Annapurna glanced at Ragini while she placed the mangteeka fitting her hairline. Ragini returned a sweet smile to her mother in law. Annapurna placed her chin over Ragini’s head and looked at her with love. “You look beautiful” she took a pinch of kohl placing it behind Ragini’s ear. Ragini smiled while her mother in law embraced her.

“Ahem” they heard someone clear their throat and turned to the door. Sanskar stood admiring his mother doting his wife and that smile on his lips stretched more. “Oh  did I interrupt you?” he walked to them while Annapurna nodded her head. She patted her son’s shoulder and walked from there to exit.

Sanskar’s eyes moved back to Ragini who was standing in front of him. He moved close to her and held her hands in his. She looked at her hands and looked up at him. He leaned to kiss her forehead while her baby bump touched him.

She smiled closing her eyes. He flung his hand across her shoulder and helped her to walk. The Rawat mansion was decorated and was bustling with the guests. Ragini who was at the door of her room looked around the hall.

Yohan was holding his son and running across the hall to look after the arrangement. While Kavya was arranging the table for the food. Avantika and Annapurna sat talking on the couch while Harish was with DP and Dayal. Pari was managing the kitchen work along with Anjali. While Adarsh was busy taking care of Anisha and Kishan was playing with Ananya.

“Maa?” she turned to look at Sanskar with questioning look. “I spoke to her just before I came to our room. They are on the way” he smiled at her. She smiled back and looked down thinking something. She was not sure if she should ask it or not.

“Hey” Sanskar grabbed her attention as he understood it. “Dee?” she asked finally. “You know she needs time don’t you?” he asked and she nodded her head with a weak smile. “And before you ask. Ansh is ready and I will be going to pick him once your bhayyu arrives and I leave you in his protection” he chuckled and Ragini chuckled a bit.

“I’m not a kid” she said. “Not less than one also” he said and helped her to walk till the couch. Ragini held her baby bump while she slowly settled on the couch and Annapurna and Avantika helped her.

Ragini’s face lit up when she saw Sumi entering the door with Shekar. She tried getting up but Vikram quickly ran to her to stop. “When will you stop being so over excited?” he glared her and she smiled at her brother with her twinkling eyes.

“I can’t help it when I see you” she said and Vikram kissed her forehead with care. Sumi sat beside her and Ragini hugged her mother and then Shekar sat on the other side hugging her. He forwarded a box. Ragini opened it and found gold bangles in it.

“Diya had bought it for you” he said and Ragini smiled at him while he made her wear it. “I am so unfortunate that I don’t remember her” she said. “But you are fortunate enough that she stays alive with you” Sumi caressed her hair and Ragini hugged her mother again.

“Okay I’m gonna get Ansh” Sanskar said walking towards the door. He stopped his steps and all looked surprised when they found the most unexpected guest at the godh bharayi function.

Ansh tightened his grip on Sahil’s hand giving him immense strength. “Sahil” Sanskar leaped forward to hug him. He smiled weakly and hugged Sanskar back. He hadn’t shown his face from the day he revealed the truth and changed everyone’s life unwillingly when everything was running smooth.

He looked at Ragini who was restless sitting in her place not able to look up at him. Her screams echoed in his ears and his heart flinched. He took slow steps to reach her and Ragini was about to get up when she felt a grip on her hand. She looked at her right and found Vikram nodding his head.

Sahil knelt in front of her and held his ears and let out some sore tears. “I am sorry. I ruined everything. Will you forgive me for this mess?” he asked her and she looked at him with painful eyes.

“Don’t add on to my burden Sahil please. Why are you doing this to me?” she asked sobbing. “Because you know I am bad at consoling someone” he said and Ragini let a small cry.

“I want to revert you with all the held up sarcasm right now. But then I know nothing is same anymore” she said wiping her tears. “Revert me. Because it seems like I wasn’t really living without that” he pleaded her.
“I don’t deserve your forgiveness Sahil just for the reason that I’m your Sanskar’s wife or Ansh’s mother” she said painfully. “I am the person who gets misinterpreted most of the time” he said and Ragini narrowed her eye brows not understanding what he meant.

“Kumud was more than my life and yes I don’t deny the fact that I never imagined my life without her. Never. I know that accident was not her choice. Nor it was yours. It just…” he paused. “It just happened” he said.

“My anger was never about someone causing the accident. My anger was about the blames which were upon Sanky. I wanted to find the girl not to prove her guilty. I wanted to find out who it was because I wanted to tell everyone that whatever happened was not what Sanskar wanted it to happen. When all were blaming him of the things he wouldn’t even think of happening and he himself was convincing all that he killed Kumud” he paused to wipe that tear.

“I had no option. I had absolutely no option left. My anger just went on consuming me and I was angry for the fact that everyone was blaming him and he was letting them to do that without complaining. I had to find out  who was it. But then when I found out. I…” his throat pained a bit.

“I realized that those scars the blames brought had been healing and that was done by you and that hate just vanished in a flip of second.” he snapped his finger.

Ragini closed her eyes letting out some more tears. “I know it ain’t easy to forgive me” Ragini looked up and nodded her head. “Why do you keep saying that Sahil?” she asked painfully. “Because you are not forgiving me yet. And I don’t know how to apologize” he said like a small kid.

“You know something” she asked and he looked at her. “Even if you dip the bitter gourd in the sweetest syrup it won’t turn sweet” she chuckled.

“And even if you put the costliest make up on your face you wont stop looking like a chudail” he said and all laughed looking at them.

“Where is my son you irresponsible father?” she asked smiling. “Oh keep your spoon with you alright. He is getting your sharp sarcasm lately” he said shrugging his shoulders. “And your convincing skills” she chuckled.

