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Hey Dr I. M back thx for comments many commented but one girl comment like dis…” YOU HAVE SOME REALLY GOOD ARTICLES AND I FEEL WOULD BE A ASSET..I’D LOVE TO WRITE SOME..”

” THIS POST COULD NOT BE WRITTEN ANY BETTER..By reading dis reminds me of my old room mate! He….

I can read in notification if I open I can’t see thier comment those who comment pls u can share what happen to ur friend and even I can asset u like a friend..actually it’s reality! thing happens nowadays if u think openly u will get 101 stories nothing in it..

Let’s begin

Ep 19

Dada home

Ragini scream Dada Dada where r u…?? Dada comes,
With delightful he see Ragini and feel so happy gulaboo how r u he said by touching her face…?? She hugs him dada I. M sorry I make u suffer a lot I. M bad child to u…//

Da: no gulaboo ur my child u won’t do mis….then he realise Ragini talking in normal way like her mistake suffer etc..
Gulaboo r u k..
Ra: ya dada I. M OK
Da: but who did operation how u get ur memory..between where were u dis days how can u leave me alone and go..do u forget dis old dada..
Ra: no dada no how can I forget u????..after my memory i ask first u only but my condition is critical doc told to take rest so I came now..
Da: between gulaboo now r u k I mean did u move on in ur life…//
Ra: no dada no how can I move without knowing who spoil my life who is my baby child..
Da: baby !!
Ra: dada i give birth to girl child
Da: he get shocked wat ragini wat u saying how can u do it..now who will marry..how can u face dis society..what’s name u give to tat child…??
Ra: stop it dada I don’t need any name i give my name to her I don’t bother for anyone..but one thing I can say if I know who raped me I don’t leave him..I will kill him..??
Dada: gulaboo wat u saying pls beta leave it and forget it..it’s past
Ra: no dada how can I forget my past..how can I…? Pls tel me who raped me I know u know everything..??
Da; no gulaboo I don’t know anything if I know I would tell u and marry u to him..
Ra: no dada u know,she take his hand and put on his head tel dada who raped me..
Da: he say everything I know dis much if u want i can show tat place but pls don’t force me to keep hand on ur head it’s hurt me so much ur d one u inspire to live dis year I. M leading my life because of u more than u nothing important for me..
Ra: k dada now show me tat place…then they both moves off

Rape place

Dada show d place ragini start searching it she didn’t find anything because it’s happened one year back she can find only dead dry leaves. .she cry helplessly then she try to remember but it go in vain..then she find one chocolate paper

Da: I told know it’s past pls forget it..because of dis chocolate ur life spoiled..but Wats use of dis paper..
Ra: wat dada wat u saying..
Da: s d man who raped u..is very rich he used u by showing dis chocolate.without knowing ur too small he raped u…
Ra: ya dada but I won’t leave him I will show???? dis small girl not so weak as he think …//I will do fingerprint of dis paper and I make him stand infront of jail…??
Da: no gulaboo it’s not possible this incident happened long back many comes here may be some others throw dis or due to dust it may go off..Court ask proof wat proof u have u have raped by him..?? Nothing u have ,, who fight for us..did God come to help u..no one help us so pls leave dis here,,,
Ra: No dada how can I give up..
Da: ragini forget it and move on..
Ragini without speaking she went from there,,

Ap house

Ragini comes helplessly
Ap: ragini did u find culprit ..
Ra: no ma
Ap: I know u can’t find him..pls leave dis attitude try to move on..it’s past,, because of dis y u spoiling ur life..
Ra: ma wat u saying
Ap: s ragini try to forget it.
lak:ma wat u saying how can she forget it ma..its her life let her take decision..tat culprit should be punished
San : s lucky ur rite he should punished..
Ap: then tell me how u find him do u have any proof to find him..if then show me who is he..then i dont argue for dis now tell me who is he ,,
Sanraglak: they doesn’t speak they feel helpless for her question..!?,
Ap: for dis I have solution
But ragini if u happy for my suggestion i can proceed further but u should OK for it..
Ra: ma wat solution
San raglak shocked,,,?????

Precap:……………. ????

Next ff I write tomorrow but pair u want ragsan or raglak…????

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    Awesome epi dr

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    pls make the next ff raglak

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      Thx Dr I too miss u all my new ff updated please read and tell me

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    Superb epi. I hope ap make ragdan marry so that sanky gets a chance to rectify his bog sin according to ur story.

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    My new story updated hope u read it and decide d pair

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