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Chapter 15

Was there any Rewind button for life Sanskar would have tried it undo the things happened years ago. The night which snatched every little happiness he had in his life. A family which he had formed which was not directly related to him but it was closer than the family his blood had bound him to.

Kumud was no less than a mother to Sanskar when she entered Sahil’s life. There had been no secrets between these Devar Bhabi duo and there was no match for their bond.

Sahil and Sanskar were more close than brothers could be. Being from the wombs of two blood related sisters one more thing which connected them was that they both were born in just a week’s difference.

Sahil was Avantika and Harish’s first child where as Sanskar was Annapurna and DP’s third child. They grew together and attended the same school. More like twins less like cousins they were complement to each other. It was the first day of their school where they met Vikram.

Vikram instantly got glued to their life like he was always there. A friendship which was center of many people’s envy was what three of them cherished.

It was the day when Sahil met Kumud in the park for the first time when she visited it for the first time with her brother Vikram. The innocence of childhood love which they cherished throughout the years they grew. Vikram was very happy when Sahil proposed Kumud and both of them got married in a month after Sahil was settled as a businessman.

The day Kumud entered Raheja mansion as Sahil’s bride was the day when Sanskar and she grew fond of each other like siblings. Sahil and Kumud’s married life was not the bed of roses as Avantika initially did not get along with Kumud but as the time passed Kumud knit everyone in a bunch as a family.

Avantika and Annapurna had parted ways due to small misunderstanding which of course was mended by Kumud who brought them together and made the Raheja’s and Rawat’s the numero uno business firm of India. She had that aura to bring everyone together.

A year after their marriage Kumud was pregnant with Sahil’s child. It was the first child of the next generation so the expectations were high. Ansh was piece of her soul as defined by Kumud. He brought more happiness to their lives.

When he was six months old and the family was celebrating Kishan’s marriage functions the night of his marriage turned out to be fatal for the whole family.

“Sanky” Kumud called Sanskar who was greeting the guests. “Haa Bhabi” he stood in front of her. “You look like joker in this” she pointed at his pagadi which was not tied properly. Sanskar pouted when she chuckled. “Aww you really look cute” she pulled his nose.

“Bhabi” he cried rubbing his nose. “Okay come on now I have to get the gifts I forgot at home in a hurry” she walked to the parking. “It’s okay Bhabi the gifts won’t run away and moreover where will you go. You can give the gifts tomorrow also. Kishan Bhai is not gonna takes his eyes away from Anji Bhabi to look at the gifts. Pack a box and gift him he will receive that with a 1000 Volt smile. Morning you can change the gifts” said he and walked behind her to stop her.

“Sanky. You are laziness brand ambassador I must say. It will take just half an hour to go and come back. I being mother of six month child ain’t finding reasons you are behaving like you are nine months pregnant” said Kumud annoyed.

“Who will walk with such big tummy. When I will become pregnant na I will not step out of the bed just after the first month” he said imagining. Kumud burst out laughing. “Oye dreamer. Such situation will not arise at all because you can’t become pregnant” she shrugged her shoulders. “Thank God” he sighed opening the car door.

He ignited the engine and Vikram who just entered the venue saw their car passing. “Kumu bacha” he screamed but due to the raised glass doors his voice went unheard. He looked at the car confused. He was not understanding where did Kumud go at this time with Sanskar leaving the function.

“Hey Sahil” Vikram waved at Sahil who was at the entrance holding Ansh and greeting the guests. “Where did Kumu go?” asked he taking Ansh. “She was here only” he said looking around. “I saw her …” he was interrupted when Harish called “Sahil” “Coming dad” said he and excused himself. Vikram entered the mansion with Ansh in his hand.

For a strange reason Ansh was crying very badly that day. He was not cooling down at all. Vikram roamed around the whole mansion to cool him but it was having no effect. It looked like he sensed something. Something before it could happen.

Sanskar and Kumud were on their way back to Rawat Mansion where the marriage reception was going on. “Bhabi wear the seat belts” Sanskar signed her and for a fraction of second his eyes moved away from the road. “Sanky careful” Kumud turned the steering as the car hit a scooter at the edge. To prevent hitting it badly when Kumud turned the steering the car was on the opposite lane where a truck approached them.

