Sanskar opened his eyes and found Ragini sleeping like a small kid and he could not help but admire her more. He felt the sunlight falling over her face directly. He slowly lifted her head a bit so that he can drag his shoulder. It sure had become numb but he did not mind.

He placed Ragini’s head gently back on the pillow and she moved a bit in her sleep. He patted her shoulder a bit so that she doesn’t wake up and kissed her forehead while she smiled with her closed eyes. He moved out of the bed and walked to the window to cloak it with the curtains. He stared back at Ragini who was sleeping peacefully.

A wide smile spread across his lips and he walked to her and knelt in front of her moving his fingers through her hair strands gently. He smiled before walking to the closet to get an attire and then walked to the washroom.

He turned the shower ON and the water touched his skin. He shivered a bit but then his skin got used to the heat. As the droplets moved over his skin his mind was preoccupied with lot of things. Kishan and Anjali had left to London for Annapurna’s treatment the day before yesterday.

Adarsh was making himself comfortable in the business finally. Kavya and Yohan were planning for a Namakaran the naming ceremony which was in two days. Sahil was trying to get himself occupied with all the business stuff. He did apologize to Raghvi the same evening but things between them was getting more awkward. Ansh was getting along with Ragvi.

Vikram and Sriti were back from their mini honeymoon as Sriti was more worried about her patients back here than enjoying with Vikram. And Vikram did not mind as he gave equal importance to Sriti’s career too.

But the thing which bothered Sanskar more was Ragini. She had made herself a bit quite and less active in order to save Sanskar from worrying. Or was it normal in pregnancy? He had no clue. But emotionally there were changes in Ragini and it was hard very hard for him to decipher.

One thing he had himself prepared for was to protect her at any cost. The storm seemed it has come to an end but a part of him was not agreeing to it. But never the less he had to make himself prepared for the worst. If the worst was what he had imagined.

Taking a deep breath he gave a pause to his thoughts and walked out of the washroom draping a towel after rubbing off the extra water. “Someone is looking dashing early morning” he heard Ragini and smiled at her through the mirror as he adjusted his collar.

“When I have a queen stature wife I ought to groom myself to look at least of her standard don’t I?” he winked at her and she smiled. She sat up on her bed and her hand automatically reached for her stomach.

“Baby tell papa that your mumma is not even near to be impressed” she looked at her stomach. Sanskar walked to her and placed his hand on her hand. “Baby ask your mumma how can I impress her?” he looked at the stomach.

“Baby tell papa that if he stays back and spends time with mumma then she will think of it” she smirked. “Baby tell mumma. That’s cheating she cannot take advantage that she is pregnant. Papa is working hard for both of your future” he said a bit strict.

“See I had told you na baby your papa has changed he doesn’t love me anymore. Neither he loves you. I’m sure he found someone to impress” Ragini pouted cutely.

“Now that’s called emotional blackmailing. Baby tell your mumma it is not gonna work” Sanskar stood up adjusting his tie.

“Please na baby’s papa” Ragini looked at him with puppy eyes. “Ahh. Where have I stuck myself? Don’t give me that look” he rolled his eyes.

“Please” she said again bringing more cuteness and Sanskar nodded his head. “Fine. I will tell Sahil to look after” he said loosening his tie and sitting beside her.

Ragini held his tie and dragged him to meet his lips and Sanskar stumbled a bit and looked at her widening his eyes. He held her face and deepened the kiss and Ragini moaned melting under his lips which moved in rhythm. She held his shirt tightly.

Sanskar dialed Sahil’s number as he moved to the balcony while Ragini was freshening up. “Hello Sahil. Can you please manage for today? I won’t be coming today and damn how did I forget. Tomorrow is Ragini’s first check up also. So all in all I won’t be coming till the day after tomorrow” he said.

“No problem. I understand. Just take care of her alright and let me know if you need any help” Sahil smiled. “Um actually I need a favor” said Sanskar thinking.

