Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddu makes Gudiya see the stars through telescope

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 7th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla keeping utensils for washing and then sweeps the floor. Pappu asks why you are sweeping again. Sarla says dirt was still there, so sweeping again. Pappu says I will sweep the floor and asks her to give broom. Sarla says you are insisting to do as I asked your wife to do work. Radhe says Pappu is stuck between the two ladies. Sarla insults Radhe and says he is same like Pappu. Radhe tells that if she insults him then he will break his head here. Sarla asks her to do Gudiya’s marriage first. Pappu says you have insulted twice. Radhe asks what do you want to say and asks if Gudiya’s responsibility is just mine. Pappu asks why you are transferring your mistake on me. Sarla says you both used to talk nonsense and my daughter’s marriage doesn’t happen. Pappu asks her not to cry and tells that he will get her marriage done. Radhe says I gave a chance to Samdhi ji, but now you just see what I do for her marriage. Sarla asks where is the result? Pappu says I am not talking big, but will bring result. Radhe says I will only get her married. Pappu says if you could get the groom then you would have done by now. He challenges Radhe. Sarla tells that if he does this then she will never ask Sweety to do the work all her life. Radhe says Sweety has to do work as Pappu can’t succeed. He asks what will I get. Sarla says I will not fight with you.

Gudiya comes to Guddu and asks him to play with her. Guddu tells that he don’t want to play and asks her not to trouble him. Gudiya asks I have many options and asks him to play. Guddu shouts and tells that he don’t want to play. Gudiya tells that she has many games in mind, chess..etc. Guddu tells that he is very stressed and asks her to go from there. Gudiya asks if this is right thing to do this with me after doing friendship. Guddu says I have befriended you, but didn’t get loan from you. He asks her to stay away from him.

Harbheji asks Madhav to think about his children. She says if you want to get to extend your family then have to get Gabbar married, else everything will go to someone else. She says all my years long conspiracy will be revealed. Madhav laughs and asks if I am wearing bangles. Harbheji tells that if he had worn the bangles, when he lost sardar position. She says he will not get heir by watching old films. Madhav says you gave me these children, one fat and other is mad. Harbheji says when you had kidnapped me and made me yours, then I cursed you that you shall never be happy in life, that time I was not aware that my life is connected with yours. She says since then I am bearing my curse and asks him to do something for his children else lick the utensils of his Amma. Madhav gets upset.

Gudiya comes to Atta, who is tied to the bed. She tells that if she can’t make any friends as Guddu is egoistic that he is my only friend. Atta asks her to open the rope and says I have become your first friend. Gudiya asks why did you get yourself tied then? Atta says he is playing game with her. Gudiya says I didn’t know this game and opens the rope. Atta tells that he knows many games. Gudiya tells that she will only play with Guddu and runs away.

Later Guddu waits for Gudiya sitting in the window and asks Matai why Gudiya’s voice is not heard. Matai asks even I can’t hear her and asks why is he sad? Guddu tells that he was sitting in room, when she came and insisted to play. He says I got angry and shouted at her. Matai says she had just asked you to play and didn’t ask your kidney. Guddu says he was worried about Gabbar. Matai says she will forgive you, apologize to her. Guddu says I will apologize to her if I find her and asks Matai to do the work. Radhe sees Madhav on the road and thinks he will get groom for Gudiya with Madhav’s help. He greets him. Madhav asks why didn’t you come to meet me? Radhe says if you say then I will come daily to your house. Madhav says not at home. They go to tea shop and drink tea. Radhe says you will become politician. Madhav asks do you have any girl in your sight. Radhe asks if he wants to remarry. Madhav says not for him. Radhe says he has a daughter at home and asks for whom he is asking, as there are two sons in his house, one is Guddu and other who was shouting. Mangal says he is not asking for them.

Gudiya comes home and asks Sarla if she had any friends. Sarla says yes. Gudiya asks if she had friend like Guddu. Sarla says not good like him. Gudiya says you are sprinkling salt on my wounds and goes upstairs. Guddu comes there and calls her. He says he has brought something to play with her. Gudiya says she don’t want to play with him. Guddu says if you don’t play game with me then I will do sits ups. She goes to her room and peeps out to look at him while he is doing sits ups. She comes out and laughs and asks him to stop doing sit ups. She says she can’t play now as everyone is sleeping and this might make the sound. Guddu says this will not make any sound and makes her see the stars from telescope. He shows her Dhruv star and other stars. Gudiya says she will catch it too. Tum ladki ho main ladka hun plays……Guddu and Gudiya laugh. Gudiya thanks him for making her see the stars for the first time so closely. Guddu promotes Andtv show Kahat hanuman.

Radhe gives pan to Sarla and tells her that Madhav asked him if there is any girl in his sight. Sarla asks why did he asked, as there is nobody in his house. Radhe says one is Guddu, brahmachari and other is that mad guy. He says don’t know who is in Gudiya’s destiny.

Precap: A groom family is coming to see Gudiya. Gudiya informs Guddu, who tells that he doesn’t think that this alliance can happen. Gudiya tells him that she will soon get married and go from there. Guddu prays to hanuman ji to get her married soon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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