Ragini was in a confusion looking at Annapurna’s facial expression. It was not the attitude she had been giving till now. It was kind of fear. When she furrowed her eye brows thinking more she heard a voice. She had been craving to hear it from past 24 hours.

“Bacha” Vikram voice had all the excitement in the world and the spark to lit Ragini’s face. Her lips curved up and eyes sparkled. Tear developed feeling the heartening voice of her brother. “Bhayyu” she whispered turning. Annapurna sighed with relief. ‘On very right time’ she spoke in her mind.

Ragini looked down from the railing to find her brother who was looking around the house. “Bhayyu” she screeched happily. It was her voice which brought the huge grin on Vikram’s face and an eternal peace to his anxious heart.

He looked up and smiled more widely. Finally after 24 sickening hours he could see that face of his sister who was not just world, universe and everything but also remedy to his state of melancholy.

When she descended down and crashed herself in his embrace he did not mind being dismantled at the very second. And when his hands moved up and covered her he felt happy. Happy like he was never. A tear tripped out from his filled heart which could not stand the glee of finally covering his baby sister.

The life he always prayed may be was never awarded to him. May be everything was snatched from him by destiny but it gave him Ragini. Like her name she made his life melodious. Worth living and worth appreciating.

The time he first saw her flashed in his memory. Her sparkling eyes when she discovered that he was her brother and the warm hug she embraced him with was a memory he never want to get rid off. It soothed all the pain of his life and brought a calmness. That was his most cherished memory.

Opening his eyes with the smile of happiness still intact on his lips he brought his baby sister to face him. Her face had reddened. He sure knew more than the happiness he felt she felt the wound of separation and was affected so badly.

He wish he could bind her to himself and never let her go. If only he could he would have paid anything for that even his life.

Such was the effect of last 24 hours on the Bhayyu Baccha. He gently wiped her tears and looked at her face which was trying hard not to let out her bitter cry.

“Hey Bacha” he cupped her face moving a bit back. She looked down and Vikram bent to meet her eyes again. “You are not happy that I came?” he asked her and she looked up at him furiously.

“You are such a bad joker” she jerked his hands and turned to wipe her tears. “Awww” he moved and covered her shoulder and kissed her side head. “You look adorable with that anger” he chuckled.

“Not funny at all” she turned her head away. “I’m sorry” he squeezed his eyes. “You better be” she twisted her lips making Vikram chuckle at his cute sister’s cute antics.

“Come on now give me back my teddy bear hug” he spread his hands and she hugged him placing her head on his chest.

He smiled covering her warmly and closed his eyes taking deep breaths of happiness. Finally the time was merciful on him and brought something he could feel happy about.

He kissed her hair lovingly and it communicated all the unspoken feelings from her Bhayyu to Ragini. She smiled closing her eyes and feeling the parallel happiness as her Bhayyu.

“Vikram” Adarsh’s voice dragged their attention. Vikram walked to Adarsh and shook his hand formally. “I came to take my Baccha for Pagphera” Vikram smiled at Adarsh who nodded his head.

“Have you informed Sanky?” asked Adarsh. “I… “ Vikram was interrupted. “It is a brother taking his sister I don’t think he need to inform Sanskar” they looked at the source of voice and turned. Kishan who had forgotten his keys and returned stood there giving a cold look.

“And please you stop getting involved in my brother’s matters will you?” Adarsh shot an angry glare. “And he is my brother too” Kishan had the same coldness.

“Yes. Every damn person and every damn thing in this house belongs to you Mr. Kishan Rawat isn’t it?” Adarsh crossed his arms. Ragini looked at both the brothers helplessly.

“Jeth Ji” she spoke timidly. “I guess you both are right” both looked at her. “My brother doesn’t need the permission to take me at the same time we should not freak Sanskar about my whereabouts. I better text him” she looked at phone while both the brothers looked at her.

“And he replied okay” she smiled looking up. “Take care Ragu” Adarsh moved and caressed her hair. She smiled at him. Vikram who was silent spectator gave a tight smile and in his mind appreciated the way she tackled the Rawat brothers who were famous for their cold brawls.

As she walked to her she smiled at Kishan. He smiled at her weakly. “Take care sister in law” his voice had that care which was so evident but she never understood why Adarsh or some of the family members never appreciated.

Kishan walked out with his keys without looking at Adarsh who even did not bothered. “Sit. I will ask Pari to get you tea” Adarsh pointed at the Sofa. “No please don’t bother. I will leave as soon as Ragu comes” said he with a formal smile.

But Anjali had brought the tea already in the tray. “And you will make me the target of Jiji’s wrath” she forwarded the cup to Vikram. He looked at the cup before taking it. Then he smiled at Anjali. “Jiji ki chamchi” Adarsh slightly hit on her head to which she frowned.

“Jeejs you know I don’t like anyone touching my head” when she complained Vikram looked up at her.

“Bhayyu don’t hit on my head at least” Kumud’s voice ringed in his mind and made him numb. He smiled looking at the way Adarsh consoled her. A tear escaped his eye remembering his sister.

