Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Nanhe lal desperately searches groom for Gudiya

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 5th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sweety dancing with Pappu on the song Kanta Laga…..Pappu makes a sad face. Sweety asks what happened? Pappu tells that he was never worried about Gudiya, but today he is worried and afraid thinking if Gudiya will marry or not. Sweety says she knows her Papa well and he will get Gudiya married. She says he got us married. Pappu says just like he got us married, he will get Gudiya married. He says Gudiya will marry, but this time, Papa ji will trap whom? Radhe tells Sarla that tap water will come till evening. Sarla asks why Nagar Nigam is doing this. Sweety shouts and tells that bubbles are coming out from drum. Radhe says I will check. Sarla says there is a jinn inside the drum. Radhe asks what are you saying? He is afraid to walk to the drum and sits down saying he has pain in the legs. Sarla asks him to say that he is afraid. Jia and Sweety ask him to check. Sarla tells that the jinn is of water. Radhe goes near the drum and finds Gudiya inside. Gudiya uses the bubbles pipe to make bubbles. She tells that she made well of her own and asks Radhe and Sarla to help her come out. She comes out, tells that the limitation is the bubbles come out with a little amount of soap here. Sweety laughs. Sarla runs behind Gudiya for wasting the water. Gudiya says I will hug you then you will get drenched. Radhe asks her to change her clothes. Gudiya says this is not drum, but Gudiya ki bowli. Radhe asks her to change clothes first. Gudiya runs to room. Sarla tells Radhe that she is afraid how Gudiya’s marriage will work seeing her doings.

A banana seller asks Hukum to get off his banana cart. Hukum says if I sit here then people will look at me and your bananas will be sold out soon. He asks people to buy bananas. He stops the boy and sells the banana for Rs. 2. He then asks him to peel the banana and eat it like this. He eats boy’s banana. Boy asks for the banana. The banana seller gives banana to him. Two men come and asks for the banana rate. They ask if he is the one who stays in peeli haveli and tells that it is in Sunny’s captivity.

Nanhe lal thinks of Sarla’s words and gets hurt. Constable Chunni gives him tea. Nanhe lal drinks it hot and spits. He tells that he is falling off someone’s sight. Chunni lal asks him not to be sad and says everything will be fine. Nanhe lal thanks him and tells that he will soon get promotion. Nanhe lal sees a guy and stops him.

Muddu and his friend watch TV. Muddu says how Madhuri Didi dances so well. His friend asks him to ask when she meets him in dream. Hukum comes there and sits to eat food. Muddu’s friend asks him from where he bought. Muddu tells him that they’re staying in Chandu’s house since two days without giving any money. Hukum gives food to Chandu. Muddu asks did you meet the tahsildar. Hukum says just as they know that the haveli is ours, his mouth was open. Muddu asks if we ever go to haveli. Muddu tells that Sunny will not vacate the haveli. Hukum asks him not to tell anyone that they came here for haveli. Sarla tells Radhe that samdhi ji got angry with them and haven’t brought kachori today. Radhe says you are Gudiya’s Amma. Sarla takes his phone to call Samdhi ji. She calls him. Nanhe lal picks the call. Sarla says I am on call. Nanhe lal asks her to say. Sarla asks are you angry with me. Nanhe lal says no. Sarla says I scolded you, and called to say sorry. Nanhe lal says he is trapped in work. He tells him that Lalitpur guy came to sipri today and tells that he is bringing him in the evening. Sarla says ok. Nanhe lal says I swear on you that if I don’t bring Gudda for Gudiya then?

Gudiya and Sweety have pani puri at a road side stall. Just then Gudiya splashes pani puri on Muddu’s eyes. Muddu keeps hand on his eyes and goes from there. Gudiya tells her logic that he will value his eyes.

Later Pappu, Radhe and others ask Gudiya to come down as guy is coming to see her. The guy comes to see her and Gudiya throws ball on his head. He recalls pot breaking and falling on his head,

Precap: Constable tells Nanhe lal that he found a guy and shows him Muddu. Nanhe lal says he is our Gudiya’s Gudda.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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