Guilt ( A RagSan FF) Chapter 47

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“What is this Riya?” asked Ragini as she reached her work desk finding a bouquet. “I have no idea. When I came it was already there” said Riya and controlled her laugh. Ragini picked it and looked around it to find the name. She found a stick on which it was written. “For my soul” Her blood boiled and she clenched the bouquet tightly. She neared the dustbin and threw it furiously and looked at Sanskar’s cabin where he was smirking looking at her and winked when her eyes met his. “Who sent it?” asked Riya. “Sa…” she stopped her tongue which twisted to say Sanki and said “Some jobless idiot” and sat on her chair and continued her work. But she could not concentrate. She sighed and picked her mobile and texted him. His smile widened looking at her text and his heart jumped with joy. “I’m gonna finish this today” she said to herself and continued her work.

“What do you think of yourself if you send me flowers and gifts and we will be back to normal?” asked Ragini storming inside his cabin. Sanskar looked at Tarun. “I had told you na I want to talk to you alone then what’s he doing here?” asked Ragini furiously looking at Tarun. Tarun smiled weakly at her gulping. “I was just going Madam” he said and walked out. As he was near the door her turned and whispered a sorry to Sanskar and headed out. Sanskar looked at him pleading him then he sensed Ragini glaring him. He lifted his head and smiled weakly at her. “What?” asked Ragini folding her hands. “I… I….” struggled Sanskar to speak. “Don’t be Phattu Maheshwari now. I’m asking you something” said Ragini and in next moment she was dragged by Sanskar and her hands rested on his chest. “How many times should I tell you not provoke me to prove you that I’m not Phattu; Mrs Maheshwari” he whispered in her ear and kissed it making her nervous. “Why now Sanskar. Why now? Everything is over” said Ragini in cracking voice as she pushed him and stood looking at him. He lifted his head with difficulty and met her eyes. “Because I want you in my life” said he and hot tears rushed on his cheeks. She stopped herself from rushing to him and losing herself in his embrace. “I don’t want this kid on earth” his words still felt fresh and she closed her eyes painfully. “Didn’t I give you a chance to speak? Didn’t I? Now I cannot give you one more chance and hurt myself. I’m sorry I can’t do it” said Ragini and stormed out of his cabin leaving him broken. He pulled his hair to relax his burning face and turned.
“No dee I can’t do it” said Ragini to Swara who was holding Ragini from her shoulder. “Why can’t you Ragu? What is his mistake ha? That he loves you madly?” asked Swara and tears were fighting to drop from her eyes. “Just answer my one question dee” asked Ragini looking straight into her eyes which were blank. “Will you forgive Jeeju if he tried killing Swapnil? Will you?” asked Ragini looking at Swara painfully. “But Ragu” said Swara. “I want my answer dee not one more argument” said Ragini getting out of Swara’s hold. She had no answer. Sanskar was wrong in one context that he did not tell her the real reason and Ragini will not listen to anybody’s explanation.

“Your silence is your answer dee. If he would have told me before I would have agreed but when I felt that life in myself how could I kill it how could I” said Ragini and collapsed on the floor. “How will I tell you the reason behind his decision Ragini. How will I tell you how difficult it was for him to say those words. Ahhh I’m feeling so helpless. You both are right in your places but you both are stubborn enough to avoid anyone’s justification” thought Swara and made Ragini stand holding her shoulders. “Maachi” screeched Swapnil running inside the room and both wiped and hid their tears from him. “My Swapu came from school yay” said Ragini lifting him in her arms and drooled happy. “Maachi you are crying?” asked he wiping water which was on her cheek. “No Swapu. Why will maachi cry.

I just washed my face now and I forgot to wipe” said Ragini and controlled her urge to cry. “Ohho maachi when will you grow up?” said he hitting his head with his little palm and took the pallu of her Sari and wiped her face. Ragini smiled through her tears and kissed his cheek holding his chin. He always cools her anxiety without her saying anything.

“What?” said Ragini over her phone. “Okay thank you so much. No I think he is busy that’s why could not attend the call. Anyways I will let him know” she said and disconnected her call. “Where did he go now?” said Ragini looking at Sanskar’s empty cabin. She walked to it and found Tarun. “Tarun where is Mr. Maheshwari?” asked Ragini. Tarun jerked and said “Wo ma’am, he is in a meeting in conference room” Ragini sighed and headed to conference room. “Mr. Maheshwari…” said Ragini peeping inside the conference room as she found the meeting was over and Sanskar was talking to some client. But he did not hear her. She called two to three times but he did not turn. “Sanki” she said a bit loud and grabbed everyone’s attention. She looked at them and smiled weakly. Sanskar was numb. It had been three years that he heard that name from Ragini’s mouth. He took a deep breath and turned to look at her. Ragini signed him to come out and he smiled widely and walked behind her. “Still they fight?” asked Mr. Mehra surprised looking at them. Sahil smiled weakly at him nodding his head.
“Yes tell me Bandariya” said Sanskar standing behind her. She fumed closing her eyes and turned to him. “Don’t you call me that” she said showing her finger. He held her finger and dragged her to him and said “I will” and smirked. “Why am I wasting my time talking to you” said she and sighed getting her finger out of his hold.
“Papa” said Sanskar entering the room where DP was sitting and Annapurna along with Ansh and Ananya sitting around him. He ran and hugged him in a bone crushing hug. DP caressed his back weakly smiling through his tears.
Pitah se hai naam tera( your name is due to your dad)
Pitah pehchaan teri (Your dad is your identity)
Jiye jis sahaare pe tu
Pitah se woh saans mili (The air you are dependent on for your life; it is given by your dad)
Hai pitah, rab tera (Dad is your God)
Ho Ishwar Allah, Jitne bhi Rab hain
Noor tera tujh mein hi sab hai (May be there are so many Gods in the world but But they reside inside you Dad)

