Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddu gets a dream about Gudiya and him


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 8th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guddu sleeping and dreams about him and Gudiya. He gets up and finds him hugging the pillow. He gets shocked and takes a bath immediately. Guddu and Gudiya are brushing their teeth in their respective houses. Gudiya challenges him to spit the water from the mouth after brushing. Guddu spits the water. Gudiya says she can spit far and spits on the lady. She sees her and hides. The lady scolds Guddu and comes to Haveli to complain about Guddu. Harbheji talks to her rudely. Nanhi tells something in Harbheji’s ears. Harbheji says sometimes kids do mistake. The lady tells that she is Gudiya’s neighbor. Guddu comes there and says sorry. Harbheji asks him to concentrate on Gabbar. Guddu says ok and goes. Nanhi asks Harbheji why didn’t she scold her. Harbheji says she knows what to do and when and says when you understand this, then you will grow up. She says she will make Gudiya dance according to her.

Sarla scolds Gudiya for going to haveli and tells that the mad guy is there. Radhe tells that he is not mad than you. Sarla scolds Radhe and Pappu not to think about Gudiya’s marriage. Guddu comes to Gabbar. Gabbar asks him to open his hands. Guddu says I will open your hands very hands. Gabbar tells that you are free, even I want to go out freely. Guddu says we will go to swim in the pond and will fly the kite. Gabbar tells that we will fly kite in night and asks him to come. Guddu says first you get fine. Gabbar says I am fine. Guddu says there is one thing, says that you are rajkumar and this haveli is yours. He says if anyone wants to meet you, then they come here to meet you and everyone is in your service. Gabbar gets happy and asks if I am really a Rajkumar. Guddu says yes and says everyone comes to meet you here. Gabbar tells that even she had come here, whom you had dragged from here. Guddu says forget her, she don’t deserve to come here, you play with me. Gabbar asks him to become a monkey. Guddu acts as a monkey and plays with Guddu. Gabbar laughs. Harbheji tells that she is happy to see them laughing. Putli Bai tells that she is worried for legacy, Guddu doesn’t want to marry, while Gabbar is not in a position to understand. Harbheji tells that Doctor and baba ji asked them to get him married. Putli Bai tells that she shall not be eager for marriage and tells that she has given her a word, but she shall not think of Gabbar’s marriage until he recovers fully. Harbheji looks angrily.

Nanhe lal comes to meet Radhe and tells that an alliance came for Gudiya. He says DSP sir suggested this alliance for her. Radhe recalls Sarla’s challenge and takes him to side. He says I have no job since many years and tells that it is his wish to pretend to everyone that he has brought this alliance. Nanhe lal says ok. Pappu talks to him. Nanhe lal gets a call and asks someone to come there. Pappu asks who is coming? Nanhe lal tells that a guy is coming to see Gudiya. Pappu recalls his challenge to Sarla and tells that everyone shall think that guy came because of him. He says Maa will get happy and Sweety can get rest for sometime. Sarla comes there. Everyone tells that a guy is coming to see Gudiya.

Gudiya tells Sarla that she will meet her friend and come. She asks Matai, where is Guddu? Matai says I didn’t see him and goes. Gudiya sits on the swinging chair. Gabbar looks at her from the window and looks angry. Gudiya sees him and comes outside his room.

Precap: Sarla likes the guy. The guy is actually a gay and tries to befriend Guddu. Guddu hides.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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