As Kumud was on the side which got impacted first pushed Sanskar out of the car and by the time the truck hit the car she was alone inside it. The car twirled before it to a street pole. The truck stopped and the people around gathered hearing the loud noises.

Sanskar watched the car being crushed due to the truck’s hit with his blood smeared eyes. “Bhabi…” he screamed with all the energy he had within him that time. But he was too helpless to act. He could cry and watch whatever was happening. His eyes then moved to the road where the scooter fell and the girl lied on the road unconscious.

Her head was bleeding but he could see her face clearly. His vision blurred in few more seconds. Then what happened after that he was unaware.

When he woke up he did not knew for how many days he was unconscious. Then Pari told him that he was unconscious from a week. “Kumud Bhabi?” he asked to which Pari who was sitting on the hospital bed beside him could not reply.

“Sanskar beta take this prasad” Annapurna who entered his ward spoke to divert the topic. “Where is Kumud Bhabi maa?”asked he to which Annapurna could not meet his eyes. “Take this you will be fine soon” said she holding the prasad in front of his mouth.

“Where is Kumud Bhabi?” he screamed. Annapurna who was looking at the fallen prasad was taken a back due to his sudden outburst. She just could not answer his question. He removed the needles attached to his body and walked out stumbling.

“Sanskar” Annapurna walked behind him and Pari followed her.

“Sahil” he screamed standing at Raheja Mansion. His stitches were still hurting. He held his hurting rib and waited for Sahil to come out. “Sahil” he screamed again. “Why have you come here now?” he felt a pull on his collar. Vikram was furiously holding his collar and shaking him vigorously with rage.

“Vikky” he tried getting out of Vikram’s hold. “Vikky” Sumi dragged the agitated Vikram away. “He killed my bacha maa. He killed her” Vikram screamed and Sanskar’s world collapsed at the revelation. His legs could not take his body weight and he collapsed on the floor with a thud.

“It was an accident Vikram” Annapurna who walked to Sanskar held him and looked at Vikram. Vikram’s eyes burned and his face twitched. “No…. He killed my sister” Vikram screamed. Sanskar just stared the ground. He wasn’t out of the shock still.

“Bhabi… Bh.. bhabi” he mumbled not able to form any words. “Sanky” Pari cupped his face to relax him but he was not responding. “It was an accident Vikram for god sake try to understand” Avantika spoke coming to the hall. Sahil was sitting on the sofa lifeless. It had been a week that he even spoke a word from his mouth.

‘Sahil’ he felt he heard Kumud’s voice and his eyelids moved a bit in a week.

‘Sahil stop Vikky Bhai. It wasn’t Sanky’s fault. I had only this much time with you’ he could hear a faint voice.

He looked up and found Vikram screaming at Sanskar. He wiped his face and walked to them. “Vikky” he screamed standing in front of Vikram.

“It wasn’t Sanskar’s fault” Sahil spoke with controlled emotions. His eyes were burning but he could not let out the tears. ‘You know what cools Vikky Bhai’ he felt Kumud’s voice again. Sahil immediately hugged Vikram and his held emotions busted. “Why did she go?” he whispered in between his sobs.

Vikram’s anger started cooling bit by bit and he let out a sigh before embracing Sahil and closed his eyes letting the tears flow out.

“True” Sanskar looked up and met Vikram’s eyes. “I killed her.” he stood up. “I…. I killed her… I killed Kumud Bhabi” he pointed at himself painfully. “Sanskar” Annapurna tried stopping him but he showed his palm to her and back walked.

“Vikky I killed your bacha. Sahil I killed your Kumud and I killed Ansh’s mother” he did not know how he was feeling. “True she was killed. It wasn’t accident” he remembered the girl’s face. His blood boiled and he closed his fist. “I couldn’t see you all happy so I killed her” he looked at Sahil with stiff face.

Sahil slapped him. “One more time you repeat that sentence I will forget what you are to me” said Sahil warning. “But that’s the fact Sahil. I killed her. I killed her” said he smiling through his tears. “And I will not be at peace until I find the reason for this accident and prove you wrong Sanky. I will not be” said Sahil determined.

“And he will be proved the reason” said Vikram and glared Sanskar who was blabbering to himself not in his senses completely. Vikram stormed out from there furious and Sumi followed him.

