Guns and Rose #Riansh (Immj2) Intro

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Guns and roses #riansh (immj2)


VANSH RAI SINGHANIA : famous business tycoon,CEO of VR enterprises , loves his family and buisness

RAGINI : vansh first love
ISHANI RAI SINGHANIA : vansh’s sister

SIA RAI SINGHANIA : vansh’s sister

ARYAN RAI SINGHANIA: vansh’s cousin , son of Rudra Rai Singhania and Chanchal rai singhania , and hates vansh

INDRANI RAI SINGHANIA : vansh’s grandmother

ANUPRIYA RAI SINGHANIA : Vansh’s step mom, hates vansh

CHANCHAL RAISINGHANIA: vansh’s aunt , hates vansh

RUDRA RAISINGHANIA : vansh’s uncle

ANGREY : vansh’s shadow /best friend /right hand / and he can do anything for his boss, very geniune person

RIDDHIMA : an orphan, loves kabeer and can die for him, scarifying, loving ,caring, purehearted ,intelligent

KABIR SHARMA : vansh’s half brother , son of Anupriya rai singhania and hates vansh

SEJAL AGRAWAL : riddhima’s friend

As story starts….,

Everyone was happy in raisinghania family as vansh was going to marry his first love ( RAGINI)……..they were greetings to vansh and ragini……in one of thecorner of the hall ridhima was standing full of tears but smile on her face to hide her teras(she also don’t know the reason why her eyes were filled )……..

On the other hand vansh who always wanted be with his first love and marry her but now somehow he was not happy with that and he don’t know the reason why he was feeling so……..he had smile on his face but his heart was crying for some unknown reason…….

Ridhima came to ragini and greeted her than goes to vansh , she also wanted to congrat him but her throat was coked and she was unable to say anything, just looking at vansh’s face with lots of unknow emotion and went to her room without uttering a single word.,….vansh was looking at her and wanted to stop her…..but said nothing just looking at her until he reached to her room……

Guys please do commenst as I should continue or end this …… And I aslo wants to how was the introduction……I need your support❤

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