Gupta Brothers 30th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ganga takes a promise from Shiv as their new journey begins

Gupta Brothers 30th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ganga telling that she is asking for his rights. Shiv’s mother Lakshmi tells about her mukti, shocking him.

Few mins before:

Alok shows the thread in his finger and says this was the sign that woman is the reason for destruction and the door of hell, and breaks the thread, saying he will keep this away from them. Jaya smiles. He says from today, he will believe that woman is the world of happiness and not the door of hell. Jaya smiles. Ganga looks at them. Veeru says you made our house as heaven else we had drawn the line in our home and relations. They look remorseful. Veeru says woman like you can’t break the house. He says you have saved me and gave me a new life, that’s why I give you all the rights of my life. He says whatever you say, I will accept it. He says all the decisions of my life, will be taken by you. He asks her to forgive them. Alok and Veeru touch Ganga’s feet again. Alok apologizes to Ganga and asks for forgiveness. Ganga says you don’t need to apologize to me, as I never thought you wrong, thought you all always as my family. She forwards her hand. They get up and hold her hand, keeps their heads on her head. Shiv smiles. Alok asks her to come home fast and get well soon. Veeru says that line was burnt in fire, now that house is all yours. Rajat says even we are yours. Jaya says even me and smiles looking at Alok. She asks Ganga, if she is fine and says now you shall be fine, as everyone is with you. She tells that a letter came for you, I forgot to tell you as so much happened in night. Shiv checks the letter and says Rajat. He smiles and shows the letter to her. Veeru asks what is in the letter? Shiv says Ganga ji and I have adopted Rajat legally, so that nobody can raise question again. Veeru says it is wrong, Rajat got the mother, but we….Alok says if Rajat got the mother then we too got the mother, our bhabhi maa. Ek dusre se….plays….They hug Ganga.

Later Ganga gets fine and returns home. Shiv and Ganga find the house decorated with flowers petals on the way, lamps and LED lights on the walls. Shiv holds Ganga’s hand and walks inside with her. Paniyon sa Paniyon sa behta rahun….plays…..

Shiv finds the note kept by his brothers, who messages that tonight they won’t be at home, as they want to let them stay together, as they were far because of them, after marriage. They congratulate for their married life. Shiv and Ganga smile. They go to the decorated room. Shiv says today I feel that I brought my wife at home. Ganga says today I have no complains with God, I got everything today, a loving husband, family and house. Shiv says I never thought about this too, I used to think of my brothers and me as complete, but I was wrong, our life was incomplete, you came in my life and completed me. Ganga asks shall I ask something from you. Shiv asks what do you want? She says whatever I am going to ask, is for your rights too. Shiv asks what you want to get? Ganga says this family is the boon of the God for her and don’t want their family to break again, says until we fulfill all my dewars/kids lives, we will not have our own children. She says until I settle them all, we will not think about our baby. Shiv says but. Ganga says if you don’t understand then who will? She asks if he will promise for their family and their three kids. Shiv promises her for her, for her dream and says whatever you want, will happen. He promises and hugs her. Song plays…..They hug…begin their new life.

Next morning, Shiv lights the diya infront of his mother’s photo frame. Lakshmi comes and calls Shiv. Shiv asks where were you Maa? I missed you so much. So much have happened here. Lakshmi says I know and that’s why I got mukti. Shiv says mukti? She says yes and says it is good that you will be free from my bad words etc. Shiv says it is a blessing for me. Lakshmi says Ganga saved them all that day, else….Shiv says I am sad, but happy that you got mukti. Lakshmi says I am taking your love with me, you shall take birth from my womb in next birth and disappears in the frame. Shiv says Maa and folds his hand.

Precap: Shiv and Ganga do puja in the temple. They see Alok and Jaya doing Puja in the temple too. Shiv asks Ganga to tell that this can’t happen. Ganga tells Jaya that what is she thinking can’t happen. Amba hears them. Jaya questions Ganga.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Yes finally VeerJa-SaNal is happening 👏👏✌
    I wonder what will happen to Amba Kaaki, when this happens, she might probably die of heart attack, because this is the major backfiring of her plans!

    1. Yes Amba Kaaki will get a good payback with this twist
      But I still don’t understand how can AdiLok happen?
      The way Alok used to react when any woman touches him and take bath with every touch, it is kind of curious how he falls in love.
      And that girl has still not entered the show since the news came, when is she going to come?
      Even VeerJa, both of them keep fighting with each other, then how will they agree to marry?

    2. Radhakrishn

      I guess you have heard that fights makes relationships stronger. Maybe the same applies with veerja.

    3. Radhakrishn

      Have you noticed when Jaya touched Alok he did not scream or did not do any drama.

    4. Yes I have heard and I agree too because, most tv serial couple story starts with fights. But, I am not saying there isn’t a possibility of love between VeerJa, I’m asking how are they going to agree to marry each other?
      Veeru okay, he only dislikes her because she keeps coming to their house always, but what about Jaya, doesn’t she love Alok? One more hurdle is that her mother Amba Kaaki, will she allow for this marriage to happen
      So how will they agree to marry each other? And how will it happen is my question?

    5. Yes I saw that Alok never screamed when Jaya touched him.
      But, didn’t you see how Jaya herself was doubtful to touch him?
      At that moment Alok was emotionally very weak, as he was burdened with thought that he has wronged his brother and bhabhi.
      And at such moments, human beings usually forget rules and regulations of their life, which is what happened with Alok too
      But marriage is done with full tan and man, with full conscious
      And how Alok who is such a devout Bramachari, agree to marry is my question?

  2. Radhakrishn

    😁😁😁😁😁😁aww, Shiga moments were so romantic. Thanks Aleeza for the link.

  3. Radhakrishn

    Ya you maybe correct Prachi. But I also want to add another question – How did Alok fall in love with Aditi??

    1. Same question here, which is why I was again and again asking in most of my comments

      How can AdiLok happen? How can AdiLok happen?

    2. But I hate Sonal’s pair with Akash, they don’t look good with each other, which is why I ship
      AdiLok / AishAk
      VeerJa / SaNal

      AishAk and SaNal look good with each other

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