Gupta Brothers 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Shiv’s brothers calls for partition

Gupta Brothers 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv telling Ganga that the house will break even if she goes. He says if you want to go the I will not stop you, as you have snatched this right from me by taking your decision. Ganga says if the matter is about you and your brother’s happiness, then I would have never left you in this or any other birth. They walk towards each other. Shiv says if my brothers and me are having happiness in our lives then we will get it. He asks her not to blame herself and says if my brothers think that I am wrong then I am wrong, I brought them up but couldn’t teach them to differentiate between right and wrong. Amba asks Alok and Veeru not to bring negative thoughts in their hearts and asks them to go and apologize to Shiv and Ganga. Jaya tells that she has seen them so sad due to their fight and asks if everything will be fine. Amba says I will make everything fine and thinks she will separate them so badly which Shiv couldn’t even think of. Ganga asks Shiv if he is going to call them. Shiv says yes and says I can’t live without them. Ganga says they will come by themselves. Shiv says they would have come by now. Ganga says everything changed for them so suddenly, give them sometime. She says you shall trust and wait for them to return.

She asks him to rest. Next morning, Shiv prays to the tulsi plant alone and recalls praying with his brothers. His hands stumble while holding the aarti plate. She comes and holds it. Alok, Veeru and Rajat come there and misunderstand the situation. They are about to leave. Ganga stops them. Shiv says I knew that you will…Veeru says we came to talk to Bhaiyya. Ganga asks them to have food. Shiv asks what do you want to say? Alok says you have hidden a big truth from us, but we are not changed because of that. Veeru says you are our family since childhood. Rajat says I have seen just you and not my parents. Alok says we are not done yet and says Ganga is responsible for the friction between us. Veeru asks him to decide between them. Shiv says I told that Ganga will not go anywhere and will stay here only. He says we got married. He says I told before also, now this family have 5 members. Veeru says if you can’t let her go then we can’t stay here. Shiv says I was staring at the door all night and waiting for my brothers, who couldn’t see me unhappy and in pain. He says he thought that they will hug me and tell that they are together. He says they came to tell that they will leave. He says ok, Ganga ji will not stay here in this house, I will take Ganga ji from here and leave. Alok says even you have equal rights on this house. Alok asks for partition and says we will separate from you. Shiv is shocked. Veeru says this is our last decision, now you have changed so everything will be changed.

Ganga says everything is same. Shiv says there is no chance of argument now and tells that he couldn’t give them right values. He says if they want to separate then…let them be, but I have a condition, Rajat will stay with me, he is small. Alok says you was small, when you had taken care of us and tells that Rajat will stay with them. Shiv says I am seeing how you have taken care of him, he has a swollen eyes.

Alok asks him to handle his own responsibility, signs at Ganga. Veeru draws the line and tells that they will divide the house into two halves. He says they will not enter their home and he shall not come there. Veeru is about to draw the line. Their mother asks Shiv to stop them and feels bad. Shiv asks them to give smaller portion to them. Veeru comes to Shiv and draws the line. Ek dusre se….plays….Shiv says my upbringing was wrong. They recall their happy moments. Shiv recalls their words.

Precap: Shiv comes home and sits on the sofa. Ganga says Shiv wants his brothers to choose between his brothers and him. She asks them to choose their brother Shiv.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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