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Chapter 43

Ofcourse Sanskar had no expectations that Ragini will accept his love so soon but somewhere deep down his heart  suddenly he felt he should confess his love. And that feel made him to say those magical words which sure brought tornado in Ragini’s heart at the very moment.

“Good Night Sanskar” that’s what she could reply him right now. Though her heart was fluttering in the clouds with joy she was not sure of her feelings for Sanskar. Though she felt the longing for him she was scared of her unsure past which was still mystery for her so she listened to her mind this time not giving up to her heart.

Disconnecting the call she once looked at her phone and caressed the screen with her thumb. Sitting on the bed she looked at the wall blankly. Why did Sanskar leave her and let her suffer the unknown pain which she always experienced not knowing whom was she missing so badly.

She remembered every instance in those three damn years when her heart felt sinking suddenly and she could not help it. She remembered how many times she felt helpless that she is not able to remember someone very near to her heart and who is not visible. But her heart always told someone was close to her is not around though everyone was around her.

On the other side a tear tripped out of Sanskar’s eyes. He smiled accepting the bitter reality that Ragini still feels him as a stranger or she has completely forgotten the magical time they both spent together. She has forgotten her feelings for him which he has kept fresh in his heart cherishing them all these years not even expecting any return for them.

Life was so unfair to him but he never gave upon to it. He always fought the battle and faced every thing what came on his way which could hurt his love. He never even flinched when all he got was blames for the mistake he never committed. His love for Ragini always healed every wound his past brought.

He wondered how can just her presence make him forget all his miseries and smile. Not only forgetting his pain she actually healed him. And all those three years he has missed her like the person taking his last breaths misses his life. But somehow he managed himself to stay away from her watching over if she is okay.

But suddenly that control over his feelings had broken the barrier and he was helpless that he could no more control his feelings from expressing and heart from beating.

LOVE a word which was his strength all these years to stay away from her now is making him helpless when he is near her. He stayed away from her for the very reason that one day he may give upon to his love for Ragini but even after trying so hard he was brought near to her by destiny and now he could no more stay away from her. No more.

Lying on his bed he looked at the ceiling blankly. He remembered his memories with Ragini. And a small smile crept his lips while his eyes twinkled due to the tears. No complains. He had promised himself that he will never complain what life will offer him in return to keeping his Ragini safe.

What he did not knew was destiny really acts in weird ways. And those weird ways were knitting a tornado which had the unknown developing time and invisible at the moment.

But what he knew was his  love will be ever ready to face anything which may come in his Ragini’s life before she even realizes it. He was determined to keep her away from anything which could harm her emotionally and physically. But time had surprises he was unaware of.


The sunlight was pleasing this morning for Ragini suddenly for an unknown reason. She smiled in her sleep when she was ready to welcome the new day and slowly opened her eyes.

She was confused for a moment when she found a different than usual scenario around her. Balloons were hanging around her each were held with small gift boxes. It wasn’t her birthday not even any special day then why was she blessed with such beautiful morning. She was baffled.

She sat up looking at the numerous colorful cute balloons which were looking more beautiful due to the satin tapes which were hanging with them.

She rubbed her eyes to make sure it wasn’t any of her weird dream but to her surprise they did not vanish. She moved a bit closer to the balloon which was nearest to her. She held the gift hanging to it and the balloon flew across her. It was a orange colored balloon with sky blue satin tape.

She carefully moved the balloon and opened the gift wrapper. A box made her confuse. She opened it and found a small shiny marble. She looked at it confused. There was a note below it.

“I tried but I could not bring the galaxy for you. But this marble makes me feel that the whole universe is contained in it. So thought there cannot be anything better than this which will make you understand that you are not just my world but my universe. I know it sounds worst of a cheesy line. Nerdy me.“

She read the note and a confused smile crept on her face and she nodded her head looking at the cute marble. She tucked her hair strands behind both the ears and moved to the next balloon which was of light green color with pink satin tape hanging in curls.

