Gupta Brothers 20th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Aditi’s selfish act while Jaya tries to reconcile with Veeru

Gupta Brothers 20th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditi recalling Pandit ji’s words to lock the bathroom for now. She is about to go to bathroom, but Alok stops her. Aditi insists to use the bathroom. Alok tries to make her understand that neither Bhaiyya nor Bhabhi believe on Pandit ji’s words, but they shall wait. He says we don’t have this bathroom before. Aditi says it was chidiya ghar before. Alok asks her to wait for 3-4 days. Rajat asks Ganga if they shall break the bathroom and let their hardwork go waste. Shiv is sure that Pandit ji will solve the problem. Ganga asks Rajat to call everyone and says she has thought something. Rajat goes. Ganga says we can come to conclusion after talking to each other. Alok-aditi, Veeru and Jaya come out. Shiv asks what happened to your hand? Veeru says it got cut due to handle. Jaya looks at his bandaged hand. Ganga asks Jaya if she feels that they differentiate between Aditi and her. Jaya says I don’t think so. Ganga says I want to make a request and says until Aditi’s bathroom problem ends, can you give your room to her, as she is pregnant and needs to have bathroom the most. Aditi smiles. Shiv says no Ganga and says the problem is not so big that Jaya has to give away her room. He says there is a common bathroom which is near Aditi’s room and she can go there. He says he don’t want Jaya to do something against her wish and tells that she don’t need to change her room. Ganga says ok, we will get the solution done, just as Pandit ji tells us. She asks Aditi not to use that bathroom for few days. Aditi says ok and goes.

Shiv tells Alok and Veeru that he is going to shop and asks if they are coming? They say even they are coming. Amba thanks God that everything is fine now and tells Ganga that she will congratulate and bless Aditi. Ganga says ok. Aditi is restless in her room and looks at the bathroom door. She thinks she will not believe in these stupid things. She takes her clothes and goes to take bathroom. Amba looks at her going and thinks I was worried unnecessarily and says I know how to stop her. She says Jaya will give heir to this family and not Aditi.

Later Ganga brings food for Aditi and says you have to eat this much food daily. Aditi says all this. Ganga says you have to take care of baby more for this two months. Aditi says doctor has given her diet plan for what she shall eat and shows it. Ganga tells that there is no milk and ghee in this. Aditi says because I want to get in shape after delivery. Ganga says you shall have original vitamins in the food and tells that she is going to make something special for her. Alok comes and asks Aditi to listen to Bhabhi. Aditi calls Doctor. Ganga makes Laddoo for Aditi. Ganga makes Laddoo for aditi and tells Jaya that she has made it for just Aditi now, but will make for Veeru and others later. She says Veeru likes it a lot. Jaya smiles. Amba sees the guy coming outside Shiv’s house and calling Aditi. Aditi comes out and takes the guy to the backside of her room. She asks him to hang the tiffin outside her room window and says I will take it from here daily. Amba thinks what is happening, have to find out.

Jaya comes to the shop and tells that Bhabhi was about to make gum laddoo, so she came to get the ingredients. Veeru asks where is the laddoo? Jaya smiles and says she wants these things. Veeru refuses. Shiv asks Veeru to pack the stuff. Veeru takes the ingredients list from her and starts packing. She thinks how to apologize to him infront of Bhaiyya and Alok. She writes an apology letter. Veeru gives her stuff. Jaya asks Veeru to give her other stuff which she has written on the paper. Alok says I will give. Jaya says no, Veeru will give and asks him to bring it while coming. Shiv says Veeru will drop you. Jaya says she will go herself. The letter falls down on the wet floor.

Ganga brings laddoo for Aditi and asks her to eat two daily. Aditi says it is very big. Ganga says you have to eat so that you don’t feel weak. Aditi says she is fit. Amba looks at them from outside. Ganga says this is good for you both. Aditi says I talked to Doctor. Ganga says make me talk to him and says he will not refuse, everyone knows that it is good for pregnancy. She says you don’t know what this baby means to us, so you have to take care of yours and the baby. She asks her to eat and goes. Aditi locks the door and closes the box. She keeps the box and thinks bhabhi is too much, thinks she will follow diet plan made by Doctor. Amba thinks I can’t forget what you have done with us and now you will not forget what I am going to do with you.

Precap: Veeru talks to someone and asks him to get the papers ready. Later he talks to Pandit ji and asks him to search a guy for Jaya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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