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Chapter 44

Raheja Mansion was all silent behind the creepy night. “One” Sahil heard a whisper and his eyes shrank in his sleep. “two” “Three”

“Happy Birthday” he woke up to a scream jerked. The lights of his room lit up and he sat panting for breath. “Yes” he heard a screech and looked front. Ragini was giggling giving high five to Ansh.

“Gosh did any ghost army attacked?” he asked still in his sleep. “Sadu Sahil. It’s your birthday” Ragini screamed in his ear and he rubbed his ear annoyed.

“And you want to gift me a heart attack?” asked he annoyed. “No I thought how about a brain attack? But then I realized you don’t have brain at all. So I managed to bargain it for a heart attack” she gave him a toothy grin.

“Happy Birthday Dad” Ansh jumped to him and hugged him happily. Sahil’s face which was covered with annoyance now covered with a smile.

“Happy Birthday to the saduest person on the earth” Ragini again screamed in his ear. “Damn girl. My ears work okay. No need to test them now” he said looking at her still hugging Ansh.

“Maa spare him for today” Ansh looked at Ragini resting his head on Sahil’s chest. “Haaw what do you mean I annoy him always?” Ragini asked Ansh.

“Finally my son realized what and all his dad goes through” Sahil said emotionally. Ragini twisted her lips crossing her arms.

Sahil laughed at her cute antics and while moving his gaze it stopped at the room door. Sanskar was all smiles leaning to the door.

“So you brought this aafat?” asked Sahil pointing at Ragini. “Dad my mom is not aafat okay. You are panauti” Ansh shifted to Ragini’s lap. Ragini kissed Ansh’s forehead and showed her tongue to Sahil.

“So soon you changed your side Ansh?” Sahil’s jaws dropped to the ground. “When was he in your side Sadu Sahil. When will anyone be there in your side?” Ragini asked and suddenly it hit him at the wrong place but he covered his expression.

“What are you doing at the door?” he avoided Ragini’s gaze and looked at Sanskar. “Just was admiring the cutest family on earth” he said with a wide smile.

“You forgot you are one in this?” Sahil stretched his hand and Sanskar walked to him and hugged him. Ragini played with Ansh and Sanskar sat beside her admiring. Sahil’s smile widened looking at them.

A tear was fighting at the edge of Sahil’s eye. ‘Wish you have your Dumbledore on your side always Dumbo. Though I end up being alone always I just wish that you never be alone in your life. The people who love you I wish they love you always no matter what and never leave your side’ he smiled with twinkling eyes.

When he closed his eyes momentarily he felt Kumud kissing his cheek. “Sadu Sahil” Ragini jerked him. “Don’t sleep again” she glared him.

“Then what you want me to do?” asked he. “We are having a party in the evening” said Sanskar. “Oh that’s very far still. Let me complete my beauty sleep till then. I have to look best right?” he slid down and lied on the bed covering himself in the blanket.

“Such a…” Ragini looked at him annoyed. “Heartless” Ansh completed. Ragini gave him high five and they both giggled.

“I heard that” Sahil spoke under the blanket. “And we said so that you hear it” Ansh and Ragini said together.

“It’s my birthday guys. Not the one day to insult Sahil” said he. “Waw we will name the party with this name only” Ragini said and Ansh nodded his head.

“This girl” he cussed and turned to face his back to them. “Come Ansh time to sleep” Ragini took Ansh with him. She made him sleep in his room and covered him with a blanket and kissed his forehead while he smiled in his sleep.

She bumped into Sanskar who was standing behind her. He held her and prevented from falling down. She looked into his eyes which were filled with love and care while he dragged her more close to his chest where his heart was jumping with joy.

“Why is that you always end up colliding with everyone Ms. Dumbo?” he whispered. She glared him and tried getting out of his hold.

“Don’t even try. I will never let you go out of my hold. Not now not ever. Whenever you fall you will end up in my arms” he smiled cheekily.