“I will be here” her last word made his heart bleed. The pain was intolerable. “Bhayyu” Ragini’s voice came as a comfort for his soreness of the past.

He smiled at her with his moist eyes. She narrowed her eyes trying to understand his emotions. He swiftly moved his gaze away so that to get saved from Ragini’s interrogation. But he was late. She needed just less than fraction of second of eye contact with her brother to get the hint of his turmoil.

He placed the tea cup after taking few sips from the hot tea which literally burned his tongue. Anjali looked at him shocked for the way he in took the hot liquid. “Chale Bacha” he walked to Ragini drying that moisture in his eyes.

She managed to get her expression to normal and nodded her head. She looked at Anjali and she smiled at her. “Take care and don’t worry we will handle your majnu husband for today” Anjali winked to which Ragini’s face flushed and her cheeks reddened.

“Pari Bhabhi?” she asked to which Anjali turned once to her back. “She is a bit busy with making the kids ready for the school. Don’t worry I will tell her” Adarsh spoke and Ragini relaxed.

She looked up at her mother in laws room direction. “Bhayyu just a sec” she moved to Annapurna’s room. “Sasu Mom” she entered Annapurna’s room.

DP who was walking towards the cup board looked at her. She nervously smiled at him. “Sasu …Mom” she whispered. DP gave her a serious look. “She is freshening up” he said coldly pointing at the wash room. “Oh” Ragini left out a deep breath.

“I was going to my mother’s place. Bhayyu has come to take me” she waited for him to reply. “Very well. I don’t think you need our permission when your husband is the only person you are responsibility of” he closed the closet without looking at her.

Her heart dropped to her stomach not able to answer. “I” she struggled gulping the saliva. “You can go ahead” he did not give her the chance to speak.
“Dad” she spoke gathering all her courage and Durga Prasad stopped dead hearing her. “I always need your permission” she softly spoke and moved out smiling weakly.

Durga Prasad closed his eyes feeling the air of calmness suddenly. He did not understood how her calling his dad soothed him to this extent. It almost felt like he heard Sanskar calling him so which he has not done from ages.

He missed his happy family so badly. When the kids were small it was more fun than when they grew up and linked every little fight to their egos and it just went on worsening with time.

Ragini walked to Vikram and they both walked out of Rawat Mansion.

“Maa” she screeched happily hugging Sumi who was so happy to see her daughter back in the house. “Oh my good lord I can’t tell you how much I missed you” Sumi caressed Ragini’s hair lovingly and kissed her forehead.

Ragini tried all her tricks to get Vikram speaking for his moist eyes what she witnessed but he did not give her a chance. They spent the time nagging each other and remembering all the time spent. Like it was the last time they will be together for this long and as the time passed they just got more and more pained.

The sun finally set in the west and darkness covered the earth and it also covered their heart. Ragini was wiping those little droplets away from her eyes which reminded her that she had to go away from her Bhayyu again.

They heard the car honk and both knew it was Sanskar. Sanskar walked inside the Asthana house holding a bunch of flowers.

Ragini stood looking at him and Vikram behind her. She looked at the flowers in his hand. He smiled widely and moved nearing her. He passed her and Vikram and reached to hug Sumi warmly who was taken a back a bit.

“Oh My God. You know how much I missed you Sasu mom” he handed her the flowers. “Excuse me?” Ragini moved her hands in air looking at him shocked.

“Hey Hi Biwi” he waved at her flinging his hands across Sumi’s shoulder. “Don’t tell me he dropped the screw to his brain last night and his brain is slipped out” Vikram whispered to Ragini who gave him an annoyed look.

“What I said truth. Your husband has lost his mind” Vikram shrugged his shoulder making Ragini frown. “Actually Saa..” Sanskar stopped dead looking at Ragini who glared him with her flaring up nostrils. “I mean BIL” he brought that smile back on his face moving to Vikram and Ragini rolled her eyes.

“I thought you both might have irritated my Sasu mom like hell and she will be cursing the day. So I thought why don’t I cheer her and appreciate her tolerance to tolerate two hurricanes at the same time” he winked smiling widely.

His remark made Ragini and Vikram’s jaws drop to the ground. “Mosquitoes problem you see” Sanskar first closed Vikram’s mouth and then Ragini’s.

Sumi burst out laughing looking at the brother sister duo who turned their pointed look to her. She controlled her laugh and Sanskar walked back to her. “What have you cooked today. I’m so damn hungry. After what I ate in the morning my appetite is crying. So I think your magical food will compensate” Sanskar rubbed his hand excited.

Ragini opened her eyes wide. “Such a plate changer you are my god. Morning you said that was the best food you ever ate” Ragini looked at him. “That sweetheart you have learned from my master chef Sasu mom right? So her food will be awesome” he spread his hand dreamily.

“If I knew my son in law is going to bless me with his presence today I would have made something special” Sumi said sadly.

“Never mind Sasu mom you got tomorrow morning also as I’m going to stay here for tonight” he smiled widely at Sumi. Her eyes sparkled with happiness. “Kiss Khushi me?” asked Ragini interrupting.

