Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Gudiya and Sweety mimic Sarla to cheer everyone

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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sweety telling that Amma was hurt so she went somewhere. Nanhe lal says I am ashamed, neither I nor my team could do anything and says I will go home. Radhe asks him to stay there for tonight. Pappu asks Nanhe lal not to go and gives Sweety’s promise. Later in the night, Nanhe lal tells Radhe that his destiny is bad and his lady love always left him. Radhe says my destiny is like you, Sarla left me. He says he was forced to marry Sarla because of phupha ji and tells that Sudha was and even now his first wife. Nanhe lal asks him to leave Sarla and says even she don’t want to stay with you, else she wouldn’t have left. Radhe says it is right and tells that he will leave her. Nanhe lal asks him to promise. Radhe says he will leave her once she returns and

says may be she had someone in her life. Nanhe lal asks if she used to love someone. Radhe sleeps. Gudiya wraps Sarla’s saree to something and talks to her, saying she doesn’t know when she asked her about her feelings. She says she likes to see her and best scenary of life. She sings lullaby. Next day in the morning, Pappu fetches water from outside. Radhe says don’t know when light came and end. Sweety comes with cloth on her head and asks if everyone had tea. Nanhe lal scolds her and says Radhe made tea, and asks if she don’t have any shame. Sweety says she has headache missing Amma. Gudiya announces that Amma has returned and asks everyone to wait for her. She comes out wearing Sarla’s attire and cheers everyone. She asks Sweety to sit down. Radhe says if Sarla would have been here then she would be happy. Gudiya says she is happy. Jia taunts her and laughs. She asks why did you do this? Gudiya says she was missing her Amma and that’s why thought to become like her. Radhe and Nanhe lal appreciate Gudiya. Nanhe lal says she said such a good thing. Radhe says Gudiya didn’t talk about love. Nanhe lal says this is Gudiya’s love for Samdhan ji that she became like her. Gudiya says yes. She goes to temple and lights diya. She makes everyone laugh.

Later Jia calls her and asks for tea. She knocks on the bathroom thinking she is inside. She finds she is not inside and comes to room. She wakes up Radhe and says Sarla left somewhere after doing all the house work. Radhe asks Jia to take God’s name early morning. Jia says how to take God’s name before bath. Radhe calls Sarla and comes to room. He finds the food already made and is hot on the stove. Gudiya wakes up and gets happy seeing laddoo bottle in her room. Radhe makes tea and gives to Jia. Gudiya comes to hall and asks Radhe if something happened to Amma. She says Amma has kept this treasure box infront of me when I woke up. Pappu and Sweety calls Sarla asking for tea. Radhe goes to bring tea. Gudiya calls Sarla. Jia says she is not at home. Radhe knocks on the room. Pappu says come inside. Radhe comes inside and says your Amma went somewhere. Pappu gets worried. Nanhe lal comes there. Radhe says it is good that you came early morning. Nanhe lal gives him hot kachoris and asks him to eat. He says there was three murders in one house and the sight was horrible. Radhe says it is bad. Jia comes and says Sarla likes kachori. Nanhe lal says I brought it. Jia says if Sarla was at home then would have eaten it. Nanhe lal asks if she is not at home. Jia says she is flying high these days. Pappu searches Sarla everywhere and returns home.

Nanhe lal calls his Police team and asks them to search Sarla in 30 mins. He asks if someone kidnapped her. Gudiya says Amma is so heavy. Jia says nobody will kidnap her in this age. Radhe says Jia. Gudiya says Amma went somewhere, else wouldn’t have laddoo with me. She says I will have just laddoo daily. Sweety cries and asks her to return. Pappu says how can my Amma go? Radhe says that day I asked her to go. Sweety says I misbehaved with her. Pappu says I took my mum for granted. Jia says she must be troubled by my taunts. Nanhe lal says if she felt bad of my words. Gudiya says she was not upset with me. Nanhe lal asks them to check if she left any letter. Gudiya says I know where she must have kept. Gudiya takes the letter from the temple. Radhe reads the letter in which Sarla has written that she is going for a holiday and will return in a few days. She asks them to take care of Gudiya and says things to do list is at the backside.

Radhe finishes reading the letter and tells that what you have done. Sweety and Jia are upset. Gudiya tells Radhe that Amma came to her room in night and asks her not to feel sad when she goes. Pappu asks why didn’t you tell us. Gudiya says Amma must be coming in sometime. They hear the knock and opens the door. The neighbor comes there and asks about Sarla. Gudiya says don’t know where she has gone. Everyone covers up and tells that Sarla went somewhere after telling them. The neighbor asks for sugar. Sweety gives sugar to the neighbor and sends her. Nanhe lal and Radhe ask Gudiya not to tell anyone. Sweety says when someone goes without informing his/her family then they shall not tell anyone. Gudiya asks how did everyone knows when you ran to Mumbai. Radhe asks her to be quiet for sometime and asks Pappu to call all relatives and enquire with them. Pappu, Sweety and others are sad and looks at kitchen and washing area. Gudiya gets emotional and says Amma might be laughing wherever she is. Radhe says yes.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Just revise this update what a jumbled up hodge podge of two episodes.

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