“Badi Maa before I kill him take him away from my eyes” said Sahil and stormed to his room. Annapurna held Sanskar from one side and Pari supported him from the other side. Avantika looked at Sanskar painfully. He was no less than Sahil to her and seeing him in that situation only increased her grief.

Her Daughter in law who had become her daughter had left the world leaving behind six month old grandson. Her son had drown himself in the never ending grief. Wasn’t she aware how much Sahil loved Kumud and he will not give that place to anyone in his life and Ansh at this age needed a mother. 

Sanskar’s hate only grew for the girl who was responsible for breaking his family again. The girl who snatched Ansh’s mother at that age and left Sahil in an ocean of grief. And when she again surfaced in his life like nothing happened only increased his hate more.

But she was not any girl. She was Ragini who brought a life to any lifeless human also. How much ever he tried to hate her his love only got stronger. He wanted to hurt her but her pain hurt him more than his own pain. He could never define why his heart was always weak in front of her.

Her chirpiness made him to come out of his grief without even a slightest idea that she only pushed him into it. Where on the other hand his love for Ragini had grown beyond the limits. For her happiness he could do anything. Anything in the sense even destroying himself.

“Sanskar” Annapurna’s voice snapped him out of his past and he landed in the present. He looked at his pagadi which was falling off miserably. Someone held it and untied it to tie it in a proper manner. “You know Kumud was right you look funny in this” Sahil chuckled through his moist eyes.

“Hmm” Sanskar hummed controlling his tears. “Sanky” Pari who walked with her baby bump stood at the door beside Annapurna who was admiring Sanskar and Sahil. “Bhabi how am I looking?” Sanskar turned to Pari. Annapurna felt bad as he did not answer her who came earlier.

Without your happiness you look as lifeless as a dead body’ she thought but smiled through her tears. “Best” she smiled at him. “See I told you na. Whatever happen one person who will still complement is my Pari Bhabi” he walked to her and side hugged her and she held his hand.

“Now don’t spoil my make up more. I have to be like this till the Mehendi Function finishes” said Pari complaining. “Dramebaz Pari” said Sahil. “Aur Khajur Sahil” Pari showed him her tongue. “They still fight like small kids don’t they?” Annapurna asked Sanskar who did not respond but walked down helping Pari.

Annapurna stood with a broken heart which was filled with Sanskar’s ignorance. “Only if you wouldn’t have forced him to marry Kavya. He wouldn’t have had that hate for you Badi maa.” said Sahil consoling Annapurna. “I had no other choice Sahil. I thought about his good. What mistake I did?” asked she painfully.

“I don’t know Badi Maa. But he is not happy with this marriage and I realized it the day this marriage was fixed. You gave up his happiness to patch up with your brother but you did not feel it necessary to ask him his wish on this?” asked Sahil. “I wanted my family out of the financial crisis it was going through. I wanted all of us to live happily without getting effected by the financial situations” said Annapurna helplessly.

“We can’t do anything now Badi Maa. Mark my words my Sanky will keep his promise he gave to you. He will be in this marriage all his life. But love. I don’t think he will be able to love Kavya ever” said Sahil. “Time will heal everything” Annapurna walked with him down the stairs.

Kavya who was standing behind them without their knowledge had tears in her eyes.


Chapter 17.

She did not knew how to react to this. Her dad almost bought her happiness in stake for Sanskar’s happiness. Sanskar her childhood best friend. She could not define her pain at the time. She wanted to cry but could not.

“Anjali bring Kavya” said Avantika arranging the Mehendi. Anjali smiled at her and walked up to bring Kavya. She sat in her room lifeless. Her life looked aimless. “Kavi” Anjali walked to her. She caressed Kavya’s face and took her down with her.

“Kavi” Ragini screeched hugging her. “Congratulations” she dragged herself out of the hug and looked at Kavya’s face. It did not had the charm of a ‘to be bride’.

Ragini was confused. Before she could confront Kavya she was dragged by Annapurna. Ragini stood giving Annapurna a weird look like how she stares at the ‘chipku aunties’ and Annapurna walked just giving a glance to her.

She turned to Anjali who smiled at her and Ragini smiled back at her. Sanskar who was forced by Kishan to look up found Ragini who was standing behind walking Kavya.

His eyes stationed and breathing became uneven. Ragini was talking to Anjali and laughing and his heart like always started fluttering with joy.

