Guilt….Shivika os by anu….Part 19

Hey guys…Anu here…Thank you so much guys…I am feeling so so blessed to have friends like you all who unconditionally love and support me..thank you…I might not be uploading episodes daily as I am very busy….After April 30 I hope to update daily..but my school starts in may..everything is in a problem….Uffff now leave this and now let’s start the episode..

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Part 19

Suddenly a nurse came and said – Mam please come with me…

Anika got shocked hearing that…She got scared….

Anika(in mind)- No Shivaay no…you cannot leave me and go…God you cannot snatch Shivaay from me…When you snatch him from me I will die that very moment…I am sure nothing has happend with Shivaay…

The nurse came and shook Anika as she didn’t give any reply…The nurse asked if she is OK and Anika shook her head…

Then Anika followed the nurse and the nurse took Anika to the doctor…

Doctor-The patient has recovered can take him back home tomorrow…

When Anika heard these words….(Ufff I cannot express how it might feel..I am imagining myself to be Anika and express her emotion but this one I cannot express…It is a kind of mix of happiness,sadness,excitement,crying feel,that guilt within her going and lot more….)

She immediately asked for Shivaay’s room and ran like anything to meet Shivaay…tears were coming out from her eyes but she wiped it and smiled as she was so happy…these tears were not as of the result of sadness..but..Khushi ke aasu…..

Anika entered the room….She saw Shivaay sleeping peacefully…..She also found him to be a bit pale…She carefully sat beside him not to disturb his sleep and gently touched his wound…it was wrapped with bandade(Idk if it is bandade of what…a white thing is wrapped around his wrist)….

Shivaay felt someone and opened his eyes..he was not even sure that he would be able to meet Anika ever again but if he opens his eyes,he wanted to see Anika in front of him…

She was crying by holding his hand…..

Shivaay immediately cupped her face and then wiped her tears….She looked up and saw those blue orbs again..this time it had love and care for her..not hatred …..

Anika immediately hugged Shivaay …..She couldn’t control her tears till now…She believed that her love for him was true…and that would never break..that would never fall weak….

She then wiped her tears and broke the hug…

Anika- Why Shivaay why..why did you do this….

Shivaay again felt guilty…She saw the guilt within his eyes and immediately cupped his face and told him not to be guilty again…not by words but eye contact…

Shivaay- Anika promise me that you will never leave me..pinky promise…

Anika- Pinky promise…(Shivaay and Anika entangled their ‘pinky’ finger and said in unison “Pinky promise”)

They both then smiled and hugged each other again…

Precap- Last episode…and one tiny miny twist… 🙂

So guys hope you all liked it..thank you for reading..

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  5. Hey, Anu di…
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  12. sorry for the late comment. It’s was an awesome lovely episode dear. Anika s true love bring back shivay in life. I’m waiting for your next and the last episode that will be a long episode and I want happy ending. update soon……….

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