Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarla forgives Radhe and apologizes to Sudha

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 2nd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sudha praising Sarla and appreciates her for handling everything fine. Sarla tells that she has learnt everything from Gudiya’s father. Sarla asks Sudha about her experience in love and asks her to tell. Gudiya comes to the inhouse temple and thinks Amma will not be affected even if she comes to know that the lady in the house is not Vasudha, but nain matakka Sudha Mausi. Radhe is standing outside the bathroom and asks Gudiya to come out soon. He says I told Sarla not to make Urad dal in night. Jia says Sarla is a dramebaaz and does what is not asked. Radhe asks him not to taunt Sarla. Jia says you can’t hear anything against her. Sweety says Babu ji loves only Amma. Jia asks why her face is dull. Sweety seems like I have to do more make up to hide my pain. Pappu looks sadly. Nanhe lal comes home. Gudiya comes out of bathroom and asks Radhe to go to bathroom. Radhe says he don’t want to go and tells that his work is done at once. Gudiya says since when and tells that bhaiyya went inside. Radhe asks Pappu to come out of bathroom. Pappu comes out. Gudiya thinks babu ji is having side effects of hiding truth and thinks to relax him. She goes to Sarla and tells that she has surprise for her. She asks her to hug Vasudha and tells that Sweety was inspired from her and hugged Saroj. She tells her that Vasudha is not Vasudha, but Radhe’s old friend Sudha.

Sarla gets angry and throws the things out. She shouts calling Radhe. Gudiya says he is in bathroom. Gudiya tells Sarla that Sudha came yesterday and hidden in her saree house with Radhe when she came out of bathroom. Nanhe lal tells Radhe that Samdhan ji took Vikraal avatar. Radhe gets scared. Gudiya tells everything. Sarla shouted calling Pappu. Pappu hides. Gudiya tells that Sudha came 2 days back. Sarla gets upset and tells Pappu that his new mother came, tells Jia that her new bahu came and tells Nanhe lal that his new Samdhan ji came. She cries calling God. Nanhe lal gets angry and calls Radhe. He tells Sarla not to cry and take the final decision. Sarla says you have given the right suggestion. She knocks on the bathroom door and threatens to break it. Radhe says I am not opening it. Nanhe lal tells him that if he don’t open the door then he will break the wall. Sarla asks him to open the door. Radhe comes out. Sarla goes inside the bathroom. Radhe asks Sudha to run and holds her hand. Nanhe lal stops them asking to wait for Samdhan ji. Sarla comes out and tells that they are holding each other hands.

Sudha tells that she has given Radhe to her in charity many years back and tells that he had begged her to marry Sarla as he was helpless for his bua. She says you are not his wife, but helplessness. He cries because of you. If I would have been here then would have ruled in this house. Sarla cries hearing this and Radhe feels bad. He tells Sudha to hear him carefully. He says I accept infront of everyone that I used to like it before, and my marriage happened with Sarla due to helplessness, but I didn’t know when my heart became of Sarla devi. She is so loving and caring, I have become his. He tells Sudha that his relation with her is friendship and tells that he gave her shelter when she came to his house, and she is talking to his wife like this. He tells Sarla that he will be with her always and folds his hands before Sudha. Sarla stops her and tells that wrong thing happened with you, and I came on your way mistakenly. She apologizes and hugs her. Sudha tells that Saroj was right and I agree with Radhe, you are so lovely. She asks them to be happy. Radhe says I am proud of you. Pappu brings purse. Sudha takes her purse and leaves.

Radhe tells everyone that Sarla forgave him. Sarla tells Nanhe lal that he surprised her by supporting Radhe. Nanhe lal says I did a mistake and asks her to say what to do for her. Sarla says you can’t give what I ask for. Nanhe lal asks her to say. Sarla tells that you have promised to get Gudiya’s marriage at the time of Pappu and Sweety’s marriage. Nanhe lal promises to get Gudiya engaged by the end of this week. He leaves. Radhe asks if Bhai Saheb felt bad. Gudiya hugs Sarla. Sarla falls on bed.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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