Gulmohar Grand 17th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Gulmohar Grand 17th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with hotel staff welcoming the foreign people in the hotel. They check the passports and says there is some problem. She says very cute baby, but where is the baby. The lady says she is with her Indian granny. Clark and Mary hide the matter and look at each other. They get the room keys and leave. Mary asks how can he make this mistake. Clark says I m sorry, she did not know anything, the best we can do is to wait. Annie bumps into Neil and says I m sorry. He says century, your sorry no. 100. The staff sees her skirt and laugh. Neil stops her and wants to tell her. She thinks he is joking. Teejay comes and says I think your skirt needs my help. Annie says sorry, I was in hurry. Teejay says its fine.

Teejay says how he has worn a wrong shirt once and he got fired. He says it happens. Annie says thanks and asks Neil did he wanted to say this. She leaves. Teejay says I got to go and leaves. Few more people come in the hotel. Annie talks to Jaitley and says a lady gave birth to a baby and all the staff wanted to gift her. Jaitley says whats there to celebrate, its just a baby, tell this to that lady Jyoti, its all nonsense to do much for kids and then… Anirudh comes and does umhhm… Jaitley stops saying. He asks her to leave. She says yes Sir, sorry, thanks.

She says its breeze here, shall I get your jacket from your room. Anirush asks her to go. Annie smiles. Shreya calls Anirudh and confirms from him. Annie gets inside the cabin and sees the key tower. She takes a bunch of keys from there. She leaves with the jacket and keys. Shreya comes and sees Annie leaving. Mary and Clark wait for some guy. They guy comes and brings a baby. Mark says she is beautiful.

Mamta cries and looks for her baby Guddi. She calls that same man and he cuts her call. She says I have to stop Pratap, else he will sell my child. Pratap asks Clark to give money. Clark nods and gives money. Mamta talks to Tina and says she is looking for Pratap. Clark asks Pratap to sign on some papers. Pratap says I will sign later, you can cheat. Clark says fine and keeps the money. Pratap asks for 8lakhs. Clark says my friend is arranging the rest, I will get it in evening.

Neil calls someone. Pratap says he will come when they arrange full money. Mary says I need her, don’t take her. Clark says I can get the money by evening, you can stay in the same hotel. Pratap says fine. Annie follows the map and is stopped as its private corridor and staff is not allowed there. Annie says I m sorry, I think I m lost, thanks. Mamta says where will be Guddi and takes other’s baby. The other lady shouts for help. She asks Neil what duty is he doing. Mamta apologizes and says she is not my child, sorry. Neil says he will find out the matter. He asks Mamta about this. Mamta says let me go, I m sorry. Neil asks is she worried and gives her water.

He says we can help you, is your baby…. She says nothing. He sends her out. She thinks if she tells them, they will send Pratap to jail, she has to stop Pratap. A lady asks her husband Karan how can he go, as its their daughter’s concert tomorrow. He says he has business meeting. Anirudh looks on. She asks Karan whats the point to earn if they can’t spend time together. He says he has to earn for them. Anirudh recalls how he has fought with Pallavi, as his right time has never come.

He sees the little girl sad by her parent’s fight. Neil sees a baby crying. The staff lady asks him to take the baby, her dad went for some time and did not come back. She asks him to take care and leaves. Neil asks where is she going. Pratap is shocked seeing Mamta and says whats is she doing here. He hides at the chemist shop. Anirudh enjoys the rain and sees the little girl standing alone. He asks what is she doing here. She says she is thinking something. He asks her to have this umbrella and not stand in rain.

She sits with him and prays that her dad stays with her. She asks him to pray. He says your prayer will be answered. Neil takes care of the baby. Annie comes and asks new Papa. He asks her to take care of the baby and blackmails her to pull her leg. He hands over the baby to her and asks her to look after the baby well. Neil leaves. He bumps into Pratap in the corridor and says sorry. Pratap comes to his room and sees Annie caring for the baby. He takes the baby and asks who is she. She says how can he give baby to any strange man, and he says sorry, please you leave.