“I don’t know do I sound stupid or something. I feel Ragini is bit off. She is not the way she was all these days. I am not able to figure out what she is going through. You know she doesn’t even make it look on her face fearing I cannot handle it. But I can feel that she is trying to be silent and not herself. So do you have any suggestion?” asked Sanskar.

“It is common hormonal changes due to her state but still I know every little thing bothers you. I will talk to her” Sahil assured. “You seriously know how to get her talking don’t you?” Sanskar chuckled.

“For that you need her level of sarcasm or in my case I am better than her” he said proudly. “Shut up. You don’t stand a chance if she was in her full form” Sanskar said and Sahil rolled his eyes. “I can see how my brother is turning his plates” he said making Sanskar chuckle.

“For the record I was always in her team only thing  is I never made it clear because I did not wanted you to hit your face to the ground while she defeated you like a pro” Sanskar said smirking. “Oh common. Someone should stay in my team for the sake of humanity at least” he whined.

“Never. Do you consider yourself human that’s the biggest curse on humanity” he heard Ragini’s voice and dragged his phone away looking at it confused.

“Did I just made a wrong call or you sound like Ragini every morning?” Sahil asked. “Ha ha ha. I am rolling on the floor with the laughter. And it is off day. Don’t disturb my husband you lord of bad timing” she disconnected the call and turned to look at Sanskar.

“Did I even call your private husband Ms. Collider?” Sahil looked at his phone annoyed before throwing it away.

Ragini narrowed her eyebrows looking at Sanskar. “I was just informing him that I won’t be coming” he said making an innocent face. Ragini pulled his nose kissing it standing on her toes.

“You are the cutest creature I have ever seen” she dangled her hands across his neck and smiled at him. “I am a creature” he said and looked at her and she nodded her head innocently.

“A cute one” she wrinkled her nose. “You got spooky naming techniques Biwi” he smiled nodding his head. ‘And at least I saw a bit of yourself today’ he thought.

“What are you thinking?” she asked. “I was thinking” he moved his hands across her waist and dragged her near to him. “How are we spending today?” he leaned his face towards her. She blushed lowering her eyelashes.

“Not romancing at least” she cocked her neck and he looked at her confused. “We will find something to do but” she nuzzled his nose with hers while he pecked her lips.

“As you say Biwi. I will even fall of the cliff for you” he bent his head and Ragini placed her hand on his mouth. “Don’t speak of leaving me alright?” she said a bit emotionally.

“Oh I am really sorry. Please don’t drop that pearl” he requested and she smiled through her twinkling eyes. “You are impossibly cute to handle” she placed her head on his chest and heard his heartbeats. And felt his breathing through the rise and fall of his chest.

Nothing she needed more than that. She held his shirt more tightly as her emotions overwhelmed her. “Hey everything is fine right?” Sanskar whispered. She nodded her head. “When you are around nothing can go wrong Dumbledore. Nothing possibly can” she said and he wrapped his hand across her shoulder and placed his chin over her head. She closed her eyes in taking his cologne. She felt not less than heaven in that moment. Her heaven was where Sanskar was. And nothing can change this fact for her.

Shekar walked up to kitchen in the evening and was surprised. “Vikky what are you doing?”  he asked looking at Vikram who had worn apron and Sumi was standing beside him looking at him annoyed.

“Me? I am preparing dinner” he said turning the chapati on the tawa. “But that’s what your mumma and Sriti does right?” Shekar asked and Vikram grinned at him. “Sriti will be late at the night as she is held up with some emergency so I thought of lessening mom’s burden” he said smiling.

“You are not lessening any burden you idiot you are literally destroying my kitchen and making it look like some alien has attacked” she looked at her kitchen horrified. “Sumi” Shekar flung his hands across her shoulders.

“He will clean up the mess” Shekar said and Vikram looked at him baffled. “Oh it is a new rule son. The one makes the food the same cleans the mess” Shekar smiled at Vikram and Sumi looked at her son and chuckled. “You deserve it” she gave him a sharp look and walked out. “Besides. I will help you” Shekar winked at Vikram who smiled back at his father.

