Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Nanhe lal gets hurt with Sarla’s bitter words

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 4th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla telling Jia that she is following the customs and is teaching tehs ame thing which she learnt from her saas. Sweety says we have to cheer Jia. Sarla tells Jia that nobody could eat or drink anything in the restaurant yesterday. Gudiya asks why they are lying? Sarla scolds her asking her to be quiet. She asks Jia to tell what to make in breakfast. Jia asks if you ask everything from me. Sarla says I ask my heart why it can’t be good like you and asks her to tell what to do when groom’s family come? Jia says when groom’s family used to come and see me then I used to wear saree. Sweety says it was in her era. Sarla says Jia is modern and rests her head on her lap. Jia says your heart started changing. They make arrangement in the house as the groom’s family is about to come in the evening. Nanhe lal comes home. Radhe tells that he is making green chutney. Nanhe lal tells that he brought kachori and samosa and asks if Samdhan ji is upset with him. Radhe asks why? Nanhe lal says mukesh returned. Sarla says he was not the first guy to return and laughs. Gudiya reminds him that the guy returned from the door when pots hit him. Radhe says he had come from Lalitpur. Gudiya reminds that she pinched a guy when he came. Sweety says there is century now. Pappu asks her not to say that. Sarla taunts Sweety and says everyone’s luck is not like you. Sweety goes crying. Radhe asks Sarla to make tea. Nanhe lal says no and tells that the guy is coming soon who was coming late in the evening. Sarla says still arrangements are not done. Radhe asks Nanhe lal not to feel bad as Sarla got bitter. He asks her to drink tea.

Later groom and his family come to see Gudiya. Groom’s father tells that he wants homely girl. Vicky, the guy tells that he has no problem if she don’t do any household work. Nanhe lal tells that the groom’s family is a far away relative of Judge Saheb. Constable says they are my relative too. Sarla asks Sweety where is Gudiya? Sweety asks where is she? Sarla asks her to bring her. Sweety says Jia asked her to wear saree. Sarla says guy is modern. Sweety sees Gudiya coming there wearing saree and is shocked. Vicky asks if she is Gudiya? Gudiya says yes. The guy and his parents are shocked. Gudiya falls on Vicky’s mother and all of them fall down on the ground. His father gets back problem and asks Vicky to take him out. They are leaving. Gudiya says sorry. Sarla scolds Gudiya. Gudiya says sorry. Nanhe lal gets upset and scolds the constable. Constable says I didn’t know about Gudiya’s planning and doesn’t know that she will fall on his mother. Nanhe lal asks if he had married Gudiya if she had not fall. Constable asks for a chance. Nanhe lal asks him to leave silently.

Gudiya says sorry to Sarla. She walks slow. Jia says kachori and jalebi will get waste. Sarla asks her to eat. Jia says first I will eat and then dance. Radhe asks who asked Gudiya to wear saree? Sarla says your mother. Radhe says and you agree to all her sayings. Pappu says yes. Jia says why this chamcha is replying. Sweety says she is calling you chamcha. Sarla tells Nanhe lal that she feels Gudiya’s marriage will not happen in this birth. Gudiya says Sweety asked her to wear saree. Sarla cries and tells that Jia got her daughter’s marriage broke and asks her if she don’t feel ashamed. Radhe asks her to talk with manners else he will send her back. Pappu asks why? Radhe asks him not to talk. Nanhe lal asks Pappu to be quiet. Sarla scolds Nanhe lal and tells that the guys whom he is bringing run away. Sweety says what can Papa do, Gudiya either fall down or do something. Sarla tells that runaway girls get married too, but Gudiya is not getting married. Radhe asks her to stop. Nanhe lal says let her talk, I want to know what she wants to say. Sarla says I think Samdhi ji don’t want Gudiya to get married. Nanhe lal says it is a wrong accusation. Radhe says don’t take it on heart. Sarla says how you got Sweety’s marriage. She says the guys whom you bring refuse to marry gudiya. She says you are Inspector, not a constable. She says I feel that you don’t want to see my happiness. Nanhe lal is shocked and goes from there. Radhe looks at him.

Later in the night, Radhe asks Sarla if she thinks before saying anything. Sarla asks he is our Samdhi ji. Radhe says that doesn’t mean that you can tell him anything. He says he went in shock. Sarla says I talked bitterly with him and asks what to do. Radhe says don’t know. Sarla says I am confident that he will cheer up. Radhe says this is overconfidence.

Precap: Sweety tells Pappu that she knows her Papa well and tells that he will get Gudiya married like he got her married. Pappu says who will be he? Gudiya splashes something on Muddu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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