Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Gudiya sees Gabbar and acts like him

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 31st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guddu calling Nanhi. Nanhi tells that before they spy on her, she wants to say that she had put chilli powder on the cake. Harbheji scolds her for her misbehavior. Guddu asks why did you do this? Nanhi says I don’t like her. Harbheji says didn’t you know that Amma likes that girl and she will come here. Guddu goes to his room upset. Harbheji comes there and asks why are you so worried? She asks him to keep hand on his heart and asks if it is in love. Guddu tells that he is bal brahmachari and will not love her. Harbheji says she was joking. Guddu says he was befriending her so that she doesn’t trouble him, as his exams are near. Harbheji says I will make her family understand. Guddu tells that Gudiya’s family is good and loves me like you. Harbheji says like me? He says not like you. Harbheji asks him to stay away from them. He thinks he can’t tell Gudiya or her family that Nanhi did this. He smells the cake and sneezes.

Gudiya is sitting on Sarla’s lap and eating food with Radhe and Sarla’s hand. Gudiya blames Guddu again. Radhe and Sarla tell that if Guddu had added mirchi in cake then he wouldn’t have eaten it. Gudiya tells that she is having sprain in her leg. Bantu throws ball at her. Gudiya runs to catch the ball. Radhe and others are shocked. He tells Gudiya that neither she knows acting nor to hold the catch. He asks Pappu how she got fine suddenly? Sweety says this is a miracle. Sarla runs behind her to beat her. Gudiya holds her and says I will not leave you, as I hugged you after many days. Sweety says Guddu bhaiyya is not right. Pappu takes Gudiya’s side. Radhe asks her to come with him. He looks at her face and says I like you. Sarla, Pappu, Sweety and bantu tell that we all love you. Gudiya says my family loves me, and his dadi too. Now I am going for hunting and will take someone else on my side too. Putlibai is playing snake and ladder with Gabbar. Gabbar says I will win and you will lose Naagin. Matai asks him to call her Dadi Amma. Gabbar tells that she is Chambal’s Rani and laughs. Putli bai says he said right, it is all my karma that my grand sons are suffering. I feel that it is good that Sardar is not alive to see that his family will not grow. Matai asks what are you saying?

Putli Bai tells that their grand sons are such. Guddu comes there and says I promise….Putli Bai asks will you marry? He says he is bal brahmachari, says if he gets married for his happiness, then the girl’s life will be ruined. Putli Bai says your father never listened to me then you will also not listen. Guddu says my father is sky and I am ground. He says he will make Gabbar fine and get him married. Gabbar says I will marry. Putli Bai asks if he knows what is marriage and tells that a girl is need for marriage. Gabbar says Putli Amma is here sitting infront of me. Putli Bai tells that since she met Gudiya, she gets a chance to smile. She says if you have problems with her then ask her not to come, as only I like her and not others. Guddu tells that he can bear any trouble to see happiness on her face. Putli Bai asks him to study well and asks Gabbar to play with Guddu. Gabbar asks Putli Bai, if he will marry? Putli bai says once you gets fine, then I will get a good bride for you.

Matai teases Guddu and says you can’t befriend a girl, what is the use of this mind. Guddu says I can plan your murder and runs behind him. Gabbar gets violent. Chacha ji is walking on the lane and shouts that sky is falling down on the head at left side.. Gudiya tells that if it falls on left, then I am saved standing at right. Gudiya makes the weighing scale balance and asks Chacha ji to see it. She says I have seen everyone’s lives. Chacha ji thanks her and asks her to tell without shaking up. Gudiya asks how to bring your niece on line. Chacha ji says she has two women mind in her mind. Gudiya says if you can’t help me. He says I don’t give any idea without fees. Gudiya says I will give you fees and gives 2 Rs. He asks her to bring 38 Rs, then he will give her good idea. Gudiya looks on.

She comes home and tells that she doesn’t want to get beaten by the beautiful lady. She asks her to give 500 Rs which Pappu gave to her on her birthday. Sarla tells that it went to your piggy bank. Gudiya asks God to give her money. Sarla gives her 8 Rs and asks her not to trouble Guddu for sometime. Gudiya says she will not trouble him for 8 mins and goes. She comes to Sweety, Pappu and Radhe and take 10 Rs each from them.

Gudiya comes to Putli Bai’s haveli and calls Chacha. She says I have brought money. She peeps in Gabbar’s room and gets shocked seeing him tied in chain. He shouts at her. Gudiya also shouts like him. Guddu is coming there and hears Gudiya laughing. He looks on trying to hear from where her voice is coming.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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