He stood in front of the Ganesh Ji’s idol and stared it blankly. “Jajman prasad” the Pandit’s voice hit his eardrums and he moved a bit and smiled at the pandit.

He forwarded his hand and the pandit placed the prasad over his palm and he swallowed it and looked at the Ganesh ji’s idol again.

“Jajman. You seem disturbed” the pandit looked at his face analyzing it. “I don’t know. My heart feels a pain like someone near to me is not good. But to my bad luck I don’t have anyone in my life. I’m all alone” he smiled sadly.

The pandit smiled at him. “We don’t decide the people who will affect us and who don’t. It all is in God’s hand. He is the only person who knows where the bloodlines flow and where our heart strings are connected. You might think you are alone in this world but your heart knows that you are not” he moved forward and Shekar stood there blankly.

“But I know I have lost everyone. Every single person of my life” he smiled through his tears. “Now I have only days to pass not the people to live beside” he looked at the idol. “If you are sending some feelings which are intended for someone else then please keep that person fine. I might not know them but they need you Bappa. And I know you love all your children equally don’t you?” the pandit turned hearing him and looked at Shekar.

“You talk so much like Ragu” he spoke to Shekar surprised. That name for an unknown reason created a disturbance in his heartbeat. “Ragu?” he looked with a question on his face.

“There is a sweet child her name is Ragini. She talks like this only with Ganesh Ji’s idol” he smiled remembering her. “Um hmm. Interesting. Her name is so beautiful. I remember someone very near to my heart having the same name.” his eyebrows scrunched.

“Oh that’s a great coincidence. Actually she hasn’t come from two days. Otherwise she will be here at this time everyday to talk to her favorite God” he smiled widely. Shekar’s smile spread on his face. “She must be really special. My Lado was same” a tear tripped his eye.

“Your kid?” the pandit asked as they walked and settled at the edge of the temple. Shekar nodded his head and wiped the tear which left his eye.  “She was my life” he said looking at the horizon. “Was?” asked the pandit.

Shekar closed his eyes painfully. “Yeah she was. She just left me all alone in this world to fight alone” he said with a gloomy smile.

“What happened to her?” asked the pandit curious. “She…. she…..” his throat formed a lump and it was difficult for him to speak further.

He remembered all his time with his daughter and at last that smile which she flashed while getting into a train just sent jolts of electricity in his mind.

He held his head and tried understanding the surrounding. “Jajman… jajman what happened to you. Is there anyone with you? I will call them.” the pandit spoke worried.

“I… don’t have anyone with me” Shekar struggled to speak. “Birju… birju” he looked back inside the Mandir. A teenage boy ran to him who had worn the kurta. “Birju look after the mandir. I will just drop this jajman at the nearby hospital he doesn’t seem good” he said helping Shekar to stand.

They both walked to the road which was down the stairs. The pandit stopped the taxi and helped Shekar to settle in then he guided the driver to take to the nearby hospital.

Shekar held his head which just flashed his daughter’s face in front of him. Tears continuously brimmed over his face.
His body felt a hand on his shoulder and Sanskar looked up to find a nurse. “Excuse me sir. Are you with the patient?” she asked. He nodded his head.

“Actually I have to change her bed sheets but all the ward boys are busy. So can you please help me to shift her so that I can change her bed sheets?” asked she with a pleading look. Sanskar got up and followed her.

As he stepped in like as if  her heart beat felt his presence and it made a loud beep. He looked at her motionless body and a tear tripped his eye looking at her bed ridden state. Her talks had become oxygen to his life where as two days had passed without hearing her voice and he was not able to survive more without her.

He walked slowly to her hesitant not able to see her in that state.

“Sir please can you pick her and place on the other bed beside” the nurse signed to the empty bed behind him. He nodded his head and neared her and her breath breathed a life within him. It looked like his heart relaxed sensing her breaths.


It was the day before Sanskar was about to take a holiday for his marriage rituals. Ragini’s heart was restless for an unknown reason.

“Hey Ms. Badbad” Sanskar waved his hand in front of Ragini who was lost in her own thoughts. “Hun?” she cocked her head towards him.

“Where are you lost? Did you completed the dictation?” asked he and she realized what was she actually doing. “No.. I mean yes. I was just…” she tried forming words.

“Ohho Ms. Badbad is gonna miss me for a week that’s why losing her concentration” he smirked leaning to the chair.

She stared him blankly. ‘Does he know mind reading’ her mind spoke.

“Wah wah kya joke maara? I was worried for my bestie she has to tolerate you na Dumbledore?” she stuck her tongue out and teased him.

