Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Putli Bai suggets Guddu to befriend Gudiya

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 25th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guddu coming home and washing his face in borewell water. Nanhi comes and asks who has spoiled my brahmachari brother. Nanhe lal asks her to go. Guddi goes. Matai comes there and tells that this is called falling flat, you couldn’t bring her here and also got your face spoiled. Guddu asks why you are washing your hands in the running river. He sees Gudiya running to Putli Bai’s room. Gudiya goes to Putli Bai and complains to her that Guddu had thrown mud on her face. Guddu comes there and tells that Gudiya had smeared his face with mud. Gudiya asks then where is the mud on your face? Guddu tells that he has washed his face and asks her to close her mouth. Putli Bai asks how you are talking to Gudiya? Guddu says she is Aafat ki Pudiya and tells that when he went to call her, she made me run up and down. Gudiya says he is lying and calls him liar. Guddu says I am not liar, you are a liar. Gudiya says it is written in Gita that small lies are fine. Putli Bai asks did you lie? Gudiya tells that Guddu is very cruel and spit on her face. Guddu says Dadi is asking about this mud and asks him not to take advantage of being a girl. Gudiya tells that he has snatched her family etc and started the fight. Putli Bai asks Matai to tell the truth, who had started the fight. Matai takes Gudiya’s side and tells that Guddu started the fight first. Guddu gets angry and runs behind Matai. Putli Bai says I will clean your face. She wipes her face with towel. Guddu runs behind Matai and asks why did you do this? Matai says you had done wrong with me. Guddu says we are family.

Harbheji listens to them and sends Matai to give tea to Putli Bai. She then sits with Guddu and tells that she is happy to see him becoming worldly and talks about Gudiya. Guddu tells that he don’t want to see her face. Harbheji says I thought you will leave hanuman bhakti. Guddu says I will not leave the path shown by you…Harbheji’s true face is revealed. She tells him that she didn’t make him follow hanuman, as he himself chose to be brahmachari. She lies to him and he blindly believes her. Guddu tells that he has never forgotten the childhood talks. Harbheji says you are my dear son, just like me. She says even I am like that, once I walk on a path, don’t leave it and tells that the destination will be found if one doesn’t changes the path. She asks him not to talk to Gudiya. Guddu says ok and goes. Harbheji smiles. Madhav comes there and sings yashoda ka nand lal….Harbheji looks at him and goes.

Putli Bai asks Gudiya not to fight with Guddu and tells that he is very good. Gudiya says I know his truth, he is very cruel. Putli Bai says you are not agreeing to my words. Gudiya says he is very cruel, how to agree to your sayings. Putli Bai says ok, I agree. Sarla calls Gudiya. Putli Bai says your Amma is calling you. Gudiya says I will come later and is going. Nanhi tries to push Gudiya and she herself falls down. Gudiya looks at her in shock. Nanhi asks her to lift her. Gudiya says she can’t. Guddu comes and helps her get up. Gudiya tells that she didn’t do anything. She hears Gabbar’s voice and asks whose voice is this? Guddu asks her to leave. Gudiya says she is Putli Bai’s special guest. Gudiya goes.

Madhav comes to Harbheji and tells that it seems her years long planning will get ruin, seeing Gudiya and Guddu. He says very soon Guddu and Gudiya…Harbheji says only Gabbar’s son will be the heir of this house and says only she can rule in this house. She tells that she will treat him.

Matai tells Guddu that he had seen Nanhi trying to push Gudiya and she herself falls down. Guddu says Nanhi…Sarla tells that Sweety told her how Gudiya made Guddu run up and down. Bantu tells everything. Gudiya tells that she hates Guddu. Radhe asks her to end her hatred as her hatred may come in his politics. Sarla taunts him. Gudiya tells that she had heard a guy shouting aloud. Radhe says even I had heard it. He tells that Madhav Dacoit told him that son is unwell. Gudiya asks what is mad? Pappu tells that when someone is unwell mentally then they are calling mad. Radhe asks her not to call a mad person as mad. He says mad persons are tied by chains and that’s why shout. Gudiya thinks to free him and bring him to her house.

Guddu gives potato to Putli Bai. Putli Bai tells that neighbors can’t change. Guddu tells that she is troubling me since day 1. Putli Bai says she is childish, but you are matured enough. She says you handle Gabbar well. Guddu says that Gabbar is his brother and that girl is not related to him. Putli Bai talks about humanity and asks him to understand and befriend Gudiya, else she will continue to trouble him.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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