Guns and Roses #Riansh (Immj2) Episode 30

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Episode starts….


Vansh opened Ridhima’s eye to judge how he made her hairstyle. On seeing hairstyle ridhima stood like a statue for a while.” Tell me Nah sweetheart. How is your hairstyle?” She looked at vansh and laughed ” what is this vansh. you made me Chudail”

She continued” like seriously….you called this your talent not bad…(laughed ) I must say it is worst.”

Vansh(irritated): Ridhima what is wrong with you….you are making fun of my talent….what is bad in this…look how beautiful hairstyle I gave you…you thankful to me”

Ridhima looking at with a surprising face ” you are calling this (pointing to head) beautiful then what is bad for you….even a small can make a good hairstyle then you….”

Vansh “don’t forget Ridhima with whom you are talking. I am the Great vansh Raisinghania so think before saying anything. ” ( said with VR aura)

Ridhima became tensed little as she thought he was hurt by her utterances. she turned back to see vansh and vansh looking at her dangerously. She gasped ” vannnshhh!!!”

Ridhima: vansh I was just kidding.

Vansh(anger): you are making fun of Vansh Raisinghania. Don’t you think you are crossing your limits day by day…

Ridhima stammering “…wo..mai..(loking other side)…w.o….v.a.n.s.h…m.a.i….

Vansh pulled her with a jerk and holding her wrist tightly then folding at her back…this made Ridhima more nervous and fearful. He was directly looking into her eyes…. He tightened his grip and ridhima gasped.

Vansh: ” haaaa…..Ridhima….bolo……listening.

Ridhima “vansh it’s hurting me.” Her eyes became watery and she looked into his eyes…tears escaped from her eyes…vansh left her and cupped her face. Vansh with guilt ” I was also just playing with you. Why are you crying Ridhima”. He wiped her tears and hugged her tightly.

Vansh: Ridhima!!!

She didn’t reply. Vansh ” Ridhima!! I am sorry. Please look at me.” He broke the hug and cupped her face. She looked into his eyes. Her eyes were still teary. Without saying anything to her she went to the bathroom. Vansh was tensed by her behaviour and was more guilty as he made her cry. Soon Ridhima came out of the bathroom. When she was going out of his room he holds her hand.

She looked at him who was guilty of his action. Ridhima freed her hand from his grip and came close to him. She cupped his face and smiled ” don’t feel guilty vansh. I am not angry or sad with you.” She said all this very politely. Vansh felt even more guilt. She continued ” vansh!!! I am not feeling good. Can I go home and take a rest.”

Vansh with the worried face ” what happened Ridhima. Should I call the doctor?”

Ridhima: No vansh. I am just tired nothing else.

Vansh: are you sure?

Ridhima: yes vansh I am very sure.

Vansh: okay!! So prove this.

Ridhima: what?

Vansh: give me a breathtaking kiss.

Ridhima: vansh!!!!

Vansh: what vansh!!! Prove nah…

Ridhima: koi kiss vis nhi milege…..

Vansh pulled her close to him ” for that I don’t need your permission madam because I am taking the thing which is mine and I only have full right.” He leaned to her lips but Ridhima turned her face so he kissed her cheeks only.

Vansh: Not fair sweetheart!!! Kab tk bhagogi Ridhima.

Ridhima: vansh we come office for work, not for romance. So keep these things aside and focus on the work….

Vansh: I am doing my work and you are the only one who is running. He me nah so that I finish my work quickly.

Ridhima: okay!!! I will not go and first I will help you to finish your work so tell me what work.

Vansh: give me…

Ridhima: okay…what??

Vansh: kiss…Ridhima kiss…you have to equally participate in this so that I will finish this work quickly.(winked at her)

Ridhima opened her mouth in shock….and looked at him who was smiling. Ridhima” vansh there is more work which is important.”

Vansh: not more than this….Ridhima why are becoming like typical wives who are always busy with useless works and avoid their husbands. Don’t act like are Mrs Vansh Riasinghania…so act like me nah…”

Ridhima: am I becoming a typical wife…

Vansh: bitter truth….you are losing spark Ridhima and becoming Daal Chawal…

Ridhima: what???

Vansh: yes!!! Nakam nhi bacha tum me….

Ridhima: what rubbish are you talking about vansh…I have never thought vansh that you will take like this….

Vansh: what’s wrong with this….

Ridhima: what is wrong….tell me what is write vansh…you are calling your wife “Daal chawal”…who says these words to his wife.

Vansh: because..

