the train and trips *Her intro & Saayian Tune* [Very emotional scene]

*A girl sings the full song with pind scenes&Rano*

At temple, Gurbani and Rajji pray. The priest(or whatever he’s called, correct me please) announces and asks for people to perform selfless service”seva”. Both help people with food and then head towards their house. Rajji dreams to have a house which has all the facilities and domestic help. Bani on the other hand believes in working, both of them have a little cycle race. Bani wins it but rajji doesn’t accept her defeat. Both head towards their respective homes. Beeji questions them because she saw them coming together. Rajji says that bani was following her and beeji asks them to park the cycle and go to chabeel. Beeji complains that both brothers have separated under the same roof and live with their own families. She forgets where she was going and bani takes her and others to the stall. The ladies(Gurbani’s mother&Rajji’s mother) are serving chabeel to the people passing by. A bus arrives and Bani’s mom reaches first to serve but the glasses are less. Rajji’s mother joins too. After the bus leaves, she starts scolding her for interfering in her service. Nirvel comes as well and she blames him for not fulfiling their dreams and coming back from canada. He tries to make her understand that he wanted to help them but it was not in his hands, she blames his wife for it. People gather around them and bani’s father arrives too, he takes her home. Beeji breaks down and wonders if the fight will dissolve in her life or not. Rajjo reveals that the chabeel was from there stall.

Dishu holds nirvel responsible for their financial conditions. She believes that they would have had a better life. She wants to stabilise her kids and she’ll start with Gurbani. Bani promises that she will make both the brothers meet and that too in beeji’s lifetime.

Bani offers to help rajji finish her service before sunset, but keerat and jassi refuses and stops her. Rajjo explains him and they fill the bottles and finish off their work together. At night, Bani&Rajji sneak out and meet outside. They both blames their parents for the fight. Bani wants to end the fight, she tells rajjo that she’ll keep condition on her marriage. She believes that she might have a happy future with some NRI. *Title song with rano at station and Bani lost in her dreams*

Precap: Dishu is talking with some lady about Bani’s rishta, she says that she’ll bring a perfect rishta(rich,NRI etc). Male lead entry[Face not shown].

Update Credit to: lonelyshadow

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