Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 24th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Putli Bai sends Guddu to call Gudiya

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 24th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe telling Sarla that he is going to the court. Sarla asks if he is going to meet the groom’s family. Radhe says no. Sarla asks how Gudiya will get marry then? Radhe says once I become the politician then there will be a line of guys outside our house. Sarla says that thing will never happen. Radhe asks her not to talk bitter. Sarla says sorry and asks if he will bring the kirana. Radhe refuses. Sarla calls Sweety. Sweety says I will not go to bring ration. Sarla says your face is swollen. Sweety runs to her room. Putli Bai asks what is it, seeing the papers scattered on the floor. Matai and Guddu say that it is happiness. Putli Bai picks the paper and sees Gudiya’s drawing. She gets emotional. Gudiya tells that she doesn’t think that she has to wait for more time. Bantu says shall we play for sometime. Gudiya tells that they shall give shape to the mud and then she will present it to Putli ji. Guddu tells that he will not leave Gudiya for spoiling his book. Matai tells that Gudiya loves Putli Bai truly. Putli Bai tells Guddu that she has made the use of paper very well, this is called attacking the heart with love. She praises Gudiya’s heart.She says I didn’t miss him, she missed me and found an unique way to reach me. She asks Matai to call her. Matai says she will not come if I call her, and asks her to call her. Guddu tells that Gudiya is very troublesome and says if you call her here, then I will leave this haveli. Putli Bai asks him not to behave like Nanhi and tells that now Guddu will go to bring her. Bantu hears them. Guddu tells that she is a troublesome girl and will not come if I call her.

Putli Bai says if you couldn’t bring her then don’t talk to me. Guddu tries to hug her. Putli Bai says first call her and asks Matai to bring all the papers to her room. Guddu tells Matai that it is not good for Gudiya to come here. Matai says you are hanuman bhakt, but gets scared of Gudiya. Guddu tells that he will bring her and thinks he is in trouble. Bantu tells Gudiya that Putli Bai is missing her and ordered Guddu to call her. He says she had said that Guddu shall not talk to her if he doesn’t bring her.

Putli Bai looks at the drawings and tells Matai that nobody loved her like Gudiya. Nanhi says you have never given us a chance to express our love. Putli Bai asks if you had drawn like this for me. Nanhi says I am your step grand daughter. Putli Bai says Madhav corrupts your mind. Nanhi says he is your step son. Putli Bai gets upset and asks Matai to bring the drawings to her room.

Guddu comes to Sarla’s house and tells her that his Dadi is calling Gudiya. Sarla says who takes trouble home, Gudiya is in full form now. Guddu says if I don’t take her then trouble will come on me. Sarla says ok, take Gudiya with you. She asks Sweety to inform Gudiya to go as Putli Bai is calling her. Gudiya gets happy and asks Guddu to come up to inform her. Guddu recalls his dadi’s words and climbs up the stairs. Gudiya goes down from the other stairs. She fools him and makes him climb up the stairs and down. She asks him to come upstairs. He refuses and is about to go. Gudiya says this guy is not fulfilling his Dadi’s wish. Guddu gets tired and asks her to come as Dadi is calling her. He gives her hanuman’s promise and asks her not to move. Gudiya doesn’t move. Guddu tells her that Dadi Amma is calling her. Gudiya says she can hear properly and asks if she can go to her room. He comes to her room and asks if she don’t want to go. Gudiya refuses and provokes him to convince her. Guddu asks her to come. Gudiya asks him to rub his nose on the ground. Guddu refuses. Gudiya says if anything had asked me to rub my nose for Jia then I would have done. Guddu asks her to rub her nose. Gudiya rubs her nose and tells that Guddu doesn’t have guts. Guddu tells that he can give his life for Dadi and is about to rub his nose on the ground, when Gudiya puts the mud tray under his face. His face gets smeared with mud. He gets angry and throws mud on Gudiya’s face twice. Sweety asks them not to fight. Guddu tells that he will complain to Dadi and asks Sweety to hold Gudiya, calling her Madhuri Bhabhi. Sweety holds Gudiya while Guddu runs away. Gudiya asks Sweety to leave her and calls her Madhuri bhabhi. Sweety leaves her. Gudiya runs behind Guddu.

Precap: Gudiya complains to Putli Bai about Guddu. Madhav tells Harbheji that her years long planning will go waste. Putli Bai cleans Guddi’s face and later suggests Guddu to befriend Gudiya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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