Everyone have a talk in lunch time. Annie tells Teejay and Tina about Pratap. She thinks its good time to go in corridor and says I have to take dinner orders. She leaves. Teejay and Tina find the baby matter weird and they try to link the matters. Tina recalls Mamta and he tells Teejay that they have to do something. Teejay says we have to inform Neil and catch that man. Clark tells Mary that he is coming and the baby is ours now. Mary cries and hugs him. Annie comes to the private corridor and hides. Jaitley talks to his friend and sees the door open. He goes to see. Annie tries to open the lock by the keys. Jaitley locks the door and goes.

She tries to open the main door and says it got locked. Pratap counts the money and Mary gets glad by taking the baby. Clark takes Pratap’s sign. The hotel staff catch Mamta. Mamta cries and asks them to leave her. Tina asks is she looking for her baby. Neil asks is the baby with her husband. She says leave my husband, he is not bad guy, he lost his job, we have three small children, I will not tell anything, he will go to jail, I was finding her. Neil says we have less time to save your daughter, tell me did your husband come here to sell the baby. Tina asks her to cooperate. Mamta says I don’t know anything. Tina tells about the American couple. They rush to see them.

Annie calls for help. The door bell rings. Clark asks Pratap is this any trap and checks the door. Neil comes inside and brings Anirudh. Anirudh says you don’t come to our country to buy children. They catch Pratap. Anirudh says he should have gone for legal adoption if he wanted a Indian child. He asks Pratap is he a father to sell his child and scolds him as its illegal work, if he gets arrested, what about the child. He takes the baby from Mary. Neil says police is on their way.

Annie says I will call someone and does not get any network. Anirudh gives the baby to Mamta. Mamta hugs her Guddi. She asks about Pratap. Anirudh says I m sorry, its police case, he was doing a big crime. Neil does not get his sandwish and sees Annie in the live feed of the corridor camera. Neil comes there and opens the door. She says sorry, thanks for helping. He asks what is she doing here. She says I m sorry, actually. He asks how did he come here. She says door was open, so I went to see, is he doubting. He says its my work.

She says I did not know when it got locked, don’t report about this. She says I want water. He says you can go, its dinner time for Jaitley. She says thanks and leaves. Anirudh asks Tina for wake up call list and sees Karan’s name. He cancels it. Its morning, Jaitley recalls how the door was open and sees the keys missing. Shreya tells him about his meetings. He asks her about the golden key bunch. She says relax, I will find. Annie calls someone and says room was locked, I have to try again, I will be careful. She recalls how she gave dinner to Jaitley and leps the keys back in his room.

Jaitley shouts on Shreya and she gets the keys. He asks her to leave. Karan says how can this big mistaken happen, I missed my flight. Anirudh says I m shocked, how did this happen, I apologize. Karan’s daughter gets glad seeing him and asks him to come in her concert. Karan says yes and hugs her. Anirudh smiles. She says Lord fulfilled my wish and thanks Anirudh.

The staff gives some money to Mamta and get back to work. Anirudh stops Annie and says what you did today, I know everything about it. She gets tensed and says I m sorry, but what. He says you gave the idea to give the money to Mamta, not bad. She smiles and says I took care of the baby and spoke to Pratap too, I felt Mamta needs the money as Pratap is in jail, how can a father do this. He says we get all sort of people here, some can’t manage the responsibility.

Teejay and Annie see a special news report of a criminal who traps beautiful women in big hotels and then kills then, he is saying about a serial killer. Annie gets tensed. She tells about it to Teejay. Teejay jokes on her and she leaves. A man enters the hotel and sees the same news. His face is shown and he smiles seeing the news.

Neil recalls the girl’s death. He tells Anirudh that everyone does not get the second chance. The guy bumps into Anirudh. Annie tells Tina about a big secret. Neil gives his hand and says this time nothing happened to you. He saves her life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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