Ridhima with anger ” what…because….pahale ye batao aaj kal tum rh kis ke rhe…jo tuhre dimaag me ye ulti sidhi baate bhar rha hai….. I am telling you leave his company…”


Ridhima: Aree kya vansh…from now I am not going to talk to and please don’t come to my room…as I am ” daal chawal” nah…

She left the room with a bang….and directly goes to VR mention…..

Vansh completed his file work….He called Ridhima but in vain…He wants to inform her that he will come late. He started working on other projects..

When vansh didn’t come to her room so Ridhima became a little bit tense she goes to his room but he was not there. She came to her room and took her. Saw vansh missed the call so she gave him a back call.

Ridhima: hello!! Why you didn’t come yet?

Person: Bhabhi boss is attending a meeting…

Ridhima: Angre when his meeting going to finish.

Angre: in half an hour.

Ridhima: okay!!

Now 3 hours passed but vansh didn’t show his face yet. Ridhima gave him a call but it was switched off. She gave a call to Angre.

Ridhima: hello Angre!!

Angre with sleepy voice ” hello bhabhi “

Ridhima: are you sleeping in the office only…

Angre: what?? Why will I sleep in the office…I am in my room..

Ridhima: And vansh…

Angre: why are you asking me…he must be with you only nah…

Ridhima: he is not with me that is why I am asking you?

Angre; What?? Boss is not with you…. Okay I am coming…

Ridhima also came out of her room and Angre came to her.

Ridhima; kitani der ho gayi tum logo ko aaye hue…

Angre: two hours..

Ridhima: what???

Angre: yes!! You both had any fight? Because boss was tensed ….

Ridhima: yes!! Small argument….

Angre: okay! He must be in his room. Let’s check…

They moved to the room when Angre opened they were frozen for a second. Vansh was sleeping shirtless and Ragini wearing an extra short nightdress sleeping on his chest. A lone escaped from Ridhima’s eye. She wiped her tears and moved to the bed. He pulled Ragini with a force that she landed on the floor. Ridhima jerked vansh but he showed no moment. Ragini ” let him sleep Nah…” Ridhima looked at Ragini with fire as much that if Ragini didn’t take her eye off from Ridhima then she will burn her mouth with her looks only. she moved to the bathroom and a bucket full of water and thrown all water on vansh.

Ridhima: Angre please throw all the unwanted things from this room.

Ragini moved out without creating any scene. Ridhima looked at vansh who was still confused with the current scenario.” Will you do the favor of taking a shower”

Vansh: why would I take a shower this late.

Ridhima: Instead of apologising to me…look you are arguing with me…

Vansh: why would I apologize to you…you should apologise for throwing water on me and disturbing at this night…
Ridhima with surprise and angry face: Like seriously vansh!!

Vansh: I didn’t do anything wrong…

Ridhima: wow according to you Sleeping with another woman is not…Do whatever you want to do…

She moved out of the room. Vansh was shocked and looked at Angre. He nodded in positive. He narrated the whole incident to him. Now vansh was out of mind….

Angre: How come you end up sleep with Ragini.

Vansh: I don’t know Angre…… When I was going to Ridhima’s room I met with Ragini. She said sorry to me for all things that she did wrong with us…she offered me juice but I refused. She insisted me so I drank after that I don’t know what happened.

Angre: she might be spiked your drink.

Vansh : why would she do this cheap feat.

Angre: okay! Aap Bhabhi k pass jayegi…ye sb Mai sabhal luga.

Vansh goes to her but she didn’t open the door. In the morning like always she goes early out.

Flashback ends…

The trio came VR mansion. Vansh moved to Ridhima’s room but she stopped him said ” you are not allowed to come”

Vansh: are you still angry with me. Let’s clarify all the things…

Ridhima: Vansh I trust you there is nothing to explain. Just go and take shower then come…

Vansh: but…

Ridhima: are you going or not?

Vansh: I don’t have another option….look at you are also dirty…you should also take bath…

Ridhima: I am going to my bathroom that is why I saying you to yours.

Vansh: but I have a better idea!

Ridhima: what??

Vansh: why don’t you take a bath with me. (smiled and winked)

Ridhima blushed then controlling her feeling said ” I am not going to do anything like this…
She pushed him from his back with her hand to his room “if you are not going to take bath then you are not allowed to my room.”Vansh rushed to the bathroom and Ridhima chuckled.

As soon as Vansh took a bath he moved to Ridhima’s room. When he opened the door he was surprised as the room was decorated but Ridhima was not there. He called her. Soon Ridhima came out from the bathroom wearing Red dress….

Vansh was astonished by her boldness. His breath hitched and he was clean bold by Ridhima’s beauty.

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