Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarla punishes Gudiya

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 6th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gudiya hitting ball on the guy who comes to see her again. The guy looks at her with sad face and runs out. Gudiya asks why did he run away from the door. Sarla asks her to come down and says I will say. Chunni lal tells that Inspector Saheb had convinced this guy with much difficulty. He says he is searching other guys. Pappu says ok. Hukum asks what happened to Muddu? His friend tells that golgappa pani went in his eyes. Muddu says a girl was eating it and splashed golgappa water in it. Hukum says you would have got 20 Rs from her. Chandu asks how was that girl? Muddu says she was like the girl who burped near the lake. Chandu asks if you marry that girl. Muddu laughs and tells that if this happens then it will be the 8th wonder. Gudiya tells Jia about lizards fighting in her room etc. Jia asks her to let her sleep and turns. Gudiya says Jia didn’t hear the main thing that she heard her Gudda coming. Radhe tells Sarla that he is thinking that Gudiya will not marry and will have food at our house. Sarla asks why are you saying this? Radhe says I have no problem in this, we can’t live without her. Sarla says we can’t keep her with us for our feelings and tells that she is one in millions. She says I will come and meet her. Radhe says even I will come.

They go to Gudiya’s room and sees her dancing wearing Sarla’s saree and tearing it. She tells Sarla that she has utilized her saree so well. Sarla gets angry. Gudiya says she will make clothes for her Gudda and Gudiya. Sarla is about to beat her. Radhe asks Sarla to let her go and says it is old saree. Sarla tells that it was gifted by him on 25th marriage anniversary and she liked it very much. Gudiya says she made good lehenga with it. Sarla asks her not to come out and tells that she will not give anything to eat. She asks Radhe to take the pomegranate kept in the room. Radhe takes it and asks Sarla to forgives her. Sarla scolds Radhe for thinking about Sudha and not caring for what she wears. Radhe gives pomegranate to Gudiya. Gudiya thanks him. Sarla hears them and tells that they don’t value her words or punishment.

Sarla tells Pappu that she is going to Pahadi baba and asks him to take food by himself and eat. Gudiya comes out from the window and comes to Pappu. She asks what are you doing? Pappu says I was thinking that Gudiya’s voice is not coming. Gudiya says Amma had locked me in room. She tells that she is hungry and asks him to make halwa for her. Pappu asks him to have food from kitchen. Gudiya says Amma had said not to step out of door and that’s why she climbed down from the window. Pappu laughs and says you are one. Gudiya hugs him and steps on his calculator. It breaks. Pappu gets angry. Gudiya says it is Chinese stuff. Pappu asks her to go.

Gudiya comes to Sweety and says you are very beautiful and your heart is also beautiful. She asks her to make halwa. Sweety sits to apply lipstick. Gudiya asks her to ask Pappu to make. Sweety says ok. Gudiya asks her to show her acting. Sweety starts acting holding the lipstick. Gudiya hugs her and the lipstick falls down from her hand. Sweety cries asking her what she did.

Radhe is hearing the song. Gudiya comes to him and sits. Radhe asks what are you doing here and tells that Sarla asked you not to step out of door. Gudiya says I came out of window and asks shall I press your legs. Radhe says no. Gudiya says I will massage your legs in advance so that you don’t feel any pain when I am not with you. She massages his legs and falls down on the tape recorder. Radhe is shocked. Gudiya says she will make it fine. Radhe asks her to come near him and is about to beat her, but she runs away. She comes to Jia and tells that everyone is angry with her. She says Amma is upset and went to Pahadi baba. Jia says you are good. Gudiya says I will help you and rolls down the wool. Jia says what are you doing and checks the design which she was making. Gudiya comes to kitchen and asks why my body is accidental. She says who will make flour halwa and asks did you give permission to me. She thanks God and makes the coconut falls down. She drinks the coconut water and says it is tasty. She asks did you give permission to me to make aata halwa. She takes flour box and it falls on her head. She shouts. Radhe, Pappu and Sweety come out and are shocked. Everyone go to her rescue and fall down. Sarla comes and says flour is scattered again. Everyone laughs. Jia laughs.

Precap: Chunni lal tells Nanhe lal that he saw a guy for Gudiya. Nanhe lal goes there and sees muddu. He says this is Guddu for Gudiya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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