“Oye Gadhe your bride is there” Kishan turned his face forcefully and Sanskar bowed down his head smiling for his fate which was laughing at his condition.

“Hey Dumbledore” Ragini waved at Sanskar when she stood at the buffet to take the food. When she walked excited to wish him Sanskar was over the phone talking and Kavya was sitting on the mandap kind of arrangement made for her and was being applied with the Mehendi Annapurna mixed.

Suddenly he turned and the plate in Ragini’s hand fell and the hot curry fell on her hand burning it. Sanskar disconnected the call and held Ragini’s hand worried. “Gosh dumb girl can’t you be careful. Are you  on a race? Always running around” he said annoyed blowing air on her burning hand.

“Ahh” she winced in pain and he looked up at her. Her face was smeared with tears. He couldn’t see her in that state. “Come” he dragged her with him. He reached Pari and Adarsh’s room where Adarsh was patting Anisha’s back to make her fall asleep. “Sanky?” Adarsh looked at him surprised.

“Big Bro. She is hurt. Where is first aid box?” asked Sanskar worried. Adarsh placed Ani on the bed carefully. She turned in her sleep.

“Wait I will get it” said Adarsh and walked to his cupboard. Sanskar looked around and found the mini freezer at the corner. He walked to it and brought the ice and placed it on Ragini’s hand. She closed her eyes feeling the pain and it squeezed Sanskar’s heart.

“Take” Adarsh interrupted his thoughts and he took the first aid box from him. He searched an ointment and applied on the wound blowing air from his mouth. Ragini who had closed her eyes opened her eyes and watched him caring for her. She was lost looking at him. Sanskar who lifted his head looked into her eyes and was lost in those orbs.

“Ahem Ahem” Adarsh cleared his throat to bring them to the real world. Both jerked and looked around to realize where exactly they are.

“What was the need to be so chirpy holding a hot plate?” asked Sanskar with anger clearly depicting from his eyes. She was a bit scared due to his anger but did not show it.

“I can’t control my chirpiness Mr. Dumbledore you know me so well. When you knew I was the one calling you. You should have been bit careful. Don’t you know how messed up I am at times. At least this much I can expect from my Boss. Can’t I?”

She turned to Adarsh and continued “Isn’t Mr. BB?” she placed her hand under her chin.

“Break” Sanskar closed her mouth with his hand. She still kept blabbering looking at him shrinking her eyes.

“If you don’t stop surely I’m gonna taper your mouth” Sanskar warned her and she pleaded him. He removed his hand and she was about to talk further but Sanskar showed his finger and she pouted closing her mouth.

“Phew. Have you ever tried stopping that bullet train which leaves your mouth?” he asked getting up. She twisted her lips and he turned his face not able to control his smile.

“What is she?” asked Adarsh who was gaping at her with his mouth open. “Sadly my P.A” said Sanskar and Ragini fumed and searched for something to hit him and finally found a cushion which she threw in his direction. He bent and got saved himself from it.

She was about to throw the other cushion but sleeping Anisha grabbed her hand and Ragini stopped and looked back. The little angel was fast asleep and was innocently smiling in her sleep. Ragini instantly cooled down looking at her.

“She is…” Ragini screamed looking at Sanskar with gleaming eyes. He hit his forehead and she lowered the volume of her voice and turned to Anisha. “She is so cute” Ragini whispered caressing Ani’s face with her other hand.

“She is indeed” Sanskar sat beside her and looked at Anisha. When Ragini turned to him their faces were very close and both could hear their heartbeats due to the proximity and they again looked into each others eyes lost.

Adarsh slowly removed Ragini’s hand from Anisha’s hold and she broke the eye lock and they both looked around embarrassed. She tucked her hair strand behind her ear and he let out a sigh like she bound him to some magical spell.

Tu hi tho Jannat meri Tu hi mera Junun(You are my heaven and you are my craziness)
Tu hi tho mannat Meri Tu hi ruh ka Sukun(You are my ultimate prayer and you are my soul’s peace)
Tu hi akhiyo ki thandak Tu hi dil ki hai dastak(You give calmness to my eye and make my heart beat)
Aur kuch na jaanu mai Bass ithna hi Janu(I don’t know anything but one thing)
Tujhme rab dikhta hai yaara mai kya karu(I see God in you what can I do about it)

Was there any word which could define his feelings around her? No definitely not. He just felt that divine peace what everyone experience in worship places when he was around her.

