Gupta Brothers 21st January 2021 Written Episode Update: Veeru searches groom for Jaya

Gupta Brothers 21st January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya telling Ganga that she is making laddoos for everyone after bringing the stuff. Ganga says these laddoos are Veeru’s weakness. Jaya says she is making laddoo for everyone. Ganga says Veeru will eat it at first and will be happy first. Jaya hopes that he likes the laddoo and smiles. Veeru comes to the room and gets the laddoo smell. He checks the laddoo plate and starts eating it. Jaya comes there and smiles seeing him eating. She asks did you like it? Veeru says yes and says I want to thank Bhabhi maa. Jaya says I wrote sorry in the letter and he didn’t reply. Veeru comes to Ganga and tells that the laddoo was so good this time and says he wants to kiss her hand. Ganga asks him to kiss Jaya’s hand as she made the laddoo. She asks Jaya why she didn’t tell him. Veeru goes. Ganga is weaving the sweater and smiles. Jaya goes to room and asks why is he showing anger? Veeru asks what is her problem, that she made laddoo for him? Jaya says she said sorry to him in the letter and asks if he is really stupid. Veeru says I felt bad that your life is ruined by marrying a stupid guy like me, you said right that this relation is a compromise. He asks her not to take tension and says I will do something and your life will never get ruined. Jaya looks on.

Later the guy brings the tiffin and hangs outside Aditi’s room. Amba checks the tiffin and replaces it with her tiffin content. She says now you eat the special salad made by Amba and tells that she will make her fall on the ground. She says only my family will become dear to everyone and Jaya will give the first child to the Gupta family. She hangs the tiffin again and goes. Later Aditi comes out and takes the tiffin from there silently.

Veeru talks to Lawyer and asks what to do to take divorce? Lawyer says if you had no relation with your wife then you can file for Annulment of the marriage. Veeru asks what is it? Lawyer explains. Veeru asks him to get the papers ready. Jaya asks him to whom he is talking to and asks who is this lawyer? Veeru says he wants to make everything fine. Jaya asks what is he doing, tell him? Veeru brushes off her hand and tells that she will no longer be worried. He says I will return, when I make everything fine. Jaya gets shocked. Veeru goes.

Aditi throws the laddoo and other things made by Ganga for her and is about to eat the salad brought by her man. Alok comes there and says so this is the special food, made by Bhabhi maa for you. Aditi says yes, and asks if he wants to eat it. Alok says no and asks her to finish it fast. She eats it. Ganga writes down the names for the baby girl and baby boy. She says she has written according to the Rashi. Shiv says don’t know what you would have done for your baby. Ganga says since I heard about this baby, I am feeling like a mother. She says I am feeling like I am becoming the mother and feeling good. Shiv says what will happen with you later. Ganga says she will get mad with happiness and says once the baby comes then all the tension in the family will end and they will have peace and happiness in the house. Shiv prays for the same thing.

Veeru comes to the Pandit. Pandit ji asks for whom you are searching the guy. Veeru tells that he is searching guy for someone and asks him not to tell anyone. He shows Jaya’s pic. Pandit ji says she is Jaya, your wife and asks if he don’t feel shame to think of his wife’s marriage. Veeru says she is my wife for some days and asks they are getting divorced. Pandit ji asks divorce? Veeru asks him to select a good guy for Jaya. Pandit ji says people will laugh on you. Veeru says our marriage is a compromise and time has come to end it. He says jaya is a good girl and asks him to search a good guy for her, so that he can take care of her and love her. He gets teary eyes and asks him to search the guy for her. Pandit ji says ok. Veeru gives Jaya’s pic and says he will come by evening.

Jaya calls Veeru. Veeru comes to the shop and looks at Jaya’s call on his mobile. Jaya thinks what is he going to do? Alok asks Veeru to see Jaya’s call on his mobile. Veeru rejects the call and says he will come later. Shiv asks Alok and Veeru to go home and tells that he will lock the shop and come. Veeru tells them that he will check the stuff brought today and asks them to go. Alok says I will stay with you. Veeru tells that Aditi needs you and asks him to go. Shiv says Jaya needs you, come home. Veeru says what I can give her. Shiv asks what? Veeru says I mean that I have given her stuff for laddoo. Shiv gives the keys and asks him to take care of him. Veeru thinks I will step inside the house, until I find groom for her.

Precap: jaya wakes up and asks veeru when did he come? Veeru says sometime back. Jaya says sorry and finds the pics. Veeru talks about her marriage. Jaya gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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