“So cheesy” she whispered and he chuckled. “Anything for you darling” his smolder sent shivers down her spine.

“You want me to sleep like this?” asked she and he straightened her. “I have a better place than this” he leaned to her ear whispering when she looked up at him with her wide eyes.

He held her wrist and dragged her with him. “Sanskar” she whined walking behind him. “Do you trust me?” he asked turning to her. She nodded her head locking her eyes with his gaze.

He smiled at her and dragged her near to him and she landed on his chest. Looking into her eyes he lifted her in his arms and walked up the stairs while she just kept staring him.

He made her stand at the terrace and she looked at the moon lit sky. It was a beautiful scenario to look at. She walked further staring the sky and admiring it.

Sanskar followed her smiling. “This is so” she looked around and her eyes shone. “Beautiful” Sanskar whispered in her ears. She felt ticklish and bent her head to cover her ear with her shoulder.

“Just like you” he twirled her and she landed on his chest. When he was staring in her eyes both wanted the time to never ever move and them to stay like this for forever.

His hands moved to her waist and locked her in his embrace. She swallowed hard feeling weirdly bound to him.

Tera mera jaha leke chalu mai waha koi tujhko na mujhse chura le
Rakhlu ankho me mai kholu palke na mai koi tujhko na mujhse chura le
Mai andhero se ghira hu aa dikha de mujhko savera mera
Mai bhatakta ek musafir aa dila de mujhko basera mera

He did not knew why was he so much dependent on her. Like his heart felt alive when she was around him and it felt all dead when he had to stay away from her.

He remembered the day when he saved her and Ansh from the truck and their eyes met like they were craving to stare each other in that short time which looked like a life time.

He remembered how she made him laugh in the hospital on the Diwali night when his heart was filled with darkness and she lit up that darkness. He made him feel when his emotions had died fighting the battle of blames.

He remembered how she was found unconscious in her room and his moments with her in the hospital where she confessed her love for him for the first time fighting her battle of emotions to trust her brother or him.

He remembered how he tried pushing her away and finally gave up to his love and confessed his feelings for her. And how she was about to slip from his life.

Suddenly his hold on her tightened and Ragini guessed that he was undergoing some trauma. His memory traveled and played every painful moment he spent without her.

A tear tripped his eye while he closed his eyes not able to hold on to the pain his heart was undergoing while the past played. He felt how lucky was Ragini that she got a chance to forget any painful moments of her life though she forgot all her memories but at leasr she was not haunted by the pain from the past.

“Sanskar” she whispered with care. He dug his head in her shoulder collapsing from the pain. She moved her hand and rubbed his back to console him and he relaxed bit feeling her care.

This was the magic her presence always brought in his messed up life. Though she was the one who messed it but she repaired it beyond anyone could even tried.

“I’m okay” he said sniffing and dragging himself away and looking at her. “You are not” she said moving her hand to cup his one cheek. “Sadu Sahil says when you share your pain it will decrease. I don’t believe him but no harm in trying….” she kept talking and he kept admiring her.

As the time passed they lied on the ground. Sanskar’s head lied beside Ragini’s head and their bodies lied in the opposite directions.

They both were looking at the sky. Sanskar had rested his head on his shoulder.

“Ragini” he called her name and suddenly her heart beat rose. She turned her head to look at him.

“When I was leaving to Singapore I was so hollow inside till now I can’t define that pain” a tear tripped his eye. Ragini leaned to his head and kissed it.

“I don’t want to feel that again” he turned to her and their eyes locked with each other.

“You won’t feel that ever” she came over his forehead kissing it lovingly. He smiled with his closed eyes feeling heavenly in that ordinary moment.

“But” she lied back facing the sky. Her heart was not at rest.

“I’m scared” Sanskar turned to Ragini who was worried listening to her. “I’m scared” she repeated. He was still confused looking at her when she sat up.

He sat up looking at her. She leaped and hugged him tightly dragging him near to her. Sanskar held her back and tried consoling her.

“I’m scared what if I forget you again” this surely stopped his heart beat and he was numb.