“Seriously. You both went to the same school of sarcasm?” asked Yohan. “No. We were the principal there” both said in unison and all laughed out.

Sahil brought out the chunni he had brought and spread it across on Ragini’s head. She looked at it and then at him.

“Kumud had brought it for Sanky’s wife” he said and Ragini smiled at him. “I wish I could see her” she said sadly. “Somethings are contradictions. You know can’t be true both the sides” he said and she nodded her head. “Maa” Ansh tried hugging her but he was stopped by the baby bump.

Ragini looked at his disappointed face and her heart flinched. “Champ” Vikram patted the couch beside him and Ansh squealed sitting beside Ragini and hugged her from the side.

“I’m sorry baby” Ragini pouted holding his hand. “It’s okay maa. For the time being the baby needs you more. I don’t mind sharing your love as far as I get it” he said kissing her cheek and Ragini smiled widely.

She drooled holding Ansh. “Now guys stop crowding her alright. She is getting suffocated” Yohan walked to them and all moved away from her. “Sanky not you mandhbuddhi” Kavya pushed Sanskar and made him to sit beside Ragini.

“Now let us start the function” Sriti announced. One by one all moved to Ragini and presented her gifts and blessed her. She was feeling lighter today for an unknown reason.


Sanskar stopped Ragini from getting up and lifted her in his arms. “I’m heavy dumbledore” she said dangling her hands across his neck. “I don’t care” he said walking towards their room and all had a huge grin looking at them.

He placed her on the bed carefully and walked to the drawer and brought the ointment. He sat near her legs and massaged her feet. “Waise I don’t need that ointment anymore. You haven’t let me walk a lot from ages” she said and Sanskar smiled nodding his head.

“Sometimes I wonder how do you even manage to sit with that stomach” he said. “Hey. That’s our baby you are talking about” she said and Sanskar’s heart was beating fast because she showed the first sign that the baby means something to her. He couldn’t be happier right now.

“What are you smiling at?” she asked confused. “Nothing” he nodded his head and continued to massage her legs. He kissed her forehead and removed the ornaments she was wearing. “You wanna change?” he asked.

“No this is comfy” she said pouting. “Lazy” he walked to the dresser to place her ornaments. He caught the cushion which flew in his direction. “Carry a baby for nine months you will know the heights of being lazy” she complained. “Ouch” she let out a shriek and placed her hand on her baby bump.

“Hey biwi what happened?” Sanskar approached her quickly. She did not answer and held his hand tightly. “Hey” he rubbed her cheek with his thumb.

“It kicked” she said smiling through her tears. “What?” he asked confused. “Damn Dumbledore your baby is kicking” she said chuckling. “Why is it kicking? And how dare it kick his mother?” he asked her.

“You know I think over the time you have developed dumbness skills” she said and let out a shriek again. “He kicked again? But why?” he asked.

“Because he is going to be football player” Ragini laughed and felt the baby kick again. “Really?” Sanskar asked with his wide eyes. She nodded her head.

“Hey baby” he placed his ear on her baby bump and patted it lightly. “See be a good baby and don’t kick mumma. I promise I will build a football ground for you. You can play there whole day as soon as you are out. Papa promise” he said kissing her baby bump.

Ragini smiled looking at her husband. Can someone be this cute. Definitely nobody can be like her mandhbudhi dumbledore husband.

She kissed his forehead and he sat beside her side hugging her and kissing the side of her head.

As they lied on the bed Ragini snuggled up to him and cuddled in his embrace.


Sumi forwarded a book to Raghvi. She looked at her mother confused. “This contains every letter your sister ever wanted to write you. As she had no idea where you were she wrote it in this in a hope that someday she will meet you and let you know everything she wanted to share with you” Sumi smiled and walked out of Raghvi’s room.

Raghvi looked at it and sat on her bed and opened the pages and read everything what her sister wanted to share with her. Sometimes she laughed and sometimes she cried while imagining the things.

It felt like she was listening to her sister. And that made her heart a bit light.

“Today was the day of the last scan and the doctor assured me that my baby is good and healthy. I was so happy” she read a page and a tear dropped her eye.

“I suddenly felt uneasy as I exited the doctor’s cabin. Sahil wasn’t with me today. He was out of the station. Avantika maa was not well so I insisted that I will be fine alone and told Papa to take care of her. I know they will burn the house by I return but sometimes I can’t avoid it” Ragvi chuckled.

“But I thought it was a bad idea. I should have asked Sanky at least to accompany me. But sometimes I act insane. I was about to fall out of fatigue but I felt a hand holding me tight. It was some girl. She asked me am I okay? When she did not get any response she helped me to sit on the bench. While she spoke I realized I was near the stair flight while she caught hold of me. I could have lost my baby if it wasn’t for her. I will never ever be able to thank her enough for it. She asked me if she can call someone. I did not wanted anyone to worry so I gave her Sanky’s number. After that she assured me that he will be there soon. She said she will get something to eat for me and walked towards the canteen and meanwhile Sanky arrived there and took me home. And when I visited the hospital next time I inquired the nurse who was with the girl that and she said that the girl is an intern from Indore. And came to know her name to be Ragini. And that name suddenly reminded me of you I don’t know why?” Raghvi wiped her tears and looked at the book shocked.

“I had got her photo with difficulty. If I give birth to a girl I will surely name her as Ragini” The page ended and Ragvi turned the page and the book fell down when she realized it was Ragini’s picture.

“What if Kumud wanted a mother who could love Ansh more than she loves” Ragvi remembered Sumi’s words. She sat holding the edge of the bed.

She looked up and sobbed. “What kind of web is this? What kind of bappa?” she asked the one who had been playing this game for the time unknown. In return there was only smirk from that almighty.


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