Sanskar burst into a bitter cry holding DP. How much ever you ignore your dad when he is in front of you; but you cannot tolerate a minute of his absence in your life. He scolds you, restricts you but he is our guiding light. Though he doesn’t know to express himself but his heart is filled with infinite love for us which he hides always.

“You know how much I missed you and your tortures” said Sanskar smiling through his sobs. “Sanskar” said Anu glaring him. “Let it be Anu” said DP caressing his cheek and kissed his forehead. “Even me” said DP and laughed a bit. Ragini wiped her tears standing at the door. DP lifted his head and looked at the door and said “Ragini?” she nodded her head smiling. He signed her to come to him. “How do you know?” asked Anu surprised when DP side hugged Ragini and kissed her forehead. “She used to come here every week and used to talk to me. It is all her encouragement which raised my will power to recover Anu” said DP smiling widely. Sanskar looked at Ragini thankfully. Though she was angry on him she did not stop trying to heal his pain. How can someone love so much. Ragini avoided eye contact with him. “Where is my other pothi?” asked DP. “She is at home. We came from office” said Ragini. “Excuse me Mr. Maheshwari” said the doctor grabbing their attention.

“I will just come” said Sanskar and followed the doctor. “I will also see” said Ragini and followed them. “I’m sorry Anu I couldn’t be there when you needed me” said DP holding Anu’s hand. “Leave all that past is past” said Anu sitting beside him holding his hand. “Now we have to think about fixing our broken family” said DP looking at her and Anu smiled nodding her head.

“Mr. Maheshwari he has just recovered from coma and still his health is unstable and his mind is weak. You have to be careful with him. He needs complete rest and no stress at all. Just don’t hurt him” said the doctor which Ragini heard standing at the door. Sanskar nodded his head and headed back to DP’s room. “Ragini beta” said DP signing Ragini to sit beside him. Ragini smiled and sat beside him. “I don’t know how many days I will live more…” said DP and Sanskar screamed “Papa” and glared him. “It’s the truth of life beta nobody is permanent here. I just want to stay with my complete family. Will you fulfill this wish of mine” said he looking at Ragini. Sanskar looked at her painfully. Ragini smiled and nodded her head weakly. Sanskar smiled widely at the thought of Ragini coming back in his life.

“Now where will you run Bandariya” thought Sanskar in his mind and smirked. “You think you got a chance Sanki? Just wait and watch what I will do. If I don’t make your life hell then see” said Ragini looking at Sanskar smirking. “Yipie” screeched Ansh and Ananya hugging Ragini from both the sides happy and Ragini cupped their faces.

“Yohan please. If you have again called to take that Mr. Maheswari’s side then let me cut the call. I think I have given him enough chances in life. I cannot do more than that” said Ragini over the phone and disconnected the call.

“Why is she so stubborn I don’t understand Kavi” said Yohan throwing the phone on the bed and sat holding his head. Kavya sat beside him and placed her hand on his shoulder. “No woman can tolerate those words Yohan” said she looking at him. “I think it’s high time we return to India. I know Sanskar did not tell us this sighting we will rush as soon as we will come to know about their separation and you were pregnant that time. But we could not save our kid also which took you to depression for almost two years and now I feel the time is right we go to India and sort this out” said Yohan. Kavya closed her eyes painfully remembering her miscarriage and sobbed. Yohan dragged her and hugged and tried consoling her. “I’m okay” said Kavya sitting straight and wiping her tears. Yohan kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes and hugged him back.
“I don’t need your help. Just stay away from her” screamed Ragini when Sanskar forwarded his hand to take Pari in his hands as Ragini was struggling to balance her bag and Pari. Sanskar fumed and grabbed the bag from her hand pulling it. And Ragini stumbled and stood looking at him shocked. He walked inside MM and placed her bag in his room. “Who told you I’m gonna stay in your room?” asked Ragini holding her waist with one hand. “You are still my wife Mrs. Maheshwari and I need not ask anyone to make you stay in my sorry our room” said Sanskar proudly. She fumed and picked her bag and walked to Ansh and Ananya’s room. “Maa” screeched both of them and hugged her as soon as she entered their room.