“Meri Super Sweet Sasu mom ke milne ki khushi me. Now leave me a way I want to taste the food” Sanskar pushed Ragini a bit walking to the dining table. “I told you” Vikram spoke bending to Ragini’s height. She glared him. “Poor baby. Husband without brain” Vikram controlled his laugh while Ragini chased him.

“Thank you” Sumi smiled at Sanskar. Sanskar looked at her confused. “For this” she pointed at Ragini and Vikram who were playing like a kids. Happily.

Ae Dil Laaya hai Bahar Apno Ka pyar
Kya Kehna
Miley Hum Chalak Utha Khushi ka khumar
Kya Kehna
Khile khile chehro se aaj ghar hai mera
Gule Gulzar Kya Kehna.


Ragini knelt in front of her Bhayyu who was sitting covering his head with the hand kerchief. She twirled the arthi thal across his face and placed the tilak over his forehead and placed some rice and scattered the flower petals over his head.

Vikram looked at her hand and smiled widely. Ragini held the Rakhi and tied it to his hand. She felt protective when that red thread clutched her Bhayyu’s wrist.

“And now the gift time” Vikram said and Ragini looked at him. “Like always. First the wish or surprise gift?” asked Vikram.

“Um” she placed her finger on her chin thinking. “Like always. Wish wish wish” she screeched happily. Vikram smiled at her cuteness.

“Fine” he said and she sat beside him making him eat the sweet. “My wish this year is a promise” she forwarded her hand. “Promise” Vikram placed his palm over hers and she looked at him surprised. “First listen bro” Ragini said surprised.

“Whatever it is. I will not say NO” he smiled at her. She smiled at him. “Promise me that you will try to search Ragvi Dee” Vikram’s smile dropped and suddenly he felt the anger within him growing.

“Don’t say her name” Vikram stood up furiously. “You promised Bhayyu” she looked at him with moist eyes. “I don’t need to find some stranger” he said coldly.

“She is your sister” Ragini looked at him emotionally. “She is dead for me” he turned and screamed. Ragini shivered looking at her brother.

“She is dead because she never told me why she left. She never told me she loved Sahil and did not wanted to spoil her dee’s happiness” his voice choked.

“She never told” Vikram was crumbling defeated. “She never” he collapsed on the ground. Ragini rushed to her brother who was broken.

“She should have told me once” he buried his head in Ragini’s embrace. “Once” he said painfully. “I realized this very recently while I was cleaning some of her old stuff. That journal of her where she had written about her feelings for Sahil. I was so blind I did not understood her pain. And she is bad that she did not share it with me. She did not let me to help her to face it. Instead ran away. Not just from her problems but also from me. How can she leave me Bacha. How can she?” he looked up at Ragini.

Ragini pressed her lips as hard as possible to hide that pain arouse in her heart looking at her defeated brother. Why life has to make him feel that he has failed as a brother so many times. Why life has to be so cruel to her brother.

“Shh Bhayyu” Ragini wiped his tears. “Just think from her point of view also na? She could not afford to make you sad looking at her sad face always. She needed time to get herself back. But I think it took a lot of time and might be waiting her Bhayyu will come and take her back sometimes we become so weak to face our loved ones that we do stuff like this out of silliness of our mind not listening what our heart says” Ragini smiled with her moist eyes
“I don’t know am I making any sense Bhayyu but I know one thing she never intended to hurt you so badly. Imagine how hard it was to see Sadu Sahil’s marriage and smile as it was Kumud Dee’s marriage also. It might have broken her beyond repair. She did not wanted to be the reason for anyone’s misery. She took nasty decision to marry someone else for her sister’s happiness and then she could not do it simply because she did not wanted to cheat someone for her feelings” Ragini looked at him emotionally.

“Waise where is that Karela. He did not talked to me from the time I got married” she chuckled. Vikram wiped his tears smiling. “He and Ansh has gone to Puna. There was some urgent meeting. Ansh was feeling lonely and Sahil did not wanted to disturb the newly wed couple fearing your brainless husband” Vikram chuckled.

“Bhayyu” Ragini whined. Vikram side hugged her. “You know that’s the truth” Vikram chuckled. “So you will search for Ragvi Dee na?” Ragini asked nervously.

“I will accept her if she returns without holding it back” Vikram placed his palm over Ragini’s palm rewriting the promise.

“And” he placed a box in her hand. Ragini looked at the box and then at Vikram.

He signed her to open it. Ragini opened it and her eyes widened with surprise. “I promised you to buy it from the incentives remember” Vikram kissed her forehead. “Come” he took Ragini with him.

“Wifey” Sanskar who was helping Sumi walked out of the kitchen removing the apron and wiping his hands. He found Vikram and Ragini walking out of the house.

He followed them.

“Oh my God Bhayyu” Ragini pounced to hug Vikram who smiled rubbing her back. Sanskar walked out just then and his eyes went wide looking at the gift Vikram presented.

“My own Scooty” Ragini jumped happy across it while it plastered the fear in Sanskar’s face.

“Sanky” Kumud’s scream made him shiver and a tear dropped his eyes when he remembered Ragini’s face covered with blood and she looking at him just before her eyes closed and everything around both of them changed.

He felt breathless.

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