Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Gudiya decides to befriend Guddu

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 2nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gudiya talking to Hanuman ji’s idol and says you have saved me by entering Guddu’s body, but then also everyone is thanking him. She tells that when she told the truth to Guddu, he was upset. Bantu asks if Guddu was talking in Hanuman ji’s voice. Gudiya says he was talking in his voice only infront of everyone. Bantu says this means that he was Guddu Bhaiyya only, who has saved you. Gudiya looks on. Harbheji is cleaning the mirror in her room and asks Guddu who will push that useless girl down from the balcony. She asks why you are silent? Guddu says don’t know how to tell you. She asks what? Guddu says nothing and is about to leave. Harbheji asks him to tell her. Guddu holds her hand and asks her not to get sad and not to scold anyone. He tells that he had seen Nanhi di pushing Gudiya from the balcony. Putli Bai hears him and asks Guddu why you didn’t tell me before. Gudiya asks Radhe, if Guddu has saved me. Radhe says no. She then asks Sarla. Sarla says you had said that he had pushed you. Gudiya asks Pappu and Sweety, but they refused to hear her and tells that Guddu didn’t save her. Gudiya says Guddu has only saved me. Radhe, Sarla, Pappu and Sweety get happy that their plan worked.

Harbheji packs Nanhi’s bag while the latter asks her not to throw her out of the house. Guddu tries to stop Harbheji. Harbheji takes Nanhi out. Madhav comes there and asks Harbheji to leave his daughter. Harbheji asks Putli Bai to tell him. Madhav says even he will leave the house with Nanhi. Putli Bai tells Madhav that he can go, but he can’t take her grand daughter with him. She tells that Nanhi will not do this thing again. She asks Nanhi to realize what she has done. Harbheji says whatever Nanhi has done is not acceptable. Putli Bai tells that she was betrayed many times and learnt to trust few. She tells that she trusts her fully. Harbheji acts and asks Nanhi to leave. Putli Bai tells that daughter are sent only to their inlaws home. Harbheji hugs Putli Bai and cries. Putli Bai asks Matai to give laddoos to Nanhi. Guddu gives chips to Nanhi and keeps her clothes back in the almira. He tells that he will bring something for her. Nanhi hugs him. Harbheji slaps Nanhi and snatches her chips packet. She says you are a big pit on my destiny, do you have any mind or not. She tells that because of her one mistake, all her years long planning would have been ruined. She says if you does anything wrong again then I will kick you out from my life. She says I am doing this not for myself, but for you and Gabbar. She asks her not to forget that only Gabbar and you have the right on this family’s wealth.

Guddu tells Matai that badi amma is his everything, gave him shelter and fed me milk. He says if I get a chance then I will repay her milk favor. Matai asks him to return halwa’s favor. He thinks if bhabhi is really good and truthful at heart, I couldn’t digest this.

Sweety asks Sarla to make tea in slow motion. Sarla brings tea for everyone. She takes tea for herself. Sweety asks for her tea. Sarla asks her to make tea for herself in slow motion as she said. Radhe asks what is this? Sarla asks her to make tea. Sweety cries and tells that she wants to drink tea. She reminds Pappu of the marriage vows and says you had promised to take care of me. Sarla asks if Pappu had promised you only and calls her useless. Sweety says if I don’t get tea then I will faint. Pappu says I will go and make tea. Sarla stops Pappu and gives him promise. Sweety also gives him promise to make tea. Sarla tells Pappu that Sweety made fun of her, even after she does all the work alone. She tells that you have to do work and asks her to make tea. Sweety drinks Pappu’s tea. Sarla looks on.

Gudiya comes downstairs. Radhe asks what is going in her mind? Gudiya says I was thinking how to return his favour? Radhe asks did you get some idea? Gudiya says I got an idea in my mind, how to return his favour. Radhe and Pappu asks how? Gudiya says she will give him a chance to be her friend. Sarla says just recently you fell down. Gudiya says she didn’t fall for the first time and tells that don’t know why he took the efforts to hold her. She says nothing would have happened to her. Radhe asks how you will befriend him? Gudiya asks him to use his mind and think, says she will think. Bantu goes behind Gudiya. Sweety says I am thinking so don’t think that I am not doing any work. Sarla tells that she will not make anything for her in the night. Sweety tells that she will eat whatever Pappu makes her eat.

Sweety comes to Gudiya and asks her to befriend Guddu. Gudiya says she is thinking how to befriend him. Sweety asks her to go and stand infront of Guddu. She asks her to think that she is Gudiya and she is Guddu. She asks her to hold Guddu and strike RK’s pose and asks her to say….Bantu says I love you….Sweety says no…it is said in love and asks her to say “ will you befriend me”. Gudiya says ok and comes to haveli. Atta Chacha asks her to give his money. Gudiya tells that she has given him money already. He asks to whom you have given money? Gudiya says Putli ji. Atta Chacha gets tensed. Gudiya tells that she has more good idea and don’t need his idea. She comes to Guddu’s room and asks will you befriend me? Guddu is surprised. Gudiya holds his collar and makes him get up. She then holds his waist and falls on him on the ground. Guddu looks on surprised. Gudiya smiles. Song plays….Aaya mausam dosti ka…..

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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