Guilt….Shivika os by anu….Part 18

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Hey guys..Anu here..thankyou for such a great I have no time so this episode might be short..I don’t much I can type now..its my brothers birthday today..So a little busy….And thankyou so much for such a great response…You all make my day even more better.thank you so much.

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Guilt….Shivika os by anu….Part 17

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Part 18

They reach the hospital….Anika screams for calling a stretcher…the ward boy came quickly with the stretcher..Shivaay was immediately taken to the Operation Theater…He had lost a lot of blood….
While going towards the OT Anika was holding his hand tightly and crying…….She couldn’t afford to lose Shivaay..He was her everything…She cannot live without him…
When the reached OT Anika left Shivaay’s hand(In the same way how the heroine leaves the hero’s hand…let this be a bit filmy…hehe)

The doctor rushed towards the OT…before the doctor entered Anika pulled him and said

Anika- If anything happens to Shivaay..I will not leave you..take everything which I have..but I.want him back..

The doctor immediately went inside the OT

Anika started to cry harder and took the support of wall and sat down ..She again had flashbacks…

She couldn’t bear that “Guilt” within her and stood up..She ran to the special prayer room…There God’s idol was there….

Anika- Why why why….Why are you doing this with me…When I was living my life with shivaay’s memories you made him come back to my life..and when now I need Shivaay the most he is fighting against death….Why are you doing this with me???

You know..till now I believed that I can stay without Shivaay..but when he is in the OT I feel like I am losing cannot snatch my Shivaay from me..You cant…my love for him is strong…it will never fall weak….
All these three years I was living in with the Guilt that I destroyed Shivaay’s life…everyday when ever I would talk to you I used to cry….I used to cry because of my “Guilt” within me…I cannot bear it anymore .I cannot…I cannot bear that pain that makes me feel like someone is stabbing my heart 1000 times…I cannot bear the pain…
I know my love for Shivaay is true…and True love can bring my Shivaay back…God..please…don’t snatch my Shivaay from me…I cannot live without him…he is my everything ..I will die out of guilt if you snatch home from me…I would not even.have to do suicide…I would die at that moment if you snatch my Shivaay from me…I love him….I love him to the infinity…I cannot afford to.lose him…I cannot…please don’t snatch him from me…please don’t….

Anika is crying harder and harder while saying each word….She is continuously saying don’t snatch my Shivaay from me…Don’t snatch my Shivaay from me…..

Suddenly a nurse came to Anika and said. – Mam please come with me….

Precap- Suspense …. 😉

So will God seperate Shivaay from Anika..or by the power of Anika’s true love will Shivaay be saved…stay tuned to know more…And yes Anika confronted God OK…
Thank you so much all for commenting…pls do comment for this story…

With love..


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  1. It’s was an awesome emotional episode dear. Theerchayayum anika yude true love shivaye geevidatil tirichu kondu varum. previous episode nde precap kandappol anika arodanu kyarthu samsarikunnadu ennu manassilayillayirunnu .njan Kore alogichu nokiyarunnu adu arayirikumennu. pakshe adu daivatode anennu orikalum vicharichilla. You are an amazing writer.

    nee Teddy day yode anubandichu ezhudiya os ende favourite anu adinde link tannadinu orupadu nanniyund.

    And I wish happy birthday for your brother ????

  2. superb birthday wishes to ur brother

  3. Surbhi Sharma


  4. Akshaya

    Then my comment is also suspense

  5. Amazing. Please don’t let shivay die.

  6. Neha_Pheonix

    Wow…Anu dear you started writing this again…let me tell you….I was your silent reader….but we weren’t frnds yet…and now I got to know….that Anu is toofani ! Love ya…..Superb episode!

    1. Neha_Pheonix

      Enjoy your brothers bday !

  7. It is awesome dear.. Wishing happy birthday to your brother…
    Eagerly waiting for the next update please post ASAP

  8. Amazing!!

  9. Awesome epi

  10. Fareena Noman

    Amazin ???????? plzzzzzzzzzz post soon dear

  11. It was an Awesome n emotional epi dear……… Waiting 4 nxt……

  12. Awesome update Anu di!
    A very happy wala birthday to your brother dear!
    And this update was really emotional. Although I don’t know what will happen next, but I hope it’s a happy ending , u know typical indians??
    But u write beautifully.Loved the way u explained your ff title guilt.
    Update ASAP!

  13. Awesome

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