Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarla senses Muddu’s displeasure

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 31st December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nanhe lal gives warning to Muddu and says nobody can save you from jail except me. He asks him to go and talk to Gudiya. Radhe asks Nanhe lal what did he say? Nanhe lal says I reminded him that the case is not settled yet. Muddu comes to terrace and asks Gudiya what she wants to say. Gudiya asks him to unburden himself and asks him to tell what is in his hert. Muddu says I want to say…..Gudiya says everyone know about your home and asks if he is worried how she will stay in his house, tells that she will adjust, don’t worry. She asks him to say. Nanhe lal asks them to leave something to talk about after marriage. He says Pandit ji is getting angry and asks them to come down. They come downstairs. Nanhe lal asks Muddi’s father if they shall start the engagement. Muddu’s father says yes. Sarla says you daughter is taking time. Nanhe gets happy. Muddu and Gudiya sit for engagement. Bua asks the ladies to play dhol and she sings song. Sweety holds Gudiya’s hand. Gudiya leaves her hand and the ring falls up. She catches the ring and makes Muddu wear it. Muddu also makes her wear ring. Everyone gets emotional and happy.

Radhe tells Pappu that he has never seen such sparkle on her face before. Pappu says even me. he says how we will stay without her. Radhe says don’t know how. Sweety gives sweets to Muddu and asks Gudiya to eat from the same plate. Gudiya says I am very hungry and starts eating. Alka asks Sweety to stop her. Sweety reminds Gudiya of her upset stomach. Gudiya says she will eat food. Alka asks them to have sweets. Muddu hears Rajeshwari Bua snoring loudly. Guddu says she snores more louder. Nanhe lal tells Radhe that Gudiya and Muddu’s Jodi are like Radha and Krishna. He tells that they shall get the marriage done fast for everyone’s betterment. Muddu’s father nods his head in approval. Radhe also says yes. Nanhe lal fixes the marriage. Jia comes near Muddu and tickles him. She comes near him and says face is very beautiful. She smells and asks if he didn’t eat anything other than Gulab Jamun. They all laugh. Nanhe lal tells them that they will wait for the baraat to come after 7 days. Muddu and his father leaves.

Sarla sees Muddu upset and tells Radhe that this marriage will not happen. Radhe asks what did you say, say it again. He asks if she is fine or not? Sarla says I think someone’s eyes are not right, didn’t anyone see how that guy sat here and was making faces. Pappu says Amma is saying right. Nanhe lal asks her to listen. Sarla asks Nanhe lal to think if she shall get Gudiya married to him or not, asks how many times, I shall swallow the housefly. Nanhe lal and Sweety gets upset. Sweety says Gudiya’s marriage seems flop before starting.

Precap: Gudiya comes to meet Muddu and says her mother thinks he don’t want to marry her. She slips and holds the edge of the railing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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