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Hi thx for comments and sad to know y girls r suffering so much no freedom for us daily v r demotivated from society family etc..v shd come up but how ……….??

Ep 13

Now ragini in 3 months

Daily San make ragini wake he only feed her but sometimes she argue not to eat food but he promise her to take fun world and amusement park..in evening he used to take her walking and ragini play with children..San feel happy by seeing her act..in night he used to say stories like how yashodha look his son krishna how he make naughty ( he wish to get naughty son like him)

Now 6 months

Ragini stomach bumb increases one day ragini calls San come here fast..
Sa: Wat ragini y u shouting
Ra: c my stomach become big and someone kicking inside and making sound I don’t know who is tat
Sa: with laughing oh ragini how much budhu ur tats common in pregnancy,
and tat kick is ur baby making..
Ra: baby means doll inside my stomach know.san I want to c it..I want to play with it pls tel him to come out..pls show to me..
Sa: if u want to play or to c u have to wait for another 3 months now give ur hand he take hand and keep in her tummy and tel her to close her eyes and feel d baby presence,, she closed her eyes and feel d baby reaction wow San I hear doll sound it’s fighting inside
Sa: oh u hear fighting Let me c wat my baby doll doing he keep his hand on rag tummy he feel d movement of baby he feel immense pleasure it’s a great feel tat he is father and tat baby responding for his father touch..later he kissed her tummy baby I. M waiting for u….I don’t know i can be a good father but d only way to correct my mistake is dis,, I love u baby,,
Later he make ragini to sleep he kissed her forehead from past 6 months his habbit to make her sleep and daily he dieing for his sin…

9 months

In dis 9 months he fall completely for ragini he avoid office food meeting for ragini and her baby sake atlast he concluded he love with her..but at d same time he has guilt towards his mistake,, even ragini attach with San she used to play with him sometimes she beat him scolds him but also San care for him she too depend on San..
But one day ragini while coming downstairs she collapse and screams sans…..all gathered Thier and admitted to hospital

In hospital

Doctor checks ragini and told how careless ur y can’t u look her carefully c now what happen,,
Sa: with tearly wat happened doc..
Do: c mr maheshwari as she falls from steps she losed blood moreover it’s too complicated to deal with d case as her age is small may be one can survive may be baby or mother or if she doesn’t respond to operation may be both can die..
Sa: NO doc dont say like dis
Doc: sorry san now decision is urs…then for operation v need signature from his husband because v can’t say what will happen now bring his husband or else take blame if anything happens to her decision is urs..
All family members shocked //

Precap: ………….???TWIST




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  1. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dear…

  2. Kitkat

    ragini must survive and sanky must admit his mistake and accept his responsibility…….

  3. Please save both

  4. Inu

    superb epi. I hope both of them survives. I am so eager to know the twist.

  5. Plz make both of them survive ???there is no baby’s mistake in it right so don’t kill the baby

  6. Follybraverl

    Awesome dear so gooood

  7. Awesome

  8. Dhivya my answer for ur question in the first we don’t have to listen anyone because we know how to protect us Eventhough it is said by our family how long we will be in the same thought that girls should not get freedom . Freedom is in our hand

    1. Divyashankar

      Ur studying in 8th or 10th did Ur parents give freedom to take Ur decision for example u take me I studied bsc my sister is engineering from past one year I didn’t go anywhere means outside or I didn’t meet any friend etc my father not sending any job not encouraging anything demotivated from society then what’s d use of study..so I stop studying and leaving in home only

  9. Abhi142

    Ragu should survive..n i want sanskar to choose Ragini over child.Sansku should admit his mistake n marry her..N she should get normal n should not accept sanskar ,..thats just my wish..

  10. A12345

    At first i want sanskar to accept his mistake…

  11. Shrilatha

    Ragini should survive ..but she should get her memory and leave sanky….already now he should open his mouth

  12. wow she didnt commite suside .the boys raped her for two days giving her some drugs so she died when we get her body.about the boys they have been arrested since the girls father is a commisioner t was easy. Ragini should gain memory .she have to study but love sanky later they have to confess love and marry and about baby no idea.sanky should say his mistake

    1. Divyashankar

      Ya she will study in future

  13. Divyashankar

    K leave it now one can change destiny but u be carefull now days boys r not good

  14. Divyashankar

    I want to speak more come to fb inbox my profile name divyashankar mamtha mohandas profile pic

  15. Awesome

  16. awesome dear both should survive. sanky must accept his mistake

  17. awesome.waiting for next part eagerly

  18. Asra

    awesome dear…hope ragini and her child fine…waiting for nxt one…plz update ur another ff payal meri beti…tkcr dear…

  19. A.xx

    nice xx

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