The sun had kissed the earth good morning and Sanskar opened his eyes slightly. He looked beside him and realized Ragini wasn’t beside him. He scanned the room but she wasn’t there. He heard the shower sound and relaxed understanding that Ragini was already up. His back hit the bed back.

Ragini walked out wiping the hair strands and stood near the dresser. “You’re early” Sanskar rubbed his one eye glancing at his wife. She smiled through the mirror and walked to him.

“I knew you will forget” she gave a small pat on his forehead and he moved a bit back in his position. “What?” he asked. “Ohho Mr. Dumbledore. It’s Kavya and Yohan’s baby’s naming ceremony today. Praise your extra fabulous memory. Wasn’t  losing memory my job all the way” Ragini complained.

“I…” she stopped as she realized what she said. She sure had moved on in her life but somewhere it still pained that she did not even have a trace of her memory. “I wonder what I was like earlier” she said as her eyes filled due to pain. Sanskar got worried.

“Hey” he reached to cup her face and rubbed her cheek with his thumb. She closed her eyes and that tear dropped out of her eye and lips curved up forming wrinkles at her forehead. “I just wanted to know” she spoke weakly.

Sanskar sat up and made her sit beside him. “Okay let me tell you a story” he said and Ragini looked at him confused. “Your story” he smiled and the confusion in her eyes turned to surprise.

“There was this princess. Who smiled and laughed with her full heart. Naming everyone with crazy names and embracing all with the same love. Talking non stop with her melodious voice and making everyone’s life which was already good to awesome. Introducing everyone to their brighter sides. She loved talking even to God” Sanskar gave her a grin and Ragini chuckled.

“Then?” Ragini placed her fists under chin and looked at him with curious eyes.

“Then there was this ruthless jerk of a man whom she had to serve. He never had smiled all those years and had that ugly clown face” Sanskar’s face contorted. Ragini looked at him confused. “Exactly this is how he looked” Sanskar pointed at his face and Ragini burst out laughing.

“But everything changed when he met her” his eyes gleamed. “And he started to smile and then laugh. And LIVE” his smile widened. “You were that sort of jerk really?” asked Ragini and Sanskar initially frowned then smiled blushing. “I was” he caressed the back of his neck.

“Then what happened?” Ragini asked him curious. “Then like every other love story this story also kick started with some jerks initially but then took a smooth run and reached a point from where there was no limit left for the love to achieve” he looked at her and her eyebrows knitted.

“And the storm arrived and parted them” he looked at her sadly. “But love always triumphs all the odds. Doesn’t it?” he asked and she nodded her head. “They met again and rest is history you know” he winked at her and she smiled.

She encircled him by his stomach and placed her head over his chest.

“I’m glad I don’t remember anything because your version of our story is better than any fairy tale. And I love it the most” she hugged him more tightly and Sanskar smiled patting her shoulder.

“And whenever you feel that you want to know about your past tell me I will retell it again and again. Because that is my most favorite story too” he smiled and Ragini nodded her head still in his embrace.


Avantika was having a hyperactive mode arranging the function she had waited from years for. She saw Dayal at the door and relaxed. “Finally you came brother” she hugged him and he smiled at her.

“Why are you doing everything all alone?” he asked her and she gave him a cold look. “Can you believe it all are busy making baby ready?” she asked.
“Freaking hell. All of them?” asked he shocked. “Yup. I pity on that little pumpkin pie. He really is having a terrible time. I mean they are asking him what colour he will like to wear” Avantika rolled her eyes nodding her head.

“I better give him a better advice. Or else all these fashion disasters gonna make my grandson look like a buffoon for sure” Dayal hurried to reach Kavya’s room and Avantika gave him a unbelievable look. She huffed and got back to arranging the things.

“I wish Ragini was here. But I can’t ask her to help me at this stage” Avantika smiled at herself. “How about if I help?” she heard a voice and turned. “Ragvi?” she looked at Ragvi who gave a wide grin. “I don’t mind getting a extra hand though” Avantika laughed a bit and Ragvi joined her and they both successfully arranged the things.

Avantika smiled looking at Ragvi from a distance. ‘How I wish you take Kumud’s place in this house and in my son’s life. I have been searching all over a partner for my son keeping you beside. How stupid am I?’ she thought and her gaze moved to the stair flight where Sahil who strode down stopped looking at Ragvi.

