Guilty pleasure~ Riansh SS by Tanya (Part 7)

Vansh was standing there numb while riddhima was crying her heart out. As the video came to the end the murderer showed them her face and everyone looked aghast as the murderer was the daughter-in-law and so called mother of the children of this house, ANUPRIYA.

Getting up Riddhima rubbed her cheeks aggressively to clean her tears. She tilted his head towards Anupriya and looked at her with red eyes. She glowered at her angrily and walked towards her, while Anupriya looked at her scared and gulped.

She moved dangerously closer to the murderer of her mother Anupriya with hatred in her eyes. She looked at her for good minute before slapping her hard on her face. Anupriya looked at her with blood Shot eyes while she too glared at her so called mummy ji with same red eyes..

‘You call your self a mother Mrs. Anupriya Raisinghania. You can be anything but mother never its impossible. A mother can’t kill  another mother, and make her children orphan. You can’t just kill a mother for your own selfish reasons, you can’t just snatch a mother from her child. Because of you 3 Years back I lost her, I lost my Maa, and my Maa lost her doll. Just because of you, Anupriya Raisinghania. I hate you more then anyone I can do ever.

She spat out angrily while Anupriya looked at her shocked and the Raisinghania clan was looking at her as if they have seen a ghost. Riddhima again cleaned her tears harshly and faced Anupriya with hatred.

‘Aapne dimaag ke ghode itne mat chalao Anupriya, I will explain you. The woman you killed 3 years ago was not Uma Maa but my Maa, Uma Maa’s duplicate, Aarohi. And uma Maa is still alive.’

She disclosed the truth in front of everyone making them get another shock while Vansh was taken aback by this new found information.

Maa is Alive she didn’t left her Ansh. But Aarohi massi!!!’

He thought to himself and looked at riddhima who was already looking at him with red eyes.

‘Riddhima is my Riddhi.’

He murmured looking at her while she sobbed keeping her hand on her face. He looked at Anupriya with hatred & disgust dripping from his eyes, he fisted his hand and was about to walking towards her but stopped when Riddhima showed him her hand and nodded in no.

‘Anupriya you know what I have waited for damn 3 years to get you punished and take my revenge from you for killing my Maa and snatching her from me. I have died every single second since that day, whenever I tried to sleep at night my mom’s face used come in front of my eyes, her shouts, her whimpers, her blood still haunts me. It was like a nightmare for me a very horrible nightmare. I was broken but no one was there to console me because you have already took my support system from Me. But you know what all those nightmares, her blood, her shouts became my strength to get her culprits the punishment they deserves.

‘To punish you I had to stick with your this good for nothing son for freaking three years, so that he can believe it that Riddhima is blind in his love and he can send me to the VR Mansion to spy on Vansh as per my plan. He thought that he used me as his Pawn but this idiot didn’t knew that whom he was considering as his Pawn was the Queen all this time and the Mastermind of this so called game of his. He shooted me so that I and Vansh can fall in love but this stupid creature didn’t knew that I was already from starting had fell for my better half. But now let’s punish the culprits.

She said and looked at Sara one of her sister and soul sister.

‘Sara please bring that.’


She said and went from there get something. After few seconds she came back and she passed riddhima a pair of handcuff.

I can’t believe this Anupriya, I considered you as my mother but you were the one who tried to kill my own Maa, but I will make sure that you will root in the prison for your all lifetime.

Shouted Vansh angrily and slapped her hard on her face while she looked at him with bloodshot eyes.

‘You are Under arrest Mrs. Anupriya Raisinghania, under the charges of killing Mrs. Aarohi Deep Raichand, and in attempt to murder of Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania, Mrs Uma Ajay Raisinghania and Mrs. Ishani Angrey.’

Said Riddhima angrily while handcuffing her. Kabir came between them to defend his mother.

‘And who are you to arrest her, Riddhima?’

‘And who are you to stop me Mr..Kabir?’

Inspector Kabir Sharma, and being a Inspector in have full right to stop you.’

He reasoned out while she let out a chuckle at his stupidness, now she need to tell him who is she, she thought to herself.

OK Mr. So called Inspector, if you are an Inspector then being your senior officer I have full rights to arrest your this murderer mother.’

‘What, you and my senior great joke Riddhima.’

He said and giggled while riddhima looked at him evily and smirked.

‘First of all its Ma’am for your Kabir. And if you think that I being your senior is a joke then let me clear you one thing that I Clearly don’t care what you think and what not.’

‘But still let me clear your doubts, I’m Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania and senior of whole CBI department and if still you have doubt then wait a minute. Have a look on my ID card.’

She showed him her ID card where there was clearly mentioned CBI OFFICER MRS. RIDDHIMA RAISINGHANIA, and he looked at her with horrified expressions. The whole family was looking at them shocked but smiled a little seeing her bravery.

‘Done with your enquiries Inspector Kabir, if yes then please give me side I have a Lots of work to do after arresting your mother.’

She said while pushing him a bit and handcuffed Anupriya meanwhile some police officers entered inside the Mansion and saluted for riddhima while she nodded and smiled.

‘Constable Swarna please take this murderer out of my sight. And Inspector Pandey make sure that this woman get the best punishment.’

Don’t worry ma’am we will handle everything.’

They said and took Anupriya with them while she kept pleading in front of the family to save her but nobody gave a damn to her.

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