Hi friends thx for ur comments then tat baby will be girl..because payal ff raglak will get boy baby so here girl,,and name will be ishpreet( I found in youtube one girl name )in tat ff boy name is karan because I love karan in epic story

Ep 17

Rag: who is dis baby swara..
Sw: Rag tat…dis…laksh interprets dis baby is ours ragini
Rag: wat dis baby is urs…?,but I didn’t c before
Sw: ya ragini dis is my baby between ur memory is weak know so u didn’t c before
Ra: but dis baby look small like one week baby..
Sw: ya exactly I delivered dis baby last week..
Ra: but u doesn’t look…..just then baby starts crying she see baby face it’s sweet eyes tears start to come,,she took baby from San.. its stop crying by her touch wow swara ur baby is so cute see its lip so cute then ragini kiss his eyes oh swara I don’t know I. M attracting towards ur baby I feel something but …..just then swara took baby from ragini..ragini it’s time to sleep u go..baby is hungry I want feed it…then swalak went inside..
Ra: she look towards baby
Sa: ha ragini it’s time u go and sleep
Ra: no San I. M feeling something but I don’t know what it is….??
Sa: but I know u need rest so u feeling like dis now come then he make her sleep..
Then he went off..

Swalak room: lak says swara v have to keep baby away from ragini or else she will get doubt
Sw: ya laksh so only I take baby from her with excuse
But today I manage but I don’t know how I will manage in future
La: don’t worry I. M thier na..
Sw: ya lak

Morning dining hall

san swalak having food ragini comes Thier can I join here said Rag
Sw: ya sure Rag infact I only comes to call u but ur sleeping so I thought not to disturb u..
Ra: it’s k swara till u eat give baby to me I will manage
Sw: no problem it’s sleeping na
Ap comes without noticing ragini // swara did u take feeding bottle ..
Sw: s ma..
Rag: ma y feeding bottle swara won’t feed by herself..
Ap: ya ragini she will feed but
Sw: ragini u don’t know na vr going temple so thier incase v need it so sasuma told to take extra..
Ap: ya Rag
Ra: oh between which temple I will also come
Ap: no Rag u should take rest
Swalak: ya ragini u should take rest..
Ragini comes to baby she see baby is sleeping kissed her for head ma I don’t know when I see dis baby I feel like something anyways ma u leave baby with me I too feel bored pls ma
Ap: no no Rag it’s not possible
Ra: ma pls
Sa: ya ma I. M also here only na I will take care of baby even baby is sleeping I feel bored so pls ma
Ap: no San pls understand its small baby how can it leave without her mother..
Sw: ma baby is sleeping know let it be here after one hour v will back na
Ap: sw u don’t know u keep quiet.
Sa: ma pls once u allow next time I won’t ask pls ma
Ap: k but only once
Ragsan: happily s
Later they go off

Ragini took baby from sans she give so many kisses San do u know I feel so much happy come v both can play with dis child
Sa: between its sleeping na
Ra: ya tats only problem but v have only one hour time na
Sa: s until it get up v can choose name for it
Ra: ya tell some girlname
Sa: ragini
Ra: wat ragini na
Sa:ya I know only one girl name tat is ragini
Rag: oh then I only select u be quite
Sa: ya first do tat
Ra: angel
Sa: u only na
Ra: no its baby name
S: no change other
Ra: told so many names at last she tell ishpreet San agree for it, I will tell swalak to keep dis name..
Sa: ya just then baby opens her eyes see his mother and start crying hu ha….
Ra: see San baby gets up see her crying she look so cute na
Sa: ya ragini she is just angel..between she is my daughter na
Ra: wat
Sa: means I. M his big father na..
Ra: then me…
Sa: ur his…baby cries still louder…Rag I think baby is hungry wait I will bring milk from kitchen said San ..he went
Ra: oh my ishpreet u keep quiet ah ur big father went to bring milk for u she kiss her cheek she feel something happy so she again bite baby cheek baby pouts oh cutie u get pain ah sorry ma wait he will bring milk..

In kitchen

Sa: Rag I. M happy for u…u have forget dis smile because of me,, I know how much pain u suffering because of me..yesterday u didn’t sleep na

Flashback ~~~~~~~~~

Night 2 am

San comes outside to take water ragini chanting ma mahh.. he goes near d door he see ragini holding her chest with pain she chanting ma ma…then I understand how u suffering.

Fb ends~~~~

I can understand how u suffering pain without baby so only I decide to keep baby with u atleast u feel happy for sometime …

Later he took milk bottle come to dining hall but ragini is not thier oh then he think she may took baby to room even baby sound is not heared so she may playing with it..then he moves to room and calls ragini but no sound.. then he open d door and c ragini sitting backward he goes near to her ragini i.m searching here and thier but ur here now take dis bottle?? but no reaction he touch her and c d senerio he feel shocked bottle falls down….???

Precap: ragini beg for truth..Ap comes to know d truth

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