“Ragini beta come for dinner with kids” said DP and Ragini headed to dinner table with kids. “Give I will handle Pari” said Anu nearing Ragini. “No maa that’s okay. I can handle all of them. I don’t want to prove myself to people who don’t trust me” said Ragini and sat on her chair. Anu’s face fell. She composed herself and headed back to dining table smiling. Sanskar felt bad and looked at Anu she signed him that she is okay.

Ragini took Pari’s food and roamed there and made her to eat the food showing different things. “Now Ani and Ansh’s turn” said Ragini forwarding the chapati to Ananya first and then to Ansh. Both smiled and ate the food. Today they felt like they really had food after years. Their smiles spread to their eyes and Anu looked at them smiling. She knew how much they missed Ragini all these years.
“Hmmmm hmmmm” sang Ragini and placed Pari in cradle near the bed. She kissed her forehead and turned to the bed. Ansh and ananya were sleeping . She kissed their forehead and tried lying beside Ananya. But she stretched her legs stopping Ragini from lying on the bed covering it completely. Ragini neared Ansh’s side and Ansh covered the bed from other side. Ragini picked the bedsheet and spread it on the floor. She was about to sleep but she felt someone holding her waist and in next second she was in Sanskar’s arm who picked her and started walking. “What the hell are you doing?” whispered Ragini struggling in his hold.

Sanskar kept walking without answering her. Sanskar entered his room and placed Ragini on the bed and lied beside her. “You think you can hold me forcefully” said Ragini fuming and he held her hand and dragged her over him. “I can do things which you cant even imagine Mrs. Maheshwari” said Sanskar holding her waist. He turned her and made her sleep beside him. She tried getting up again. “See Ragini don’t act like a kid. You cannot sleep on the floor. Why don’t you listen to me?” asked Sanskar annoyed. “Look who is talking. No need to show so much concern. I will sleep on the sofa” said Ragini and got up and lied on the sofa. Sanskar huffed and neared her and picked her again and placed her back on the bed. Before she could say anything he lied on the sofa and closed his eyes facing the ceiling and placing his hand over his forehead.

“You are still angry on me beta?” asked Anu to Ragini who was preparing break fast. “How can I stay angry with you maa. First I’m your bahu, Ansh and Ananya’s mom then I became Sanskar’s wife. But you hurt me maa.” said Ragini holding Anu’s hand. “But beta we did not had any option that time” said Anu and Pari cried disturbing them. “I will just come maa. I think Pari woke up” said Ragini rushing out. As she stood at kids room door she saw Sanskar holding Pari and consoling her and Pari smiling in his arms. How much she wished to witness this. “Please let’s abort this kid we don’t want this” she remembered his words and anger crept her body and she walked furiously and grabbed Pari from his hand and Pari jerked and started crying again.

“What the hell Ragini she will get hurt. Careful” said Sanskar looking at Pari worried and tried touching her. Ragini stopped his hand. “Wow Mr. Maheshwari I must say you are really expert in faking love” said Ragini. “Ragini” screamed Sanskar. “Now you remembered she is also a life, that time where was your concern this love when she was in my womb” said Ragini. Sanskar closed his eyes. His throat was dry and he looked at her helplessly. “Don’t make her addicted to this fake love. I can handle her all alone” said Ragini and moved from there. Sanskar sat on his bed and tears flew from his eyes. She never realized how much she was hurting him. “Poppy” said Ananya wiping his tear from one hand and Ansh wiping his tear from the other side and they nodded their head no. Sanskar grabbed both of them and looked up to control his emotions.
“I can’t handle your this fake concern Sanskar, and I will not let my kid to get addicted to it. I can handle my heart break but I cannot risk her disappointment. I cannot” said Ragini sobbing holding Pari leaning to the pillar outside the room.
“Ragini beta” called DP. “Haa Papa” said Ragini and rushed to him wiping her tears.
“Ragini please listen to me once” said Sanskar pleading Ragini once she entered the room after making the kids sleep. She looked at him blankly and started walking to the bed. Sanskar held her hand and dragged her close to him. “Mistake was yours also. You never told me knowing the truth of your bhayyu’s accident” said Sanskar. “That was my truth Mr. Maheshwari and I did not wanted to disappoint you saying I can never forgive you and break you” said Ragini.

“Can’t you give me a chance to present my side?” asked Sanskar pleading her. “Have you forgotten. I gave you enough chances even after you confessed yourself that you were scared I will ignore Ansh and Ananya I asked you the reason. Did you tell me?” said Ragini and tears struggled at the corner of her eyes. “But…” before Sanskar could say anything Ragini jerked his and lied on the bed and faced her back to him. “I’m sorry I cannot give you more chances to run from your problems” she said and closed her eyes painfully. Sanskar sat on the sofa and looked at her. Each second was lowering his confidence and increasing Ragini’s anger. He was feeling helpless. “Be stubborn. Don’t stop trying” her voice ringed in his mind and he wiped his tears and lied on Sofa looking at her.

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