“Sanky Bhai?” Yohan searched around for Sanskar as Annapurna made him to look for him when Sanskar was missing from a long time.

He stopped at a door where he heard sobs. He leaned to the door and now the sobs were clear. He raised his hand to knock at the door but the door was open before only.

He peeped inside and found someone standing near the balcony. He walked in and as the distance between them decrease he realized it was Kavya.

“Kavi?” she just needed fraction of second to recognize Yohan’s voice. Turning to him she hugged him without smudging her mehendi on his Shervani but covering him with her elbows.

He was surprised. “Kavi?” he asked worried. She did not reply but burst into a bitter cry. The emotions she held so long at last busted and there was no end to her misery.

On the other hand Yohan stood blank. It was her Mehendi and he has been witnessing how excited she was due to this marriage and suddenly she is in such vulnerable state.

As her sobs increased his heart felt squeezing pain an intolerable pain. He placed his hand on her head and she felt a bit relaxed feeling his comforting touch.

“You are Dumb dumb dumb dumbledore” Ragini crossed her arms and huffed angry.

“You are dumbo Bakbak ki dukan” Sanskar crossed his arms and huffed angry. Adarsh just moved his head from Sanskar then to Ragini and then back to Sanskar like a pendulum as they continued arguing.

“Can anyone tell me why are you hell bent on proving who is dumber as per my observation both of you are equally dumb. No second thought in that” he said tired.

“Wo…” Ragini paused as she tried remembering where did this all started. She placed her index finger on her chin and pouted.

“Ms. First rank Bhulakkad” smirked Sanskar and he paused when he also could not remember where did all started.

“He he Distinction wala Bhulakkad” Ragini twisted her lips cutely.

“Hey Bhagwan Some one save me” Adarsh looked up. “Adi” Pari entered holding her baby bump. Ragini immediately rushed to her give a helping hand.

Pari who was surprised to find Ragini in the room held her hand walking to the bed. On the way she noticed Sanskar and Adarsh who were standing watching her.

“Arrey Ragini” Pari smiled at Ragini after settling down on the bed.

“Careful careful” Ragini made her lean and placed a cushion behind her back. Pari smiled at her gesture.

“Actually na Dee I was hungry. Hungry like I have not eaten from ages, I never felt so hungry but I don’t know today suddenly after the last line of Kavi’s mehendi was finished I felt damn hungry. So I went to the buffet. All my favorite dishes so I took extra. And I was enjoying the aroma of the food suddenly I saw this dumbledore roaming around. He is my Boss right and tomorrow if he scolds me for not wishing him so I thought let me wish him. One work will be done. But this Dumbledore is so dumb he was talking over the phone. When I called him he knew I was calling him. You know I can expect at least this from him as he is my Boss from so many days. Though I forgot now when I joined but it is long time ago. So I just expected him to recognize my damn voice. And he knew right how messed up I’m. Couldn’t he be a bit careful. No Mr. Dumbledore can’t get rid of his dumbness. He had to turn swiftly and the hot plate landed on my hand and I got hurt. He scolded me and dragged me here and with the help of BB he treated my wound. And we were arguing over something and you came” Ragini was speaking speaking and speaking.

“Phew. I thought she will never stop” said Adarsh letting out a sigh.

“You feel me Big Bro” said Sanskar.

“I talk so less and people complain that because me their ears bleed, You only tell me dee do I talk a lot. Haa I talk but I talk necessary things na, Have I talked anything out of the topic or simply blabber?” Pari nodded her head in a NO and smiled at her cute blabbering.

She turned to Sanskar with a smile who nodded his head controlling his smile.

Ragini kept talking and Pari listened to her and was nodding her head. Adarsh looked at her and smiled.

For the first time in years he had seen Pari without those wrinkles of tension over her forehead.

“Kavi” Yohan placed his hand over her shoulder trying to drag her out of the embrace and she tightened her grip not willing to let go of him.

“I love you” her one sentence stopped his heart beat and made his world spin.

His eyes went wide and breathing hacked. He always wondered as a doctor what can make his heart stop from beating and he realized now that it was this moment.

Anjali stood at the door blank looking at Kavya in Yohan’s embrace. It did not shook her until she heard Kavya’s confession.


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