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Ep 14

Sa: no doc no I want both to survive i want both…
Ap: s doc v want both pls do something morever v ready to do whatever u say vr ready to spend money tel me how much money u want,, s doc ask me anything told dp
Doc : no maheshwari it’s not matter of money it’s matter of life now sign dis paper..
Sa:he took tat paper doc I will sign it tel where to sign
Do: no San u can’t sign because it should sign by his husband or parents..
Sa: y I can’t sign I. M his……..
He look all face then he realised I. M his guardian…???
Do: k if u ready to take responsible then no problem…
Later he sign doc moves to operation theatre

San goes to icu mirror he c ragini in oxygen mask…doc start giving injection he feels pain and thinks o God what’s dis y u giving pain..pls save my ragini,, he comes to ap and hugs her ma what’s all dis ma..y God is doing like dis what tat girl did
Ap: pls control San I can understand its her destiny she should face..
(San in mind not her destiny I. M d one who change her destiny who make her life dis)

Then after 1hour doc comes outside
All ask doc how is ragini
Doc said v r trying our best but sad thing is she is not responding to our operation may be baby will survive but I will try best to save ragini now decision is ur whom u to survive
Sa: without thinking he says doc pls save ragini I beg u…again they took signature and proceed to operation theatre
San feel helpless he took ap hand and start beating ma I. M bad because of me ragini is suffering tat day if I abort tat child today ragini won’t suffer my one decision taking ragini life I just bother for tat baby but today ragini life in danger ma beat me kill me ma
Ap : pls San control ur self in dis ur mistake is nothing
La: ya San what our mistake it’s her destiny v think about her baby and her future but if her destiny is dis like what v can do…
Sa: no its my mistake I should suffer for dis later with crying he left from Thierr

In Temple

God what ragini did for u..because of me y ragini shd suffer what my baby did y my baby should loss her mother..because of my addict today two life in danger if anything happens to her I won’t leave u..not u I will die I can’t leave without her, without her presence,, if u want i will give my life but not my ragini…she is my life she is my pyar, she is my future,,,

Operation ends doctor say something ap shocked…

Precap: ap took major decision…??

Can u guess what ap decision.. who survived…??real story starts now

  1. Follybraverl

    Awesome yaar so good finally Sanky admits his feelings

  2. Lovely7

    Waiting for the next part
    Hope ragini,baby both are fine

  3. sorry di im 12th i cant come to fb .for this na im pleading my mom everyday.so sorry .ragini will survivr

    1. Divyashankar

      Anyways study well tc ur health next part updated pls read

  4. Lahari

    San should have told truth

  5. Abhi142

    Hiii di…its was awesome..waiting for next episode

    1. Divyashankar

      Thx Dr between hi

    1. Sreevijayan

      Felt gud whn ragini sanskar asked dr to save ragini..awesome update dr

  6. Rocking episode

  7. amazing finally sanky accept his love. waiting for ragsan moment

  8. nice hope nothing happened to both

  9. Awesome

  10. Shrilatha

    Good yaar but I want him to accept his truth…even though ap,dp care for ragini …they will always have this feeling no that ragini is raped girl and all…here sanky who should be punished is sympathized….awesome dear

  11. Rakhi

    Emotional chapter dear… Sorry couldn’t comment in previous chapters..awesome ff.. Keep going

  12. Inu

    Superb epi.

  13. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it alot…plz make Sanky accept his mistake…waiting for nxt one..tkcr dear…

  14. Awesome episode dear

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