Avantika smiled. ‘I should leave it on time. If you both are meant to be together you will come together somehow’ she got herself busy in the works. Ragvi felt someone’s gaze and turned to look at Sahil. He moved his eyes away and Ragvi got back in her work. That was the least she could do to distract herself from the flooding thoughts.

Sahil walked towards the door and was about to bump into someone. “Sahil. Careful” he heard Sanskar and saw he was about to hit Ragini who was glaring him fuming. “Don’t give me that look. You are Ms. Collider alright. I wasn’t looking. You could have done it right?” he shrugged his shoulders.

“Someone please knock some sense in this empty skull. Oh I know my son might not be around you to give you some useful tips to walk in your own house with open eyes” Ragini mocked.

Sahil fumed and was about to revert but he saw Sanskar pleading. He closed his eyes and gave her a glare before walking away. “Relax Biwi” Sanskar consoled Ragini. She twisted her lips turning her head the other side.

“Maa” she heard Ansh’s voice and her frown was replaced by the wide grin and glint in her eyes. She spread her arms looking at Ansh. He ran and covered his hands across her neck and Ragini lifted him and drooled happy. “You don’t make me feel odd at all when my anger will be busting you come as a ice cube” Ragini smiled kissing Ansh’s cheek lovingly.

Ragvi smiled looking at Ragini and Ansh. ‘I don’t know if anyone can love Ansh the way Ragini loves. Sorry to say this Dee. But she makes me feel that she was always his mom’ Ragvi thought.


Yohan and Kavya sat in front of the Agni kund and the pandit chanted the mantras and dropped ghee over the fire. Ragini looked at the door and found Vikram entering. She rushed to him and gave a warm hug.

“Have you ever arrived on time Bhayyu?” Ragini whispered. “I’m sorry baccha” he pouted cutely and she smiled at her brother. Ragini then moved to Sriti and side hugged her. “Where is Maa and Paa?” asked she looking behind them. “They will not be able to make it I guess. Laksh was very keen to have some scans immediately and sent to him” Vikram said walking towards the gathering.

“Nothing to worry right?” Ragini asked and Vikram nodded his head smiling. “Normal scans baccha. Papa’s health is on a positive way. And he wants just to be sure nothing goes wrong” Vikram rubbed her shoulder and she smiled at him weakly.

“Ashish” Yohan whispered in the baby’s ears. “It starts with Maa’s name and ends with Papa’s name” Yohan smiled looking at his parent. “Seriously you gave there also your mom the priority didn’t you?” Harish spoke annoyed. “Harish” Avantika who was smiling at Yohan glared her husband.

“Never mind son. What’s there in name? Remember Tolstoy said once?” Harish smiled at his son. “It was Shakespeare who quoted that actually” Avantika gave him a cold stare and Harish smiled at her. “Whoa Biwi you know my IQ is low” he said and Avantika smiled finally realizing her husband’s cute antics.

Ragini was smiling looking at them. “What are you grinning at?” Sanskar elbowed her. She placed her head on his shoulder.
“I adore their sour sweet relationship. Why don’t you ever fight me that way?” Ragini turned her gaze to him. “What? You want me to fight with you?” he asked confused. “No at least give me a reason to get pissed off” she said looking into his eyes.

“I feel you have plenty people already to tick you off. Don’t you think?” asked Sanskar. “I don’t really think so. The only person who really ticks me off is Sadu Sahil” she placed her index finger under her chin. “Damn. Can’t you let me drink water now?” Sahil who coughed shouted from his place.

“See again he started” Ragini signed towards Sahil. “That’s because. You don’t leave a chance to annoy me” he walked to her wiping his face. “And that’s because you really look funny with that frown” Ragini laughed. “Guys. Don’t steal the lime light today at least?” Yohan called out and they looked at him.

“Fine” they both said in unison and turned in opposite directions.


After the puja there was a small party in the evening. Only for the family members. Adarsh walked with his family and after some time Shekar and Sumi also walked into the scenario. The couples danced on the dance floor.

Ragini was swaying to the music placing her head on Sanskar’s chest. He glided with her holding her one hand and his other hand rested on her shoulder.

The light music and the dim light made the mood romantic. “Dumbledore” Ragini said without looking up. “Hmm” he hummed looking down at her. “Are you tired?” he asked before she could speak.