Shekar was near the door. “Dad” Vikram’s word made him stop and turn around. “I am not that good at words. You know Ragu always tells on behalf of me whatever I want to tell” he smiled and his eyes filled remembering Ragini. “But I will try to put it in a better words” he looked up at Shekar.

“I cannot say that mom was anywhere missed any part of her parenting for all those years. She did possibly better than what she could actually do. But there was no second that I did not miss you” his eyes twinkled and made Shekar smile.

“What I am trying to make a point is. I always wished this complete family moments” he said and Shekar reached his son and embraced him warmly. “I have missed you equally. I feel so helpless thinking all those times you people needed me and I wasn’t there” he said emotionally.

“You were there dad. In our heart. Encouraging us to face everything. You made us this strong” Vikram looked at his father and Shekar smiled nodding his head.

“Shekar” they heard Sumi’s voice and wiped their tears off. Shekar walked from there and Vikram got back to cooking the dinner. He meanwhile dialed a number from his phone.

“When are you returning Shona?” he asked. “I will be leaving the office in half an hour. I will call you once I reach the chowk. If you aren’t busy romancing Bhabi pick me up” she chuckled and Vikram rolled his eyes.

“For your kind information your Bhabi is gonna be late. So don’t imagine things” he said and Ragvi smiled. “Okay” she disconnected the call and placed it back in the bag and concentrated on her work.

“Ragvi” Laksh came to her and she turned to face him. “Please book my tickets to London. I have a case to handle and meanwhile I will bring Papa’s reports” he handed her some papers and Ragvi nodded her head smiling.

She turned to her system and booked Laksh’s tickets and looked at the clock. “Damn it’s late” she turned to her computer to turn it off. She carried her bag and walked out of the office. She reached the bus stop but missed it just in a second. She ran behind it a bit but she could not catch it.

Her shoulders dropped and she looked at the back of the bus frustrated. “I should have left five minutes early” she threw her leg in air and continued walking towards the main terminal.

She felt  someone’s presence as she saw some shadow against the dim lit road. A chill shiver ran down her spine as she realized she was being followed. She stopped and her temple developed the sweat of fear. She gulped in gathering all the strength she had. She moved her hand inside her bag to get the cellphone.

As she removed the cellphone and was about to dial her follower grabbed it out of her hand in a fraction of second and she stood fearing for her life. She found a petty thief looking at her and holding a knife.

Her eyes went more wide when she realized she was trapped and she had no escape. She hyperventilated and looked at the man. “Please let me go” she requested. “I will. If you give me all the precious things you have” he said and Ragvi looked at him horrified. She moved near to him stretching her hand bag. She had seen in many movies and with that experience she banged the man’s face with her bag and luckily it was hard material it sure gave a blow to the man.

She utilized the situation and made a run for her life in a direction she was unaware of. Aimless her legs found some way out and she reached a place which had some people walking around and better lit.

She relaxed a bit and in took deep breaths. Her heart was beating fast. She looked around to find some completely strange place. Probably she had never come to this part of the city.

She looked around to find some trust able face and found an old lady. “Excuse me aunty” she grabbed the lady’s attention. “Can you please tell me what area it is? I missed my way and I don’t have my phone either” she requested.

“This is Tilak Nagar beta” the old lady replied. “Will I get any phone booth to call my family around here?” she asked and the lady nodded her head.

“Telephone booths are old thing now. But if you want you can use my phone” said the lady. Ragvi looked at the phone. She took it and dialed Vikram’s number.

“Hey champ just a second some other caller is on line” Vikram spoke to Ansh over the phone. He placed Ansh’s call on hold and received the other call. “Yes” “Bhai” an extremely terrified Ragvi spoke and her heart took a high leap as she finally felt safe.

“Shona? Why are you calling from some other number and why do you sound freaking?” he asked worried. “Bhai…” she wept and narrated him everything. Vikram clenched his fist and fumed. “Where are you? I will be there soon” he said and Ragvi told him the address the old lady guided her.

