Gulmohar Grand 24th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Gulmohar Grand 24th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man hearing his praise on the tv, where serial killer news is said. He recalls how his mum used to have affairs and sent Charlie to his room. Charlie used to see her with different men and his childhood suffered. He keeps the red scarf and smiles. Neil bumps into Annie. She says sorry and asks him to go first, he is in hurry. He asks her to go and they start arguing. They hear romance standing outside a room and feel awkward. Mrs. Irani brings a cat with her and asks them whats happening. Neil says we like cats, so were discussing how to meet your cat. Annie says yes, and asks Neil to take the cat. Neil says so sweet, thanks and says Annie did not say she makes cat food well.

Mrs. Irani says really, that’s excellent, what will you cook for the cat. Annie says sandwich as Neil likes. Mrs. Irani takes the cat and leaves. Annie thanks Neil. He says he did not do anything. She says I will say thanks when you do anything. Anirudh sits to drink with his staff. He asks did he see the news. Ronnie says strange, he did not hear about the serial killer. Anirudh says its danger approaching them. Ronnie says he will always save Gulmohar Grand. Anirudh asks him to be alert and introduces Neil to him. Anirudh says he can’t take any risk. Ronnie asks him not to worry, the killer can’t even enter the hotel.

Charlie is shown. Ronnie leaves. Neil asks can he go out. Anirudh asks him to ask his boss. He says don’t be annoyed with life always, you are not alone who needs a second chance, we all are in queue. Neil says everyone does not get second chance. Anirudh says then keep finding it, we are doing so with hope. He asks him to keep smiling and bumps into Charlie. Anirudh apologizes to him and asks him to enjoy his complimentary drink.

Charlie sees a lady Poonam and stares at her. He goes and flirts with her, giving her a gold chain. She asks his room number. He says 2014, I will wait and pays the waiter. She smiles seeing him and follows him. Poonam comes to Charlie’s room and gets close. He offers her money. She asks him to wait and not be in hurry. She says she will get freshen up. He recalls his mum and shuts his phone.

Neil goes to anti drinking counseling institute and attends the third meeting. He says its 3 years and says he was a police officer, he was not on duty that night and was drinking with a friend, when he saw goons taking a girl forcefully. Neil goes to save the girl and the goon says he will kill the girl. Neil says leave the girl and aims at him. The police comes. Neil was drink and did not target right. His vision got shaken up and he missed to kill the goon, and the goon shot the girl. He says the girl died because of him, he did not do his duty well and list his police job. Poonam’s friend looks for her. Annie messages someone that she did not get the room’s keys and she is trying.

The girl says she and her friend Poonam were in bar and she went somewhere. Annie says maybe she will come back, Neil can help you, I will get him, stay here. Ronnie hears them and leaves. Poonam romances with Charlie. Ronnie asks his staff to ask the girl. The man says she will not get entry tomorrow and their earnings will stop. He asks her to leave.

Annie looks for Neil and her phone falls. Neil comes there and asks what is she doing. She says I was finding you. He gives his hand. She says someone needs your help, a girl is lost and I told her …. Sorry this is distracting me and cleans the ketchup off his face. Neil asks the girl about Poonam. The girl sees Ronnie and says Poonam is fine, she went out with her friend, she called me, thanks for the help. Anniw says but you… Neil says thanks for wasting my time. Annie says no, she was very scared as she heard about serial killer. He says killer should be afraid of you. Poonam dances on the song Aaiyye Meherbaan………….. and gets closer to Charlie.

Anirudh gets a surprise from Jasmine. Tina tells Shreya that her boss is so hot, she is so lucky. Shreya says he is separated from Pallavi, not divorced. Tina says you have a choice. Shreya goes. Anirudh says our date is tomorrow. Jasmine says you remember, Anirudh Dutt, MD of Gulmohar Grand, this is the best moment of my life, not bad. He says did I miss any date till now. She says never, coming late, being on phone always…. I came before the date, I left the happening party so that you don’t have any option. Shreya comes and sees them. She says sorry, and tells about Japanese delegates. Jasmine leaves annoyed.