“I’m starving” she looked up with puppy eyes. “We just finished the food before five minutes” he looked at her shocked. She pouted. “I want to eat something you made” she looked into his eyes.

“I will make it for you at home” he smiled at her. “But I want to eat now” she whined. “Now?” he asked widening his eyes. “Yeah” she smiled like a small kid. “Baby it is not our home. And I don’t want to trouble anyone” he pleaded. “Please” she pleaded him. He looked at her helplessly.

He gave up as he knew nobody can win in case of cutely pleading over Ragini. “Fine. Let me ask Sahil” he made her sit and walked to Sahil.

“Hey bro” he called Sahil. Sahil looked at him. “I wanted to use your kitchen” he said and Sahil controlled his laugh after giving Sanskar a glare. “People ask for using bathroom Sanky. Not for Kitchen” Sahil controlled his laugh and spoke. “It ain’t funny brother. My wife wants to eat something I made right now” he said and Sahil looked at Sanskar for a moment with shock.

And again burst out laughing hard. “Oh God I can’t take it more. Remember the time you used to make fun of me while I was handling Kumud’s mood swings. Now I believe in Karma finally” he looked at Sanskar amused. Suddenly Kumud’s memories passed and changed his state. His face stiffened.

“If only I wouldn’t have taken her that night” Sanskar spoke sadly looking at Sahil. “How many….” before he could complete they heard a noise and turned.

“What do you mean by taken her that night?” Ragvi walked to Sanskar with her slow steps. “I…” he struggled to form words. “Speak dammit” she neared him screaming and all looked at her.

Ragini narrowed her eyebrows and approached them. She stood beside Sanskar. “Ragvi” Sahil dragged her away but she released herself from Sahil’s hold and walked to Sanskar.

“I asked you something” she waited for Sanskar to speak. He just stared the ground. “Your silence is the answer. You killed my sister. Didn’t you?” she asked him as her eyes filled with tears.

“Dee” Ragini looked at Ragvi. “How are you even not behind the bars? How can you be so guilt free?” Ragvi asked looking at Sanskar.
“Stop” Ragini stood in front of Sanskar. “Please don’t bring this up now. I will tell you everything” Sanskar pleaded Ragvi. He was worried if any details of the incident will remind Ragini of past.

“That means you agree doing it?” asked Ragvi. Sanskar formed a ball out of his fist and closed his eyes frustrated. “I do agree” Sanskar finally gave up. “Now please can we talk about it later?” Sanskar pleaded folding his hands.

“Sanskar” Ragini moved to him. “You killed my sister? You” Ragvi held Sanskar by his collar. “Dee leave him. There is some misunderstanding. He cannot do it” Ragini released him from Ragvi’s hold.

“You are taking his side? He is murderer. He snatched Ansh’s mother. He is responsible that Kumud Dee isn’t with us” Ragvi looked at Ragini. “That can’t be true Dee. I know him and I trust him. It cannot be his fault” Ragini looked at Ragvi emotionally.

“He agreed to it dammit. He agreed that he was responsible for Kumud Dee’s death” Ragvi gave unbelievable look to Ragini. “Even if the God I worship comes and tells me this I wont believe this” she said determined. She turned to Sanskar cupping his face.

“Say na Dumbledore. It wasn’t your fault” Ragini closed her eyes touching his forehead and let the tears to drop.

“I run from it. I hide from it. But the fact is I took Kumud Bhabi that night leaving the six month old Ansh and separated them for forever. May be it was accident. But I should have been careful instead of losing myself in the merry. The truth is my carelessness killed her” he said cupping Ragini’s face.

Ragvi moved and dragged Sanskar away. “I will never ever forgive you for this. You might have come out clean from the case. But I will never forgive you for this. You know how it feels that I could not speak to her for the last time. And you are the reason for it. You alone” Ragvi pointed at Sanskar. He closed his eyes not looking up. ‘Don’t forgive me. That’s fine for saving Ragini from all the hatred’ he joyed in his mind.

“Enough it wasn’t him. It was Ragini who caused the accident” he opened his eyes shocked to look. Was he hallucinating?

Ragvi narrowed her eyebrows and turned to look at the person who revealed it. Her expression matched with Sanskar.

Time seemed dead for all the people gathered there. But Sanskar’s heart felt dead at that very second and he stood not breathing.


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