“Oh come one now. Accept it that you will miss me” he said bending forward. “You have assumption decease and you need a good psychiatrist who can detect that tiny brain and analyze what is wrong with you” she bent in front of him.

He hit his head to her head. She opened her mouth. “You will miss me mark my words” he said sticking his tongue out. She hit his head with hers and smirked. “Be in your dream land”

“By the way I will be attending your marriage na so where the question pops that I will miss you. I have to tolerate your Kankhajura face all day” she said annoyed.

“You called me Kan what?” Sanskar looked at her confused after getting up furiously. “Haaw you don’t know Kankhajura?” she closed her mouth and widened her eyes.

“Are you gonna give me crores of rupees If I would have told the answer?” he gave her a bore look.  “Who knows you might one day sit on a hot seat in front of Mr. Amitabh Bachan and this will be your question for winning 7 crore rupees in KBC” she said dreamily.

“And your option will be A) Kaan khujana    B) Khujli wala Kaan   C) Kaan me chillana  and D) Ek tarah ka keeda hain?” she acted like Amitabh Bachan with her right hand in front of him and with a bent back.

“I choose option D and now I know what you called me actually” Sanskar said crossing his arms. “Congratulations. You have won 7 crores” she jumped excitedly.

“Now give me my 7 crores” he stretched his hand. Ragini stopped jumping and gave him a disgusted look.

“What?” asked he. “You are a business tycoon and stretching your hand in front of your secretary for money” she said controlling her laugh.

“You said I won 7 crores” he said with questioning eyes and walked to her. “I said? No no Mr. Dumbledore don’t be Ghajni now. Remember it was said by Mr. Amitabh Bachan. So go and ask him” she said turning other side with her crossed arms.

“You” he showed his index finger furiously. He realized she was not affected. Smirking he held her one hand and dragged it behind him and lifted her over his shoulder.

“OMG Dumbledore drop me down. If someone saw then” she looked outside. There were only few employees as it was beyond the work hours and Ragini has to stay as her boss will be going on a leave from next day.

“Now say you will do what I say” he demanded. She looked out and was scared that if someone notices her boss’s madness it is going to create a havoc.

“Fine fine.. I will do as you say now drop me down” she said scared. “Say please” he smirked.

“Ahhh” she hissed with anger. “Fine. Please drop me down” she said and he dropped her down. She closed her eyes fearing of landing on the ground with a thud but felt his strong arms holding her safe.

“Phew” she sighed with relief. “Don’t worry. I will not let you go so easily” he said in her ears and his hot breath fanned her neck soothing her and she closed her eyes and held his shoulder tightly.

He dragged her up and she stood away from him and stared the ground as she could not stare in his eyes. His lips curled up to form a smile when the blush rushed to her cheek.

“I’m getting late” she said tucking her hair strand and walked to the door. “Ragini” her name in his voice sent those goosebumps all over her body and suddenly her name sounded so melodious to her. She held the door knob as if to get the strength.

She slowly turned to him and saw him standing with her bag in his hand. She walked to him and snatched it tiptoeing.

“Shall I say a truth or a lie?” she looked up at him and his eyes shone when he had that boyish grin on his face. “Let me say both You look beautiful when you blush” her eyes met his eyes and time seemed locked itself in their eyes.

“And?” she asked lost. He neared her and her heartbeats went wild. “And…” he whispered in her ears bending to her height and her toes curled in not able to contain the ticklish feeling his husky voice created.

“I was not lying” he smirked and walked past her and stepped out of the cabin leaving her numb stationed in her place.

****Flashback ends***

He kept staring her face remembering the past where she was around him and filling his life with colours he never realized.

A tear which escaped his eye this time lied on her hand. He had already placed her on the spare bed waiting for the nurse’s instruction to shift Ragini back to her bed.

Kahin toh… kahin toh hogi wo duniya jaha  tu mere saath hai.(There might be a world where you will be with me)
Jaha mai aur jaha tu aur jaha bass  tere mere jazbaath hain( I don’t know whether that world exists or not)
Hoti jaha subah teri palkon ki kirono me(Where the day will start with sunrays of your eyes filling my mornings)
Jaane na kaha wo duniya hai…. Jaane wo hai bhi ya nahi( I don’t know where is that world. Does that world exist or not also I don’t know)
Jaha meri zindagi mujhse itni kafaa nahi (Where my life will not be angry on me)

His heart wished for a world where there were no complexities and he could live with her peacefully. He did not needed any riches, he did not needed any comforts but just her presence.

“Please come back Ragini… I need you…I can’t live…” he broke down holding her hand pressing against his forehead.

He felt a pull on his shoulder and Vikram turned him furiously and dragged him holding his collar. “Vikram” Yohan resisted. “I had warned you. His shadow also should not touch my sister” Vikram shifted his angry glare to Yohan.