A similar gift box came into her hand and the balloon moved across her which she moved with her hand. She opened the wrapper and found a box this time a bit bigger than the earlier one. 

She opened it and found a stone and she took it in her hand and analyzed it. She took the note below it and read.

“This is your favorite weapon for the annoying people in your life and I give you all the freedom to use it on me whenever I annoy you beyond limit. And I know right now you are feeling an urge to use it on me because all these years I have annoyed you to an extent no one could”

She smiled and looked at the stone. Chuckling she moved to the next balloon which was yellow in color and a satin tape of baby pink color was hanging around it. She held the gift box and unwrapped it and opened the box.

There was a small couple doll inside a glass globe. “Awww” she smiled holding it and turned back and forth. She found a chit which read.

“I want people to admire us when we are together the way you admired this globe. I want both of us to remain like this for eternity hand in hand. Never wanna leave your hand in this birth and for all the births.”

She smiled closing her eyes and bit her lower lip as blood rushed to her cheeks and made them look more like beetroots and less like cheeks.

She placed the globe aside and moved to the next balloon which was of blue color with yellow satin tape. She held the gift box which was a bit bigger this time. Unwrapping it she opened the box which had something like a book.

When she removed it out of the box it was a small digital album where the photos appeared of every person in her life starting from Ansh.

She took the note below it and it read.

“The people around us who make our life a worthy one. I want them to be with us like this always and bless us to be together.”

She sat admiring the album and the note.

Then there was the last balloon which was red in color and with a white satin tape curling down it. She held the gift box and unwrapped it.

This time the box was a bit smaller than the earlier one but not the smallest.

She opened the box curiously and found a small velvet box in it. Her heart took a high leap reaching her mouth. She opened the red velvet box where a solitaire diamond of heart shape was resting.

Her eyes went wide looking at it. She placed it aside and took the note below it. It read.
“I thought of placing my heart in this beautiful ring but first the size of my heart did not match the ring and secondly I thought girls like diamonds more than a heart and thirdly I wanted to be alive while I make you wear this ring”

She did not knew whether to smile at those cheesy lines or laugh out loud. She sat in between the balloons which were moving with the breeze. Her chin rested on her palm while she admired the surrounding.

“Ragu” she heard her brother’s voice and looked at the door. Vikram was leaning to the door and giving her his ever sweet smile. “What’s this?” she asked pointing across her.

“The life you deserve. The love you deserve” he smiled and she closed her eyes inhaling a deep breath. “You all think I will just accept it as soon as it is known to me?” she asked him.

He straightened himself and walked to her and sat on her bed cupping her one cheek. She looked at her brother whose smile had still not left his face.

“Your acceptance will come some or the other day Ragu because I know that all those years you have craved to know about the person whose face also you could not recall. You have waited for him though there were no signs of his return in your life. Return? You were not even aware that someone of your life has left you. But still you lived and waited for him. That itself is proof that he was always there may be not in your mind but surely in your heart. And we will eventually accept the people who stay in our heart though they had hurt us to a non repairable extent” he caressed her cheek.

“But” she looked at him confused. “I know you are not sure of naming the feelings for Sanskar and we aren’t even pressurizing you. No hurry. Take your time. Spend time with him and I know you will surely out of this confusion soon” he kissed her forehead and she placed her head on his shoulder resting her confusions.

She knew may whatever happen but her brother will give her the right solution and it will surely clear her confusions.

“Ragu breakfast. You will get late to the hospital” Sumi called out from the dining table. She dragged herself away and sat looking down.

“Get ready and come bandariya” Vikram chuckled. Ragini’s jaws dropped to the ground while she stared him. He ran out of her room while she aimed a cushion at him. She ruffled her messed up hair while sitting dragging her legs near to her chest. She looked around her and a smile spread on her lips.

She hopped out  of her bed and walked to the wash room to freshen up.


Ragini was walking in the hallway of the hospital. Just when she was about to open the door of her cabin she felt his presence and turned to find Sanskar looking at her with a huge smile on his face.

Today there were no wrinkles of worry on his face but a glow which reflected his happiness. His happiness to be around his life his Ragini.