He smiled closing his eyes. “I don’t want to forget you. I don’t want to go through that all again Sanskar. I don’t have the strength now” she said and weakened to the emotional pain.

“Ragini… Ragini” he tried cooling her but her anxiety only grew. He dragged her away and cupped her face.

“Even if you forget me you think I will stop loving you?” he asked and she looked into his eyes with her tear filled eyes. “I will not leave you like earlier I promise” he held her hand and placed his palm over her palm.

“Above all the promises I have made in my life this is of utmost priority for me. I will never break it” he said looking at her emotionally.

“I will start over again from the beginning” he said with a wide smile and twinkling eyes.

“Hi. I’m Sanskar Rawat. Your official Dumbledore” he forwarded his hand smiling. She chuckled through her tears. “Hi I’m Ragini. The Bak bak ki dukan” said she and he dragged her placing her head on his chest.

Where his heart was at peace all happy. She smiled hearing his heartbeats the sweetest lullaby she ever heard.

They lied beside each other and Sanskar covered her in his embrace while she rested her head on his shoulder while the moon moved and time passed.

As the sun arrived marking the new day Ragini felt the pricking sunlight and moved her head up from Sanskar’s chest. “Um” Sanskar groaned as he felt her moving. She smiled looking at him.

He looked so cute in his sleep that she did not wanted to wake him. She placed her chin resting on his chest and watched him.

His eyebrows cocked due to the sunlight and Ragini looked back at the sun. She covered them inside her dupatta and kept admiring him when he relaxed.

Sunskat took a deep breath before opening his eyes. As his eyes opened he found Ragini who was looking at him. She leaped and kissed his chin.

“You are the cutest creature I have ever seen” she said and his cheeks turned red. “Awww Dumbledore you blush also?” asked she. He dragged her up and her lips aligned with his very near to him.

She looked at him with zero expression. “How about you kiss this cutest creature early morning?” asked he and she tried getting out of his hold but he tightened his grip.

She nuzzled her nose with his and he smiled closing his eyes. “I really want to then you haven’t brushed yet right” she said.

“Gosh give me intimation that there are couples on the terrace Mom” they jerked hearing Yohan’s voice. “And they are under a dupatta rather than blanket” he said walking to them.

Ragini moved the dupatta and sat up looking everywhere but not Yohan. “I forgot Avantika Maa needs my help” she ran from there.

Sanskar sat up brushing his hair. Yohan sat beside him and hit Sanskar’s shoulder with his teasing.

“Night out and all haa?” asked he with that teasing smile. Sanskar was looking away flushed. Finally he smiled and buried his face in Yohan’s embrace feeling shy.

“Aww my Sanky Bro is blushing also? But Ragu was right you look cute when you blush” he said and Sanskar looked at him wide eyes.

“What? I have powers to stand invisible to couples.” Yohan said proudly. “Yohan ke bache” Sanskar chased him. “Wo abhi aaya nahi hai duniya me” said he while running.

“What’s that?” asked Sahil to Ragini pointing at her cheek. She rubbed it and asked him whether it is gone. “No there” he pointed at her other cheek. She rubbed that also.

“Now you officially look like a clown” Sahil held a plate in front of her and she found her both the cheeks covered with the wheat her hands had.

Sahil burst out laughing while Ragini glared him. “Sadu Sahil” she chased him. Avantika who was standing in between them smiled looking at them.

“Ragini” Sanskar screamed who was descending the stairs looking at Ragini who slipped over the carpet. He ran towards her but it was late.

Sahil turned hearing Sanskar and found Ragini falling over him. Before he could react she fell on him and both landed on the ground.

“Today is my birthday don’t make it a death day” Sahil who was wincing in pain spoke annoyed. “Waw what an idea. Let me really try next year” Ragini said gritting her teeth. Sanskar sighed finding Ragini all safe.

They heard the sound of the door opening and looked at the door finding someone they least expected at the moment while trying to get away from each other.

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