Vikram then activated Ansh’s call. “Champ I have got to go. I will talk to you later okay” he disconnected the call. Ansh was confused. He shrugged his shoulders. “Let me call Ragvi Maasi” she smiled and dialed Ragvi’s number. But it went unanswered.

Then after sometime the phone was answered by mistake. Ansh heard the conversation and disconnected the call and ran to his father.

“Dad….dad” he screamed nearing Sahil’s room. “What is it champ?” asked Sahil who was lying on his bed exhausted.

“I heard someone talking in Ragvi maasi’s phone. It sounded like she isn’t safe” Ansh said worried and Sahil sat up with a jerk. “What?” he looked at him shocked and Ansh nodded his head.

Sahil ran towards his car and ignited it to reach for Laksh’s office where he knew Ragvi worked. As it was near he reached there and inquired the watchman who said Ragvi left already and he saw her walking towards the main bus terminal as she missed her last bus.

Sahil pulled his hair frustrated. He drove the car in the direction and called Ragvi’s number and tried tracing her. He heard her phone ringing and saw the thief who disconnected it. Sahil got out of his car and approached the man.

He held the person by his collar. “What did you do with the girl who was having the phone?” he asked fuming. The man looked at Sahil confused and then at the phone.

“You are talking about the girl who was having this phone?” asked the man. He smirked looking at Sahil. “You should expect the worst but sadly before I could even think of it she went out of my clutches. Otherwise I would have not let her go for weeks” he smirked and Sahil fumed.

He started beating the man black and blue. So much that his every limb was broken and bled. “Sorry… sorry sir” the man apologized when he realized that he will be killed by Sahil. “Where is she?” Sahil dragged him dangerously towards him.

“She ran that way” he pointed at a direction. Sahil punched him one last time leaving him to crumble on the ground. He picked up Ragvi’s phone and drove in the direction the man showed. His heart started racing as his mind thought many things. And each second just made him more and worried.

Damn’ he wiped his face. He found Ragvi and walked to reach her. He placed his hand on her shoulder  and she turned to look at him.

She immediately hugged him forgetting all the awkwardness. “Shona” they heard Vikram and found him approaching them. Sahil moved a bit away from Ragvi. She hugged her brother and finally felt safe.

“I wish I meet that moron I want to break his every rib” said Vikram clsnching his fist. “You are welcome. I have already done the honor” he forwarded Ragvi’s phone. Vikram and Ragvi looked at him shocked.

“And you. Don’t you even dare to think of walking like this all on yourself unless you have a black belt” Sahil turned to Ragvi.

He walked and sat inside his car and saw Ragvi sitting beside Vikram on his bike and she did not even looked at him. Was he feeling bad? But that is what he wanted then why was he upset over it. Still he had no clear idea.

Ragini looked at Sanskar smirking. “That was cheating okay” he whined. “How mean if I win you will say cheating and what about the times you cheat on purpose? You will be like everything is fair in love and war” Ragini pouted angry.

“You know you slay me with that angry look” Sanskar leaned to her over the ludo board they were playing.

“Now Im not gonna fall for this” she placed her hand on his chest.

He pouted cutely. Ragini smirked at him showing an attitude look.

Soon her face contorted. Sanskar looked at her confused.  Ragini felt like throwing up and rushed to the washroom.

Sanskar’s gaze followed her. He got worried and reached for the door of the washroom.

She threw up everything she had eaten and walked out after cleaning herself.

Sanskar held her while she felt weak.  “What’s wrong? ” he asked her worried. Looking at her fatigue state he lifted her and walked to the bed and placed her on it.

“Are you okay Jaan? ” he caressed her forehead.  “Just a bit tiredness” she said nodding her head.  “I will get Pari bhabi. She might be knowing what to do” he got up but Ragini held his wrist and he turned to look at her.

“I just need you right now”she said weakly and Sanskar lied beside her and she snuggled up-to him.

“Am I stinking ?” She asked and Sanskar smiled. He moved his fingers in her hair.  “Never bothers me” he kissed her forehead and Ragini smiled placing her head on his shoulder and drifting to sleep.
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