Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 27th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Champa tries to get closer to Pappu and confronts him

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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 27th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe telling Gudiya that Dahi aloo is made in everyone’s house and they all like it. Jia asks give me sabzi. They ask what? Jia says give me to give something. They laugh. Champa looks at Pappu. Manisha comes to the Ballu’s class and goes live on social networking site. She tells about the guy. Ballu comes there and tells that today he will learn Double…which he writes as Dabaal..Manisha asks where is Champa and asks him to call other bhabhi. Committee members come there and say Chameli is here, so this girl was talking about whom? Gudiya says about the other bhabhi. Sweety tells something to Manisha. Manisha tells that she was talking about her bhabhi. Gudiya says your brother is not married. Jia says Manisha’s brother is engaged and she is talking about her. Gudiya says but…Radhe asks her to be silent and let him handle. Ballu tells that he has 20 friends and they have 20 wives. He confuses the committee members and everyone to say bhabhi. They all say bhabhi. The committee members tell that there is something wrong definitely and tells that they will come again. They leave. Ballu thanks all his students.

Pappu comes to his room and calls Sweety. He asks where is my Kareena and why the room is dark. Champa comes and hugs him from behind. Pappu asks her to come to front and hug him. Champa hugs him. Just then Sweety and Gudiya come there and switches on the lights. Pappu breaks the hug and sees Champa. Gudiya asks Champa why did you hug my brother? Champa tells that jija ji hugged and before she could react, they have come. Sweety says I know why you hugged her, as Champa is wearing my saree. Pappu says yes and hugs her. Gudiya hugs Champa.

Champa thinks she will not anyone sleep. Radhe puts oil in jia’s ears. Jia scolds him and asks why did you put hot oil in my ears? Sarla says that’s why you could hear. Gudiya comes there. Sarla says I will make you apply lep. Gudiya says no groom is coming to see me, why to apply lep. Sarla taunts Radhe for being busy to hide ballu’s two wives secret. Radhe gets upset and goes. Sarla tells Jia to see how did Radhe get angry? Jia says he is like his father. She says Radhe’s father used to like the neighbor lady as if she is his baati. Gudiya tells that this is real love and tells that Jia remembers Dada ji’s love even after many years. Sarla laughs and says she knows well about love. Jia asks her to apply lep to her. Sarla asks why? Jia asks her to apply and taunts her.

Sweety asks Pappu, why is he showing attitude? Pappu says he can’t dance today. Sweety says it will be fun today as Champa will be with us. She calls Champa and asks Pappu to dance. Pappu says he will not dance. Champa says today we will dance together and show Pappu. Sweety plays the song and asks Pappu to dance. Pappu dances with Sweety. Champa joins them and collides with Pappu many times. Pappu falls down and asks what are you doing? Sweety says I am dancing. Champa asks did you see the stars? Sweety asks her to sleep with her. Pappu says I will go down and sleep. Sweety asks him to sleep on down side of bed. Pappu is going out. Sweety asks where are you going? Pappu says bathroom. He comes to bathroom and hears Radhe singing song. He asks him to come out. Pappu sees Gudiya sleeping on Sarla’s bed and asks her. Sarla says she is still my daughter. Radhe comes out. Pappu goes to bathroom. Sarla tells Radhe that something is wrong with Pappu. Radhe jokes and asks her not to read novel. Pappu wakes up from sleep and shouts seeing Champa beside him. Sweety wakes up and asks what happened? Pappu pushes Champa under bed and tells Sweety that he saw a bad dream. Sweety comes down to sleep with Pappu. Pappu turns Sweety to his side while Champa pinches him. Sweety sings song to make him sleep. Champa signs him to come out. He comes out. Champa signs him.

He comes to the other room where Champa is waiting for him. He asks why is she doing this? Champa tells that her name is Champa given by her husband. Champa blames him for betraying him and tells that because of him she is trapped in polygamy. She says we have decided to elope together, you ran away, didn’t think of her.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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