She stood numb for a moment and wondered how did she felt him. Some questions always remain unanswered. And this was one among such questions.

She smiled through her wet eyes but suddenly covered that with seriousness. She turned to the door and walked inside the cabin.

Sitting on the chair she opened a file. The door of her cabin opened and she did not look up as she knew the intruder. Sanskar sat in front of her resting his chin over his hand which was in turn resting on the table with the help of his elbow.

Ragini moved her eyes but did not look up at him. And Sanskar just kept admiring her. The silence was creepy when finally Ragini looked up while her uneven breathing gave up to his presence and his gaze.

“What?” she asked looking at him. “What?” he asked moving his head away from his hand. “Why are you here?” Ragini shrank her eye brows. “I’m here” he smiled at her. “Did I say you are in London?” Ragini rolled her eyes.

“I know you are here but why are you here Mr. Rawat?” asked she seriously this time. “Who Mr. Rawat?” he gave her a confused look.

“You of course. Don’t tell me you forgot your surname” Ragini kept herself busy with the files on her table. “Oh the surname. Actually whenever you are around I respond to only one particular name and it’s you know” he blushed.

“Dumbledore” Ragini looked at him with a bore look. “Exactly” he said with those sparkling eyes. She rolled her eyes showing fake displeasure over his acts.

“Whatever. Now will you please mind telling me the reason for your arrival?” she raised her one hand in air which had held the pen.

“Actually Ani…” “What happened to Ani?” Ragini asked concerned. “Actually Ananya…” “What happened to Ananya?” Ragini asked worried now.

“Wo Ani and Ananya…” he said and paused. “What happened to them?” asked Ragini impatiently. “Wo na actually” he said and looked at her.

“Ohho Dumbledore why is that you have a short limited vocabulary. Don’t you find enough words to complete your sentences? Leave sentences you don’t even know completing small expressions. Haven’t you learned to speak? First thing first learn to speak. You know how important is speaking in life. It avoids so many complications. Like if you love someone speak it out before she accepts someone else’s proposal and leaves you behind to sing altaf Raja songs. I don’t dislike those songs but you know they are so depressive for people. I don’t understand some people are there who start crying hearing those songs which are less melodious than the barking of dogs and caws of the crows…” she kept talking and Sanskar just admired her.

Dil ne jisse apna Kaha bekhabar wo hai waha jaane par zameen aasman.

“Hello” she waved her hand in front of him when he sat smiling not responding. “I have seen people covering their ears when I speak so much but you just go to dream land. Is that a new way to avoid my talks?” Ragini asked looking at Sanskar who was smiling.

“I will never want you to stop your blabbering so there is no question of avoiding your talks. I love them like I love my breath” he leaned to her and she looked into his deep eyes which were making her drown.

“Moreover I have to compensate for those three years when I remained out of reach for your talks” he leaned back and she landed to the real world tucking her hair strand behind her ear.

Those feelings were new when he stared at her she felt butterflies inside her stomach and when that trance broke a kind of hollowness inside her chest.

A pain when she had to go away from him. She sure knew he meant something to her but can those feelings named as love she was unsure. She did not wanted to rush into this. At the same time did not wanted let go of the moments when he was around her.

“You were saying something about Ani and Ananya” Ragini shifted the topic back. “Oh haa. Actually Ani and Ananya are gone to their grandmother’s house in Puna.” he said and Ragini gave him a sharp look.

“So why did you come here?” asked she shrugging her shoulders. “Um actually” he was again trying to form the sentence. “Not again” Ragini rolled her eyes.

“Have you learned completing sentences?” asked she leaning back. “I have but” “But?” Ragini asked him confused.

“But when you are around I lose all my senses and only talk non sense. And don’t blame me as it is what you have taught me” he said and she sighed deeply.

“You ever realized?” she asked giving him a mocking smile. “What?” asked he. “That you were born brainless” she stretched her lips to give him a mocking grin.

“I was born with a brain and heart. You took away my heart and while being with you I might have dropped my brain somewhere” he said giving her a boyish grin.

