Guess Shlok’s reaction knowing Niranjan’s truth

Niranjan has always been the male chauvinist. We have seen him disrespect his wife since the beginning of the show. We have often seen him beating his wife Anjali in their room and acting sweet towards her infront of the family. He has crafted a good image of himself infront of his children. Anjali knows his true side and he has changed her so much burdening her with his rules, that she lost herself in the race. She now feels Niranjan is always right and she maybe at fault.

She never disobeys him and still makes some mistakes. Niranjan punishes her by different means, sometimes by making her end her relations with her parents, sometimes making her away from her son Shlok, and sometimes beating her with wooden stick. Niranjan looks like a style icon in the show. He carries himself better than his sons, but that’s only his appearance. His inner soul is troubled thinking he has a daughter who brought shame to him always. She scolds Anjali for giving birth to a daughter. He believes in man power and how the man carries the name of the family forward.

Astha was shocked seeing Niranjan’s true side when he was scolding Anjali for letting Sojal go to meet her mum. Anjali was beaten up badly and was asked to keep a good smile on her face infront of everyone. Poor Anjali tried to cover up her wounds and acted normal and fine infront of everyone. She spoils her image by punishing Sojal whereas Niranjan makes his equation better with everyone by sympathizing and offering support.

Niranjan is Shlok’s life. Shlok believes in him, since the day when he heard Niranjan scolding Anjali for making Swati go out of Shlok’s life knowing Shlok loves her. He does not know that it was Niranjan who made Anjali do this. Shlok started following his dad and his decisions and ended his relation with his mum. Astha could not decide to tell Shlok about Niranjan’s evil side. She does not know whether Shlok will believe her or not.

Astha thinks to break his truth at the right time. Right now, her focus is to help Jyoti and fight against Abhay, who is similar to Niranjan, hating daughters and women. We guess, what will be Shlok’s reaction when he sees his dad at fault and Anjali being the good one. Will he apologize to Anjali and break his relations with Niranjan. That has to be seen in the show. Take this interesting poll and let us know what you feel about this.

  1. Niranjan the evil has to be shown his place, otherwise he will grow further with his ego and believe. Did he not come from his mum?

  2. Ofcourse Shlok wont belive Astha and will be angry at her…. Once Astha reveals Niranjan’s true identity Shlok’s and Astha’s relation will get ruined again…. 😐

  3. niranjan’s evil face should be shown.he is such a coward that he dont dare to accept his mistakes .According to me this serial can take a new turn in which niranjan accept his mistakes and their family becomes happy happy

  4. Niranjan’s true identity should be revieled. Also Shlok should know who was at fault with his relationship with Aditi’s sister and about the beating he does to his wife.

  5. I suggest she should be doing a sting operation so that there is no way she is backfired…. Coz niranjan is shlok’s everything…once she has proof that niranjan is responsible for everything, there would be no way shlok will deny it…

  6. Best twist can be Shlok already knows abt Niranjan. Waiting for Astha to awaken her mother to react against justice rather than ruining everybodys life. As there are sequences like his father didnt remember his anni date, shlok observing astha getting closer to his mother . May be he was more attached to his mother before as we can visibly see her frustration when she got burnt and there was no response from her mom , Shlok getting angry when Kalindi called him badtameez like his mother and many more….

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