Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sweety and Sarla create a ruckus

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nanhe lal looking for Sarla. Sarla comes there with her stuff. Nanhe lal appreciates Sarla for regarding him near. He says lets go. Radhe says Sweety haven’t come with her stuff and asks with whom you are asking to come. Nanhe lal turns and finds it was his imagination. Sarla comes there angrily and blames Radhe. Radhe says I didn’t buy the lottery ticket. Sarla says I can be stupid, but not a fool. Gudiya says let me speak, I will clear everything. Sarla asks her not to say anything. Pappu tries to stop Sweety. Sweety says she can’t bear to see him playing lottery. Sarla asks who is mine? Nanhe lal turns and says I…Sarla says who is of Gudiya? Nanhe lal says I will handle her too. Sarla cries. Nanhe lal asks her not to cry and tells that he loves her very much and then says he loves all the family.

Sweety creates ruckus in her room and breaks the things in her room. Harbheji looks down the window. Sweety is about to throw the night lamp. Pappu holds it and says you are scaring me. Sweety says you will get scared from me. Radhe says I have to stop Sweety to save the house. Sweety throws pot and it hits on Radhe’s head. Radhe faints. Everyone gets concerned for him. Radhe acts strangely and says Jai hind sena. Sarla asks what happened Raja ji? Radhe calls Sarla as Bharat Mata. Gudiya says she is Sarla Mata, your wife. Radhe says I am Krantikari, free my nation.

Nanhe lal says I am your samdhi ji. Radhe calls him thief and says you have captive our nation. He says he will make his nation freed. Sweety cries. Pappu asks her not to cry. Sweety asks him to accept that he had bought the lottery tickets. Pappu agrees. Sweety says my life is ruined. Pappu says you had said that you will not throw the things if I agree. Nanhe lal runs and hides from Radhe. Radhe searches for him and calls him dacoit. He says you had shot my krantikari brothers. Sweety says you will not be saved today and throws vase at Pappu, but it hits on Radhe. Harbheji and Nanhi enjoy. Nanhi says we shall go there and enjoy. Harbheji says if we go there then we will get hit. Radhe gains consciousness and tells that he had found lottery ticket in hall and tells that he didn’t buy it. He asks why did you hide? Nanhe lal says I wasn’t hiding from you, I was watching your drama. Sarla says I have forgotten. Pappu says you can only from my dead body. Sweety walk over him. Pappu thinks why did I marry her? He asks Nanhe lal to make sweety understand. Nanhe lal tells that he tried to make her understand and asks Sarla to think again. Sweety asks Nanhe lal to come. Nanhe lal tells Pappu that Sweety can’t stay with lottery baaz. Gudiya says let me speak. Sarla says I know that you will talk in their favour. Sweety is about to leave, but Sarla stops her and tells that guys will leave. Pappu says I didn’t buy it. Radhe says even I didn’t buy.

Nanhe lal says Radhe is lying. Radhe swears on Sarla that he didn’t buy lottery ticket. Pappu also swears on Sarla and tells that he didn’t buy. Gudiya tries to speak, but Sarla asks her to keep her mouth shut. Nanhe lal thinks that Sarla has gone to pack her bags. Gudiya asks Nanhe lal to hear her and tells that when she had gone to eat golgappa, she saw a helpless man. Radhe says we are also helpless. Gudiya asks him to say. Sarla brings Gangajal and asks them to swear that they didn’t buy it. She asks Radhe to swear first, keeping gangajal in his hand. Radhe takes Gangajal in his hand and tells that the lottery ticket is not of him. Next Pappu also swears on Gangajal and Sweety that he didn’t buy the lottery ticket. They get happy. Nanhe lal says it is wonderful. Radhe doubts on Nanhe lal and says Sarla got it when you came home. Sweety says Papa. Nanhe lal says what are you saying? He takes gangajal in his hand and swears on all samdhans, says that this lottery ticket is not mine. Gudiya says it is my turn now. Sarla asks her to keep her mouth shut.

Precap: Gudiya takes the gangajal in her hand and tells that the lottery ticket is hers. Everyone looks at her angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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