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Ep 12

I don’t bother for society I just bother for u and ur happiness ( San hearing dis )ask wat happiness ma..

Ap: get shocked to c San Their… happiness mean ragini’s,, c San I know u hear my words I decide to abort dis child..I don’t bother for anyone I will abort it..now I will dress up and come and later I will take ragini to doc she went from there

San: says ma listen me once, she doesn’t listen then he move to ragini..he says ragini get up…she get up ragini do u know ur( if I say or doesn’t say she don’t know anything or understand anything)!!ragini listen ap unty taking u to hospital thier doc will give lots of injection and make u to stop eating chocolate, do u leave without eating chocolate
Rag: no I want chocolate moreover I m fear of doctor uncle I don’t go anywhere..
San : ya I to need dis..

Ap comes thier
San: ma ur doing wrong ma ap: ya I know I. M doing bad but I need her happiness…
Then she goes to ragini forcibly she hold her hand
Ra; unty leave where u taking
Ap: shut up ragini come without speaking
She bring ragini to d hall..
San blocked her way ma stop it..

Ap : wats dis San I told know I need her happiness again ur blocking my way leave it..

Sa: no ma I don’t allow u to abort dis child first of all who r u to dis child..dis is ur blood relation or ragini is ur daughter or ur bahu..who give permission to kill dis child answer me..??

Ap: San y u acting like dis ragini is like my daughter, think about her and her condition and dis society how she will face with dis child,,
Sa: ma ragini is like ur daughter but not ur daughter..if she get her memory she will ask for her baby..she will fight for her justice then she will wife, daughter, mother of someone after her memory she will go to her place she won’t be here lifelong..if v kill dis child what’s use v r separating a baby from her mother…dis is unblessed by God…. v don’t have right to abort dis child.
Ap: whatever u say I don’t agree // but I agree mom a sound comes from upstairs,, s he is noneother than laksh
La: ya ma I completely agree with San if ragini get her memory back she would curse for our doings moreover v don’t have right to do it…let ragini take decision u ask ragini
Ap: what laksh u also..?? anyways ragini do u need dis baby…??

Ra: baby where
Sa: ma she can’t understand I will say c ragini now in ur stomach one baby doll is thier u need dis doll or wat
Ra: wow doll I love baby doll how much is thier I want now itself
Sa: how much v don’t know but u need or wat..
Ra: I need it..
Sa: c ma ragini too need it
Ap: no San I doesn’t agree for it..y ur not understanding my pov
Sa: ma u understand Rag pov ma please ma u leave her if v all look her with great care definitely she will fine ma,, I promise ma I will look ragini very well pls k for it…
Ap: k but u should promise me after her delivery I will decide wat to do next…??
Sa: OK ma u decide whatever u want but I. M so happy u agree for it
La: ya mom I too happy for ragini..but who will look ragini

Sa: ma me and swara will look off her..
All shocked u angry attitude look off ah
Sa: ya me only ma because dis only way I can reduce my mistake
Ap: mistake ah wat mistake San
Sa: ma mistake means first and all I used to dislike ragini I thought she is acting but now I understand my mistake..so I told tat like
Ap: oh but u always with ragini means who will look office
La: ma I. M thier na San when he is free he can come to office,, here swara is thier to help u and ragini..u be free v 3 will manage all…
Sa: ya mom v 3 can look our child
Ap: wat our child..??
Sa: ma u only say na ragini is belong to our family..
Ap: ya San she belongs to us i.m happy for u..u change alot.. ( San in mind ya ma I change only because of ragini and my child..it’s my right to save my baby,, I. M his father)
He hug ap happily…


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