“I will take him away. Just leave him” said Yohan. “Dare you come near my sister” Vikram warned pushing Sanskar away.

He stumbled and stood still looking at Ragini. Her hands moved like they wanted to stop him. “She needs me” Sanskar walked forward passing Yohan and was stopped by Vikram. “She doesn’t need you. Got that. She doesn’t need you” he pushed Sanskar.

“You know nothing Vikky” Sanskar wiped his face and walked again and this time Yohan held his shoulder. “No Bhai” he pleaded him.

“You are not understanding Yohan. She is calling me” he said looking at Yohan who looked at him painfully.

“Like you understand her. Tell me why you are doing all this?” Vikram deadpanned at him.

Jaane tu meri kya hai…. Jane mai tere kya tha… sath tere har pal sath har lamha tha.
Jaane kaisa gum hai…
Jaana dil jaana kaise maine na jaana yeh pyar to hai jaane tu ya jaane na.

A tear tripped his eye when he looked at Vikram whose face had zero expression. 

“I love her….” he screamed on top of his voice. “I…. love her….” he said now as a whisper. “I can’t live without her” he started breaking down and collapsed on the floor.

“I can’t live without her beside me” he looked up at Vikram.

Vikram composed himself and bent to Sanskar’s height and held his jaws with all the fury he had within him. “You know why she is in this state?” asked Vikram and his blood shot eyes depicted his anger.

“Because I told her your truth” Sanskar’s eyes widened in shock. “What?” Sanskar looked at him confused. “I told her you are the one who is responsible for my bacha’s death” he said with those blood shot eyes.

“No” he gasped shocked. “No” he got up and looked at Vikram. ‘Did she remembered the accident? No no this can’t happen. I… I can’t let her drown herself in the guilt. I can’t. I will take this blame all my life for this’ his mind and heart battled.

“Why did you do this Vikky? Why” Sanskar looked at him helplessly. “Because she deserved the truth” Sanskar closed his eyes hearing him.

Everything around him broke into pieces. His heart started sinking with the fear. Fear of losing her. ‘I’ll take this blame all my life but she should not remember anything’ his heart wished to that invisible God whom he had never believed but suddenly felt a need for that divine presence.

“ Now you understood that what your presence in her life brings? If you don’t want to hurt her more just stay  away from her” Vikram warned him.

“Sir can you pleas place her back on the bed” the nurse across the curtain spoke who was unaware of the happenings. Sanskar walked to Ragini passing Vikram and picked her and placed back on her bed.

Before Vikram could respond Ragini was on her bed lying peacefully. Her saline needle stuck to Sanskar’s shirt when he turned. He looked back at her and smiled.

“Ohho Ms. Dumb. I will come back soon. You know your Bro is in Volcano mood right now. So let it cool down” he spoke as if his words will reach her brain.

Vikram walked to him and released Sanskar’s shirt and stared him. “You know what? I will never let you near her at any cost” Vikram warned him.

“I need not stay near her Vikky. She stays here” he pointed at his heart. “Now you cannot snatch her from here. For that I have to stop breathing” Sanskar smiled with those twinkling eyes.

“And I will take your breath also for my sister” Vikram looked at him. “Yeah better you do that now. Because you can’t separate us. Now. Not at all” Sanskar mocked him.

“Will see” said Vikram. “Will see too” Sanskar gave him a grin.

Behind them Ragini lied without the slightest clue.

On the entrance of the hospital the pandit entered with Shekar who was feeling it difficult to hold the pain in his head.

Sumi felt a sudden jolt running in her heart when he was walking just behind her back when she stood near Ganesh Ji’s idol. Her eye lashes flapped open.

Shekar was taken inside a cabin when she turned she missed seeing him. ‘Why do I feel Shekar’s presence?’ her mind spoke.

She walked further to the cabins which were lined. Her steps were slow and unsure. She stood outside the cabin and neared the door.

She held the knob and turned it and the door opened.

“Maa” she heard Vikram’s voice and looked at her right. Shekar who turned back hearing the door knob turning sound looked at someone whose only hand was visible. He stood up to walk.

“What are you doing here?” Vikram walked to her and took her away holding her shoulders. Shekar found two people walking whose back faced him.

As he turned to enter the door closing it behind Sumi turned but missed him again.

“Were you treated for any nerves problem?” the doctor’s words dragged Shekar’s attention when he settled on the chair again.

“Um. Yeah” said he holding his head. “I need to check your reports” said the doctor. “I.. I’m sorry. I don’t have the reports” said he hesitantly.

“They are with me” said a voice from behind and Shekar’s eyes went wide listening to that familiar voice.


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