Gupta Brothers 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Mridula surprises Shiv


Gupta Brothers 15th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mridula drinks sitting on the bed. Shiv knocks on the door. Mridula asks him to come inside. Shiv comes inside and gets shocked seeing her closing the wine bottle tap. She asks why did he come? He says to take my stuff. Mridula asks if he got shock seeing her drinking wine. He says I didn’t get shock as a woman is drinking, but because you are drinking on my bed. She says this is his house. He says it is not yet proved too. He asks her to wake up early as he will not let her sleep for more time. Next day, the girls watch Shiv and his brothers doing Tulsi Parikrama (rounds) and then Alok and Veeru going. Shiv thinks he will take Mridula to Municipal Corporation. The girls ask Jaya to return their money as they were doing puja in clothes. Jaya returns them half money. Her mother comes there. Jaya tells that her shop is closed because of Alok and fears Mridula might woo him. Her Mother laughs and tells that Mridula can get stuck with Shiv and you can get back to Alok. Jaya says Alok Narayan Gupta. Shiv lights the agar batti infront of his parents’ pic. His mother asks him to go and wake her up as Municipal Corporation office will close at 4 pm. Shiv tells that he had made food, but salt was more for the first time. Shiv goes to Mridula’s room and tries to wake her up, but she is sleeping peacefully. He throws the pot to wake her up, but she is still sleeping.

Shiv comes out. His mother asks him to touch her and wake her up. He goes to her and tries to wake her up again, but she turns in sleep and he gets shocked seeing her nude leg. He gets shocked and runs out. Jaya comes there with her parents. She ask why did he come running? Shiv tells that he had gone to wake her up, but she didn’t get up.

Kaki tells Jaya that Mridula will set herself in Shiv’s life. Shiv asks her to wake her up. Kaki goes and sees her bare leg. She thinks Shiv might have seen this and covers her leg. Jaya asks did you see this? Shiv says yes. Kaki asks did you change your plan of not marrying? Shiv says no. Kaki wakes up Mridula. Mridula slaps her and asks why did she wake her up. She gets very angry. Shiv imagines her as Devimaa and calls her Devimaa, Mridula Maiyya and then says Mridula ji. He says they have to go to Municipal Corporation. She says she will get ready in 2 mins. Alok and Veeru wait for Shiv to come. Shiv waits for Mridula to come. Mridula comes there wearing saree and he looks at her in surprise. She says people look at her in surprise always and their work will be done fast in the office. He says people know me by my character and not by face. They come to the office. Mridula enters the office first and see the women employees. She gets sad and relaxes seeing a man there. Just then she sees the ladies standing up seeing Shiv and recalls his words.

Precap: Shiv and Mridula ask the officer to check in the register. He checks and finds Mridula’s father number.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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