Ronnie asks Neil did he kill anyone again. Neil says he has to replace CCTV cameras. Ronnie says let it be. Neil says five star hotels are at alert because of serial killer. Ronnie says girls will be going to clients for money. Neil says money for you too. Ronnie threatens him to fire his job. Anirudh works out. Mrs. Irani asks are you making muscles for serial killer. She asks about her girls. He says he will do their kanyadaan. She says very funny, I want to talk about their security, they are in danger. He says fine, he does not attack house keepers, just escorts, he has a thing against them.

She says yes, he will call you and ask you…. He says this is why I love you, you joke in anger. She says its my responsibility. He says he spoke to Ronnie, situation is under control. Charlie suffocates Poonam by the red scarf. Its morning, they get Poonam’s dead body and Anirudh asks Ronnie to tighten the security and also seal the hotel. The inspector asks his staff to check hotel well. Neil says shall we talk to that girl. Annie gets that girl. She says I knew it will be something wrong. Neil questions her and asks does she remember anyone. She tells about Charlie and describes him, he had a tattoo of a butterfly. Ronnie says no use to talk to her, its time waste.

Neil says cameras in bar area are not working. Charlie joins as waiters and smiles. Neil looks for him. He asks how did she come inside the hotel. She says from back door, extra staff is called today for help. Neil rushes. He tells Anirudh that he got that man and says the killer can be the extra waiter. Ronnie says we have to be careful. Anirudh says are you ready boys…. They dine and have a plan to catch him. Neil says three waiters are wearing gloves. Anirudh says he knows one, Ganesh and he does have any tattoo and looks at Charlie and other one. He says they are new and Ronnie says I have not seen them earlier.

Annie says she got the red scarf in garden area. Anirudh asks her to go. She says its big clue. The inspector asks her to give this to the constable. Neil says we are discussing imp thing. Annie says sorry and says why are they scolding her. She bumps into Charlie and juice falls on him. he removes his glove and they all see him and the tattoo. They rush to catch him and Charlie keeps the knife on Annie’s neck. Annie screams.

She asks Neil to save him. Neil recalls the girl’s death and aims gun. Anirudh asks him to be careful. Neils hand shakes up and he puts the gun down. The inspector tries to catch Charlie. Neil aims gun again and inspector pushes Charlie. Neil says this time you are fine, and holds Annie. She looks at him.

Mrs. Irani meets Annie and says she is very strong, and says I told Anirudh to make security tight, don’t get tensed, have this drink. Annie says I already had. Mrs. Irani makes her drink more. Tina says this was her third drink, Anirudh, Teeshay and now you. Mrs. Irani says why did you not say me before, she will sleep and will feel better. Anirudh tells Neil that its good he did not shoot. Neil says this time my shot would have not missed. Anirudh says maybe, but things change in one sec and Annie would have died. I know its hard to forget what happened, but a morning will come where past will not shadow your tomorrow.

He says a night brings sunrise and light, this will happen, and says we can change what we have in our hand for a better tomorrow. Anirudh says second chance Neil. Annie is drunk and Teeshay and Tina hold her. Annie says this hotel is mine, I m its owner. Tina says yes, I know and jokes. She says shall we drop her home. Teeshay says yes, she stays alone, won’t be a problem. Annie says she won’t go, its secret, she has an imp work and she can’t tell them. Tina asks whats the secret. Annie says this hotel belongs to my……

Few men share a top secret info and think to start with Gulmohar Grand, where many big people will be meeting and then they will be doing a boom.

Annie thinks she has just one hour and cries holding a showpiece. She dances freely and Neil is stunned. He smiles seeing her new side.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Lovely episode. Superb acting by all.

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