“Ohho don’t put so much cheese I’m gonna slip due to it” she said looking at him. “Now tell me why are you here?” she asked and he looked at her.

“And this time give me a legit reason than hitting around the bush will you?” asked she and he stood up from his chair and moved to her.

He bent to her while she looked at him lost he held her hand and caressed it with his thumb. “What if I say I just wanted to see you” he whispered and she looked at him not even blinking her eyes losing in his cologne and his towering form which made her all numb suddenly.

“What if I say I do not want to spend more time without you” he bent more towards her and she swallowed sore lump and tried retorting to him but failed miserably.

“What if I say I want to whisk you away from everyone and place you so near to me that even our shadows don’t depart from each other. What if I say I want to spend my each second of life watching your face. What if I say I want to spend my life listening to your continuous talks which will not let me utter even a word?” he leaned more and more and she struggled to breath as the distance between them decreased dangerously.

“What if I say I want to be with you for every birth I take in this universe with you though you become that green colored gamora and I will be born as self praising star lord. Even if I become the sarcastic Tony Stark and you ever sweet pepper. Even if I was born as sincere Steve Rogers and you as brave Peggy Carter. Even if I was born as shy bruce banner who turn outs to be a green gaint hulk and you as ruthless Natasha Romenoff” he looked into her eyes.

“You forgot Thor and Jane” she said and he smiled at her. “I want our love story to be like that of humans not like that of god” he said and her eye brows knitted.

“Love story?” she pushed him away and walked away. “Are you kidding me?” asked she looking at him.

He held her elbow and dragged her near. She landed on his hard chest where his heart galloped and her heart gained the same speed due to momentum.

Looking straight into her eyes he leaned to her. “I love you Ms Dumb head. And I will do that all my life though you accept it or reject it. Though you remain confused about it all your life I know you feel the same for me. And I will wait all my life for your realization” his eyes sparkled and Ragini felt weak.

“Sanskar” she whispered painfully. “I cannot assure you of anything” she said looking at him with her teary eyes.

“I don’t want any assurance from you Ragini. I never wanted it anyway. More than the words you speak, more than the love you shower, more than the emotions you feel for me, more than those small things you do to cheer me, more than the trust you have on me, what I have craved is just your presence. Though you don’t show me love or even if you find it hard to trust me I just want you to stay with me. After returning and finding you so close to me now it seems so impossible for me to stay away from you. I feel I will die this time if I leave” she placed her lips over his lips to stop him.

She did not knew why she did that. But she could not hear him speaking of going away from her. She could not let him speak of the force which may depart them because other than that there was nothing which could separate them.

She closed her eyes inhaling his breath and letting those held tears to drop down and travel on her cheek reaching their lips which were molded with each other. Sanskar took a deep breath dragging her more close to himself.

He possessively held her near to him like he did not wanted to let her go ever. He did not  wanted to be departed this time just wanted to be with her though his presence meant nothing to her.

The moment flew and they felt breathless after some time. She placed her head aligning her ear to his fast beating heart.

“I don’t know have I loved you like this in the past Sanskar but I love you now to an extent I can’t describe it in words. And I have no better way than this” she knelt in front of him holding his hand.

“Will you marry me and make me Mrs. Sanskar Rawat and promise to stay with me for more than forever?” asked she with tears brimming her eyes. She brought the box which Sanskar had placed in her room in the morning.

He knelt in front of her and smiled through his tears. He slipped the ring in her finger and kissed her hand. Touching her forehead with his he looked into her eyes taking a deep breath.

“You don’t need to love me like you did earlier. I’m more than happy to start a new life with you where I will fill new memories. Memories which will never leave us. Memories which will make us Ragini and Sanskar together. Memories which will remain in our heart” he said and she leaned forward to peck his lips. He dragged her into his embrace.

She was finally at peace finding the meaning to her life and naming those feelings as love. She was more than happy to be with him though she remembered nothing about her past with him but she was sure of a future filled with love with him beside him hand in hand always.


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